Facial muscle warm up (Impulse)

hi I’m Elissa Weinzimmer founder of Voice Body Connection and it is time for another How to Warm-Up video yay How To Warm-Up in today’s how to warm-up video we’re gonna discuss warming up your
facial muscles now for those following along at home there are different
categories in this how to warm up series that I teach and I like to consider this
exercise in the impulse category although the truth is that your body and
articulation are also involved in the facial muscles if you want to understand
more about the categories go to the how to warm-up intro video and it will help
you understand how to build your own full warm-up so why warm-up your facial
muscles well for one thing if your facial muscles are kind of flaccid then
you’re not going to be able to articulate very clearly and also if our
facial muscles get frozen then we can’t respond to the impulses that we have to
move them and of course we all know that communication really involves a lot of
facial expression so we want to be able to move our facial muscles so let’s go
over what they are so here’s some of your facial muscles one thing is that
you have a ring going around your lips and then actually a wider ring as well
going around the outside of your lip so you’ve kind of got two rings around the
inside and outside of your lips then off of those two rings you have what we can
think of as rays of the Sun going in all different directions that can pull your
lips into different configurations so ones that go directly sideways once they
go up towards the corner of your cheeks that will make you smile right ones that
go up along your nose right inside your nose down and of course right down in
the center right so what we want to do is test and see if we can move all of
these muscles let’s try it so if you were to move the muscles of your lips
sideways it might look like this mm-hmm if you were to move them up towards the
corner of your cheeks it’ll look like this try it
right and you can keep your lips closed for now just let your lips be released
if you were to move those muscles that lift right along the
sides of your nose it’ll sort of be like your sneer face or like I’ll get you my
pretty and your little dog too type face right and the fun thing about these is
that you can try doing one side at a time and see if you can isolate them so
you could try doing just the right side just the left side you can try moving
things and what you might find is that there are certain things that you
actually just don’t even have the neural pathway to know how to move if that
happens two tricks for you one trick is you can move it with your hands just
literally make the muscle go into the shape you want it to go into or another
trick is if something’s moving that you don’t want to move
hold it steady while you try to move the other part right so you can use your
hands manipulate your face with your hands so we can go sideways we can go up
we can go sneering like this we can scrunch right in the middle sort of like
we’re a little bunny rabbit trying to scrunch our nose and of course we can go
down into our frowning face right really hard to do one side of the frown I find
for most people including myself I can do this side there it is but I can’t do
this side without helping so go ahead and play around with all the different
ways you can move the muscles around your lips and then let’s actually move
the actual muscles of your lips and it can go like this so if you move the
outer ring first into contraction but leave the inner ring release it’s gonna
look something like this and then if you add the inner ring looks like that so I
like to call this Marilyn Monroe fishy Marilyn Monroe fishy Marilyn Monroe fishy
kind of fun right so now of course you have the ring around your lips you have
also two rings around your eyes that can squeeze your eyes or open your eyes
you’ve got forehead muscles you’ve got cheek muscles you’ve got your big jaw
muscles so what we’ll do putting this all together once you’ve done some
isolations is we’ll move our face around into crazy different shapes trying to
find everything you can find on the outside of your face and also moving
your mouth as well so this actually is called gurning G U R N I N G and there are
competitions in the UK and have been for a long time where people try to make the
craziest face look it up it’s crazy so let’s go in for a second and really
try to move those muscles that you’re not used to moving you guys can totally
blackmail me with this cool amazing so this is a fun way to basically do facial
gymnastics or yoga and warm up all these muscles that maybe are just usually
sitting there not doing as much as they could I’ll add that these exercises are
really useful to do in front of a mirror so you can see what’s moving what’s not
moving help yourself create new habits and break out of old
ones and also I definitely want to give credit to my teacher Dudley Knight from
whom I learned these exercises this is his book Speaking With Skill and Knight-Thompson speech work continues even though Dudley is no longer with us it’s
really amazing stuff check it out I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned
from that body of work have fun with this practice it whenever you feel like
you need help getting your impulses all the way into your facial expressions and
let me know how it goes How To Warm Up


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