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hello this is dr. Stanley Liang and I'm talking today on the topic of processed foods equals damaged foods and the specific food that I'm going to be talking about today is known as fair life milk most of the videos you're going to see on the internet are going to have glowing reviews of how wonderful this is going to give some person perhaps a cautionary tale I'm also known as the whole health doc because I promote and practice whole person health medicine and I've been doing this for several decades so I have a lot of years of experience in this particular area which is food and what is healthy food and what is not healthy food and one thing I can tell you for sure is that processed foods are damaged foods now processed foods are just part of part and parcel of the modern food industry one of the things that I tell my patients is that if you go down the cereal aisle what you're going to do is see a lot of foods that what the food industry did is they disassembled everything then they put it back together except they left out some of the key ingredients and then they added some nutrients and then they called it fortified so so we end up with this food it has less than the original but it's but it's a supposedly fortified food and the the this this topic came up a few months ago for me because of a patient who had a very very unusual set of symptoms she was burping all the time and she couldn't figure out why she was burping all the time so she had some other she had some other GI symptoms but that was her major symptom and so we did a very thorough food history and she admitted that she'd been drinking some milk so we talked a little about about milk I've never heard of milk per se causing this particular kind of symptom and then it yeah and it happened to be that she mentioned that she's drinking this new type of milk and particularly the chocolate version of it which appears to be the most attractive one for four people and as I looked at the ingredients it was compared to me that this was a this was the likely problem for her and the the ingredients that drew my attention that I was most concerned about were three of them a Cecil Fame which is an which is a sweetener artificial sweetener it's been around for a long time used a lot in different things supposedly safe sucralose which is an art another artificial sweetener so here we've got two artificial sweeteners in this supposedly healthier than normal milk and then this thickener which is called carrageenan now all three of these have some substantial health problems I'm going to talk about each one of them individually but before I get there the whole thing behind this milk is not that different from the story I told you about cereal their claim to fame with this milk is that they separate everything out they take the proteins out they take the fats out they take the they take the sugar out and then they put back everything and they have more protein than regular milk and less sweet less sugar than regular milk as if as if milk has a lot of sugar to start with and supposedly when you end up with this it's a whole lot healthier for you now some onion some there's a lot of unknowns about what's going on here but we do know that they admit that they they use an ultra heat of pasteurization process so their temperature is quite a bit higher than usual pasteurization and we know that that damages proteins when you pasteurize milk so guess what what happens when you use higher temperature more damage how much research has been done on what that does to humans when they consume these damaged proteins none no long-term Studies on what happens when we consume these ultra pasteurized damaged proteins now maybe there no health process no problem at all but maybe there is the point is nobody's done this research you're the guinea pig when you're drinking this stuff so we'll talk about these three nutrients or so-called nutrients or additives the carrageenan is made from seaweed and it's a common thickener and it's considered safe by the government without any the problem with with these so-called safety claims is that there aren't any safety studies so to make a safety study that proves safety you would have to do human studies for years to know what happens well these there aren't any human studies at all and if there if there are any animal studies are usually a few weeks long at at the most if that long and so when you look at the actual data on what proves safety it's not there are there lots of complaints yes it causes lots of different symptoms it clearly disturbs the bowel and I there's a lot of other issues I won't get into with carrageenan just to say that it's a questionable nutrient at best and to put it into a supposedly healthier then normal milk doesn't make sense to me at least now this may see full same is a sweetener that has it's been around for a long time several decades again no long term Studies on it and claims that the studies that have been done have been safe well when you track down these studies first of all they're really hard to find and second of all they don't amount to a hill of beans in terms of proving safety but if you look at some of the few studies that do show that that actually try to dig into what happens when you feed like mice this particular additive the sweetener well I'll just give you one of the things that happens it starts to damage their brains it starts to affect their cognition that means a ability to think now it's pretty hard to measure how mice think but you can kind of look at behavior and draw some deductions so there's different protocols on understanding whether mice or damaged in terms of their neurological systems and lo and behold yes they are damaged when they consume this particular sweetener long enough well I'm sure that the business model for the company that's making this particular milk is not for just to drink it for four weeks and then you're done with it the idea is that gets you hooked on this for months and years if possible so yes you're going to be a long-term consumer of this and they have multiple other products that have the same sweeteners in it so it also disturbs the microbiome so when you add stuff that messes up the microbiome you are definitely damaging your body you're damaging your muses immune system I mean you're setting yourself up for for all sorts of chronic diseases all of the if you just list the chronic diseases that are part of of our contemporary experience they're related to the microbiome being messed up now the third ingredient that I sort of pulled out that's on the list is sucralose a well known sweetener has a brand name called Splenda it's not the only source of sucralose you don't have to put Splenda in something to have sucralose you can just put super low sin and the the sucralose does two things we know that aren't good number one is also disturbs the microbiome significantly that means that it gives a competitive advantage to the wrong bacteria to thrive and suppresses the good bacteria that's what happens when the microbiome gets messed up or changed in some way the second thing that it does is it actually worsens insulin resistance which means that if you're on the diabetic spectrum it's pushing you in that direction it doesn't help you lose weight it helps you gain weight so these three ingredients are in this so-called improved version of milk now there's a whole lot of other things that are issues with this whole company and the way that they bring their product to market but I just want to say this is par for the course they're not any different than most other companies that are putting so-called food out there if it's processed if they processed it they took stuff out they put stuff back together and they left some of the key ingredients out and they may or may not have fortified it but I'd guarantee you it ended up worse for you so what's the solution don't eat any kind of processed foods so that means fruits vegetables the the proteins that you consume or are not processed the fats that you consume are not processed and that lets you pretty much do some pretty easy shopping you go into the grocery store and you stay on the outside and you're pretty much not exposing yourself to the processed mills foods and then you sort of go down that organic aisle that's sort of stuck in the middle of the store to kind of suck people into the middle of the store and avoid all the other aisles and then you're safe then you check out quickly before you're sucked into something that's bad for you and then you go home and you cook real food instead of this process stuff so what happened when this patient stopped these this this this milk her symptoms went away now why did they go away because I'm sure that what happened was that her microbiome was so screwed up that hurt her her bowel didn't know whether to move stuff forward or backwards that's why she was burping all the time and if you feel sick guess what your biome is all messed up too now I saw a patient today who had hurt her we had just done a kind of an experiment to see if milk might be causing her abdominal pain and in follow-up lo and behold her abdominal pain had completely gone away so her mom figured out yes lactose was the problem and so she was going out for lactose free milk well guess what this particular branded friend's themselves is lactose free because that's one of the things they do when they separate out all the ingredients they take the lactose out and so here she is drinking this supposedly healthy lactose free milk after after she's finally recovered from her abdominal pain and so she's going to be consuming something that's gonna totally mess up her microbiome and that's how sneaky this stuff is again I don't fault these companies they're in the business for making money and the government allows them to market this stuff it's legal to do they're not breaking any laws they're not they're not breaking any laws insurance we're putting this ingredients into the food because the government lets them do that too with art with no studies for safety that's your government's fault it's not the food this food company's fault they're just following the rules to make a product I'm saying that if you want to be healthy you need to avoid that stuff and if you want to learn how to be healthy completely into what I would call a whole person health approach and I invite you to join our health Academy you can get access for seven days completely free there's a link below this video I encourage you to join if you want to learn how to be healthy if you're tired of feeling stressed out all the time if you're tired of carrying the extra weight around if you're tired of being tired click on the link to join that health the health Academy for seven days free hope you found this information helpful and they encourage you to avoid processed foods god bless and have a great day


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  2. make homemade kefir from raw milk…just saying…lol

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