Fairhaven Health – Supplements Review! Ovaboost and Fertilaid for Women

hey YouTube so this is my first review and it's something that I'm pretty passionate about so bear with me I don't know what I'm doing um I have been struggling with fertility for seven years now and it's been really rough it's been hard fortunately I have conceived two children and throughout that seven year period the first baby I was 18 and we weren't really protecting or preventing anything we were kind of being silly teenagers and fortunately we got pregnant um shortly after I had my son I wanted to try to start to have another baby I wanted my kids really close in age and so we started to try to have another baby and I was then diagnosed with PCOS which you know it's fine I just it was hard it was hard to get pregnant and you know it's hard to know what to do I was super young and I don't love putting you know chemicals in my body I don't like the side effects it makes me really uncomfortable so you know the standard route that people wanted me to take was to take metformin and take clomid and for Mara and all these other drugs and you know do all these things that I wasn't super comfortable with and you know we tried them and you know the side effects for me were not good and I didn't like them at all and so um we went ahead and did that for several years and finally when my son was about five I kind of just said you know what let's just be happy with what we have and be grateful for this blessing and you know let's just have a single baby and just you know be a family of three and so we tried doing that and it was fine except I still had this like yearning to have another baby and that's hard I'm sure all of you feel that mmm it's not fun and so it just kind of ate away it mean you know as much as I try to just put on a happy face then be positive and you know thank God for the blessings that I have you know I really wanted to have another baby and so miraculously I found out I was pregnant I didn't know that I had even ovulated I had no idea anything and so um yeah I found out I was pregnant last year in January and was absolutely thrilled and you know I had a rough pregnancy but I did end up having another little baby boy and it's been amazing um you know it's just it's such a blessing and so now you know I feel more complete but not all the way and I'm sure you all get me it's like I'm happy with what I have and I'm happy to have had two children but I still want more and it's such a struggle but it's something that I'm still willing to keep trying for and yeah it's just something that I want I want a big family and I've always wanted one so um when my son was born we kind of just decided that we weren't gonna try to prevent anything we knew it took us six years before and we didn't want to do fertility treatments or anything like that and so that was something that we both had mutually like agreed on that we weren't gonna go like do all these crazy fertility treatments just because it isn't right for me and so we didn't prevent anything and I had heard – you know right after you have a baby you're more fertile and whatever but that whatever it didn't work it didn't work for me my son is gonna be one next month and so I was looking online I constantly watched YouTube videos I'm constantly following people that are trying to conceive and I on BabyCenter boards and all these things and um I decided that well I came across Fair Haven health I came across some of their products on baby center and so I started looking into them and I started watching reviews and everybody has really positive things to say and so I definitely thought that it was worth a shot so um I got fertile aid for women and also overboost um when they came they were a lot smaller like the packages were a lot smaller than I thought that it was gonna be um so I was surprised by that like this these bottles seem really small but maybe that's just me I had a different idea in my mind um I got the overboost for women because it's designed to support a quality and ovarian function and promote a healthy ovulatory cycle this is exactly what I need I'm lucky if I have two cycles a year and it makes it hard to predict your ovulation when you don't know when that's gonna be and you could take so many ovulation predictor tests and like you don't know you just never really know and so I got this and you know so far I have no problems with it at all and the fertile aid for women is just like a fertility formula it says it promotes female hormonal balance and reproductive wellness and they just figured everybody can use that right so I got both of them in the mail two weeks ago and I started taking them right away and because I don't really cycle very frequently I just started taking both of them and um I started with so I started in the afternoon so I basically what I decided I was gonna do was take the fertile aid and the OVA boost in the afternoon the fertile aid and to OVA boost at night because of the melatonin I thought that it was gonna affect my sleeping and then in the morning I would take a fertile aide and a Nova boost so I'm taking three fertile aids a day and four overboost a day and so far like I said I have no problems with it I haven't felt bad or anything I did have a headache for like three or four days um but I hurt my neck and so I kind of think that that was a lot to do with that I'm not necessarily the pills um and then I have noticed within just two weeks I'm already having like more sim and like my pelvic region like I'm having some cramping and some like ovulatory pain and so I'm hoping I'm you know that's not a problem that's totally welcomed I'm totally excited about it um so yeah I mean aside from you know feeling a little bit sleepy that's that's pretty much it and it's also been interesting because I haven't been sleeping super well at night and you would think with the two overboost that have the melatonin and them that I would be sleeping well but I haven't been and so I don't know like I said if that has to do with these or if I get super excited so I can't turn my brain off and so I've been thinking about a lot of things my son's first birthday is coming up I'm thinking about actually having another baby and you know all of these things I'm just excited so that might have to be something to do with it also so anyway I will come back probably in two weeks oh I totally forgot to tell you guys so yesterday um I took an O PK and it was positive and today I took one and it was positive also so if that's the case then these things are totally working and I am over the moon excited so hopefully I am ovulating and hopefully I do conceive a baby and I can be one of those people that are like oh yeah I took these for months and I got pregnant so I will keep you guys updated and I will probably start testing next week probably on like Saturday or Sunday so like nine days from now obviously starting to test for pregnancy so I will update you guys and hopefully I do get pregnant and if not if I can just have a regular cycle I'll be totally happy with that I'm willing to give these a try for as long as possible I am over the moon excited and I will update you guys soon thank you

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