Faith & Fitness: Jesus At The Gym

at Alpha Fitness this group is working up a sweat learning about Jesus in this class the phrase working your core takes on a whole new meaning when you look at all the dimensions of the person we fill so many of those areas but there's always one area that I see that's lacking in people and that's the spiritual component not too much tension Clarinda price leads alpha fitness a cycling class was a biblical spin in Fredericton New Brunswick you will be getting 30 35 minute spin class in and we watching the video during that time my hopes is that people who are saying there's going to be more to life than this that you know I'm happy but why is there just something missing within I'm hoping that they will be able to share that founded in London England in the 1970s alpha is a seven week course that lays out the foundations of Christianity the course provides a safe space for people of different religions and backgrounds to ask questions about space and the meaning of life Dave millions all over the world have taken the course there's such a variety it's just a diverse group we have stay-at-home moms and we have lawyers and we doctors and it's just a wide range for several years price has been running a fitness boot camp out of her home it's just been a great way to reach out to other people to build more relationships and I already do that my profession to help so I just wanted to help in different levels but by combining her face with her passion for fitness she hopes to attract those who have questions about God but not the luxury of time we're so busy if you someone says broke to an alpha course but they're really already committed to the gym they don't want to take an extra night to go out so we're multitaskers whether it's right or wrong it's what we're dealing with so I just I'm excited about this to be able to add in the spiritual component this out-of-the-box way to share the Christian faith is the brainchild of Alpha Canada Campus Director L would mean it was right here in this gym that he thought why not give people a spiritual workout alongside their physical one as I was actually working out on one the machines I was looking at the the television screens and I just thought this would be a fantastic place to hold an alpha course since we do have the new talks there 3035 minutes and it would fit in well with a 30 or 35 minute workout alpha Fitness is it the first unorthodox idea he's had in 2006 mean used one of Canada's favorite coffee shops to reach out to students at the University of New Brunswick we purchased 12 under boxes of 10 bits the 10 pack and attached to the handle of that was an invitation to alpha and so we went from door to door and residents and there just happened to be 1200 rooms on campus so with that putting the invitation now we were really expecting 30 or 35 students to show up the off of course and to our surprise and a pleasant surprise there was 132 students that attended and while a warm-up class about Jesus at the gym isn't routine he says the traditional way of doing church is changing and Christians need to roll with the punches the church diamond addicts have changed I get off in church for many many years and Jesus told his disciples to go and I think right now I think we have to leave the church person I think we have to leave you and go up to where the people are and people are busy they're busy with children's sports or work but they're just busy and if we can go to where they are people have they have a desire to work out they have a desire to just be in their homes and visit friends and so why not take the Alpha course for them ready not sprint it's a focus mean called alpha to go a principal he uses when he comes up with new ideas to share the message of Jesus let's design something that we can leave the church go to the community and present Christ presenting awesome Michelle Burke's a busy mom and alpha fitness member thought she knew the gospel she'd gone to church her whole lightly coated according to her think something was missing I missed the relationship that's what I missed I did write to grade 9 did Sunday School and and felt that there was something missing I go to church every Sunday drag my kids to church every Sunday and be making my grocery list I'm waiting for a church to be over and it's not like that anymore and that's thanks to price she says the desire to get in shape is what first led Bourke to the fitness boot camp price ran out of her home we live in the same subdivision so she would put flyers up on the mailboxes and I just had a baby a year ago so I'm still you know it kept me on track as they developed a friendship she started going to prices Church at her church they offered the offer course so she invited me to join her and I did that and loved it so much Burke now hosts alpha at her own home for neighbors family and friends actually thought maybe I should stop doing boot camp and just have home alpha because I'm a mom right and to get two nights out it's kind of hard so when I heard about this I was it's good it's awesome Miranda price admits not everyone reacts as positively to alpha fitness as Burke did there's people who are friends or a family member or have neighbors in our neighborhood some who I've asked before to alpha and they were like you know you know that's okay you know politely but through building relationships and bringing Jesus to the gym she hopes Alpha Fitness will create a safe space for people to get in shape and exercise their spiritual muscles I just love people and I tell people for who they are and I just want to share I think of it as we were all lost in a desert and I found some water I found life I found that I wanna share with others so this is what I just want to share with them and then they can choose from their race top guy in Fredericton New Brunswick bridge of entry 100 Huntley Street you

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