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hey guys it's K from vape wild today we are giving away a coupon code for 60 mils of fairy dust to five lucky winners if you just can't wait for the giveaway you can go ahead and press the button right here to get yourself a bottle of fairy dust to enter this giveaway all you have to do is like share and subscribe to our Channel and then comment down below your favorite movie again you are entering to win a coupon code for 60 mils of fairy dust all you have to do is like share and subscribe to our Channel and then comment below with your favorite movie and mine is Edward Scissorhands hey guys thanks for watching our video check out our other videos here and don't forget to subscribe


  1. Liked shared and subscribed fav movie is Napoleon Dynamite lmao

  2. Donnie Darko

  3. Liked, shared with a youtube friend, subscribed and favorite movies are the LOTR series. But my favorite anything ever is The Magicians on SyFy! I know you didn't ask, but I feel everyone should watch it. =P

  4. Favorite movie… Red Dawn (The Original one) Hope to wiin a bottle of this stuff!!

  5. Steel magnolias

  6. Major league!!! Joeboo!!!

  7. Favorite movie is "escape room"

  8. I love Fairy Dust!! My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing

  9. Scarface, and casino

  10. Liked shared subscribed. Fav movie ….G.I. Jane

  11. Bull Durham

  12. My favorite movie is The Goonies!

  13. Liked and shared favorite movie is date night

  14. silence of the lambs

  15. Liked shared, been subscribed to VW for years!! My favorite movie is The Matrix!!!

  16. Done…done…done…and my favorite movie is all the lord of the rings and hobbit movies

  17. Pineapple Express is my favorite movie

  18. So many to choice from .. let's say my favorite is the Harry Potter movie! I am a weird-o I know!

  19. My favorite vape wild juice is berry fluffy!

  20. My favorite movie is pet cemetary 🙂

  21. Favorite Movie will always be… Armageddon…

  22. Favorite movie..Goonies. I'm old school lol

  23. Liked, Shared and fav movie is The Great Outdoors!

  24. The nightmare before Christmas! I just quit smoking and went to vaping so I'm on the hunt for a favorite flavor!

  25. Ever After

  26. Liked. Shared. Subscribed… my favorite movie is A Walk to Remember

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