Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. (1080p)

It was always a dream for me to take these steps To see that bright Chandelier.. And now
I am living that dream… And I don’t want to wake up… My name is Sharan Kulantheivadivel,
I’m from Batticalo I studied at St. Michaels College I’m Akalanka De Silva,I’m from Battaramulla
I studied at Museaus College, Colombo Hi, I’m Dadon and I am from Bhutan I’m Sanchika Krishnamoorthy,
I’m from Batticalo Actually I am from Colombo District
and I’m Rangika Kumari I’m Melanie Seneviratne. I’m from Nugegoda.
I studied at Visaka Vidyalaya,Colombo. I’m Minon Madushani. I’m from Maradana.
I studied at Devi Balika Vidyalaya,Colombo. The Faculty of Medicine, Colombo was established in 1870 as the University College of Colombo It is situated facing Kinsey Road, and it is situated in close proximity to the Colombo group of Hospitals. So, we are close to Lady Ridgeway Hospital, the De-Soyza Maternity Hospital and the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. It is a very proud and prestigious organization that has stood tall in the the history of independent Sri Lanka And gifted so many talented doctors to the country…. They are really nice,
I feel very welcomed here and people have been really kind to me. Yes, I did feel odd. I missed home a lot.
But it got better. People are really sweet. And they really helped me out in my problems. Ahh, they were so fun. Sometimes I lose track because they speak in Sinhala
But that’s fine because in the end it’s all fun. I don’t know how to answer that.. Oh, they are really good. I enjoyed all the lectures..
Specially physiology…..
And I think it’s fun.. Yes, I Do. They were really nice. I had a lot of fun. Lot of new things experienced. And, I didn’t know how to handle it at first…
And now I am doing somewhat good. First I had the feeling to go to Peradeniya faculty,
Natural environment and we can enjoy ourselves.. Finally with the influence of my parents, with the influence of my teachers,
I finally decided to select Colombo Faculty, And then I got to know that this the most ranking faculty of Sri Lanka
and we have a lot of facilities here,
And we can do our studies, risk free.. Medicine is not a subject that we can do alone, we must interact with others
And we must have the best facility. How did you come here? Was there any push from your parents? Yah, of course there was.
After I got my A.Level results,my parents wanted me to…….
….go this faculty specially. Because of family background and all.. Then after coming here…
I also thought that this faculty will be very stressful period. I was always thinking that,
I have plenty of more.. like 5 years more than 5 years,I thought like that.. But after coming here everything changed,
I mean, I came here about a year ago but it feels like I have been here for a long time.. I have gathered lots of friends and enough experiences, Not just academics
Not just being in the library or lecture hall, There is lots of extra-curricular activities , sports events and all
I have participated in few sports events and well.. great experience.. And I think I am lucky to be here….. I have my best friends, moments of my life in here, in this faculty.. Well this, when I passed my A.levels and got good results
I considered about going to several other faculties in the country, But because of the reputation and the world ranking of the Colombo Medical Faculty,
I selected this as my first option. I expected the course to be extremely stressful and a very monotonous course, But, now since I came here I discovered that it’s completely different.. It’s a very fun experience amidst all the busy schedule we have and the stressful lectures
We always find time to have fun, And I have made a wonderful bunch of friends and I have met awesome people.. It is different from what I expected and the lecturers are very supportive
And help us in whatever problems and troubles we have.. Whether its related to academics or totally unrelated.. So I think it is a wonderful place to be and I am glad that I selected this as my first option. Well, I will advise hem also to get through their A.Levels with flying colours, Try your best and get a good rank and definetly come to Colombo Medical Faculty, Because that is the place you want to be and that is going to be
The best decision you’re going to make in your life… Little difficult exam, I was very very happy.. After I have been selected to the faculty, It is very very good faculty and this is the highest rank in Sri lanka.. In the faculty, all the people all the lecturers my friends are very good, But, I think the faculty is more than what I expected but still needs some improvement. Although the majority is Sinhala friends, All are very very friendly and very good people. I didn’t have much expectation,
But,It is a very better pleasant place here. And everyone is very friendly, Kind of nervous when I came here first
But it’s all right.. When I knew I was entering Colombo University I didn’t have much expectation for here, But I am very happy now,
I was kind of nervous when coming here because I didn’t know, How to get together with the new people and I was nervous about it, Everyone was very friendly, and helpful too and I changed. Definitely…. Specially about the, because of the studies, Because I kept thinking may be I should have gone with some other subjects, But,in the end even if I have gone to some other university I might have had the same thoughts, So there is no problem with that.. You will experience a lot of new things here Not only in studies but other life experiences as well.. This is a very beautiful place…. And it’s good….


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