who is Nick Grimm green well if you don't know you've probably been living under a rock for the past six or seven years trim is one of the most popular youtubers creating videos on baking products news and advocacy he's amassed over 300 thousand subscribers and 50 million video views Grimm is joining us today in an interview we shot just before dr. Scott Gottlieb the new FDA Commissioner announced a four year delay in the pre-market spackle application process which if implemented would certainly had killed the vaping industry in the US and now that outcome is far from certain it's great news for vapors and of course reg watch will have detailed coverage in upcoming episodes and now the fabulous mr. Grimm green Nick thanks for joining us here on reg watch oh yeah yeah absolutely thank you for having me oh you got first off what kind of videos do you produce about vaping and why I used to just do review I review products when I first started vaping back in 2009 I was just amazed at how well it worked for me and so I thought I I would like to get on the internet and tell people about this and about how great it is and how well it worked for me and you know back in 2009 there was no vapors on YouTube YouTube wasn't a career thing like it is now it was just a place to get information and share funny cat videos or whatever and I thought wow that could be a really good platform to just get up there and start talking about vaping and what worked for me and new products and I figured if I could help some people get to where I was then then that would be a really good thing and I picked it up heavily as a hobby you know so that the motivation then was pretty much solely at the time to help smokers try to quit yeah absolutely helped help smokers try to quit you know I still I still really focus on helping smokers quit and what I focus on a lot more now is I feel like every vapor deserves to have a really good vaping experience you know what I mean a lot of people get into it and now how they'll have like a burnt flavor or weird tank or maybe a battery that doesn't quite charge and a lot of that's troubleshooting and so I like to think of my self as like a YouTube troubleshooter I guess alright well everybody gets green from your bring calm thank you so much for joining me again here on a wild card Wednesday what are we going to be talking about this Wednesday this little guy right here so this is the J Bo Wiz Mac suck my Mod drip tank called the theorem drip tank it's a huh it's a strange little thing I am incredibly passionate about vaping it's the one thing that's kept me from smoking cigarettes for the last seven years I do believe it's an incredibly incredibly powerful tool for helping people stay away from traditional tobacco cigarettes from the very beginning even back in 2009 it was an uphill battle there weren't very many vapors at all but there was still a lot of legislation going on back in 2010 actually California tried to completely completely ban vaping and at the time Governor Schwarzenegger he vetoed it and said that if adults want to use these than adults should be able to use these and I knew from that moment that it was going to be an uphill battle probably just continuing on for as long as vaping exists in the world and so I feel like it's it's someone like me who's on YouTube who has a following I feel like it's a strong responsibility to to communicate that and to inform and educate people on the subject of vaping and what's going on and on a federal and on a state level as well I think that's a bit unusual Nick because there are a lot of youtubers that are in the vaping space tend to shy completely away from advocacy yeah it's a you know everybody can do whatever they want to do that's that's basically wearing that I think I feel really strongly about advocacy because I've been vaping for over eight years now and I'm banking YouTube videos for just as long and so from the very beginning like I said it was an uphill battle and this isn't something that we can just easily give up on and I think a lot of the new vapors that haven't been around to see all these horrible things and horrible legislation that is getting introduced and passed in certain states maybe don't feel as compelled to to you know get involved or to do something you know there's people way above my paygrade that are full-time advocates that travel to Washington that travel to these you know state Senate committee meetings and health committee meetings and they do it full-time I do this much compared to what they do is this much but I feel like if everybody did this much we might be in a lot better place than we are right now this is a leading question however do you feel that the regular vapor out there is doing enough you know I meet a lot of really passionate dedicated vapors the the vapors that I talk to via social media or emails or anything like that they are always always looking for guidance just the other day I got an email from a fella in the Midwest who said hey grim I don't have a lot of vapors here I joined kasaa I write letters I email congressmen you know what else can I be doing there's people who are really really passionate about it and I think that I think that's unbelievable and there's a lot of vapors who it's you know they pass through the community and they get a vape that they like and then they don't really partake and in the community aspect of it they don't watch youtube videos they don't go on Reddit and look at the ecig subreddit or anything like that and for them they thing is just another issue along with you know things like healthcare and other political things it's just another issue that they're not necessarily really fired up about like a lot of the other vapors that I talked to that have been around for a long time when you look at what's going on in the u.s. it's hard not to see the politics behind it it seems clearly that it's a left my issue and and it's unusual that the left is seems to be the problem the right seems to be very supportive how do you explain that and if that is the case what does that mean yeah it's a it's your it's very confusing it is definitely a political issue I very much believe that I think the San Francisco flavor ban is a really good example of that this legislation gets introduced as a political thing and not realizing how it will really really affect people and harm reduction isn't a foreign concept to a lot of these politicians I mean there's needle exchanges in place for for addicts so harm reduction isn't a foreign concept but they are very anti vaping anti tobacco especially in California and it is it's very political I mean Cohen the the girl that introduced the flavor ban she's been on the news she's been on a thousand different websites vapors are talking about her advocacy groups are talking about her I feel like that translates into good political you know clout as it were well yes it seems to be the case it's a rallying cry across the Democratic Party you know state and federal yeah yeah it really is and it's so bizarre because sometimes I'll watch Fox News which is you know generally a very conservative news network and they are there's a lot of people and Fox News that are very very Pro vaping very anti regulation personal freedom Pro vaping which is I don't know unexpected I guess when we have Democrats or liberals who are in favor of things like tobacco you know harm reduction and it's just very conflicting I think they agree on a lot of things but they don't want to agree because they're part of conflicting political ideologies I you know my opinion on that is that dating has kind of brought out a bizarro Jerry world yeah it has definitely brought out a bizarro Jerry world a very bizarre og very world one last big important brouhaha question and that is brouhaha who was the enemy oh man I wouldn't even that's a that's a really difficult question to answer can I think about it who do you think is the enemy all the left the lobby is a left you're firmly in the left is Allah I tend to go that way as well I think the left is the enemy I think it's a combination of a lot of things I don't think it's just the left but I think it's what the left has been doing for so long that they don't know any differently as far as regulations taxes that's just what they do and so when vaping comes along of course they're going to use the same method that they've been using for the last however hundred years they're going to apply their leftist Democratic you know ideal to vaping and it's just that that's that doesn't work that's just not going to work over-regulation isn't going to work and you know you can talk to a lot of people who will say I think big tobacco is the enemy I don't necessarily think that big tobacco is the enemy and there's a lot of people who say I think Big Pharma is the enemy big pharmaceuticals in the United States huge enemy I don't really think that they're the biggest enemy I genuinely think that regulation is the enemy and unfortunately the regulation came from Obama era administration heavy heavy regulation from the Democrats I mean there's no way to tiptoe around that they want a nationwide flavor ban they want heavy regulations they they don't want vapors to be vapors they don't want vaping to be a thing and you know I've said this a thousand times and it's hard to talk politics on my youtube because I I tend to not generally get so serious about politics but if Hillary Clinton had been elected vaping would be gone by the end of the year I I wholeheartedly believe that it seems to me that if you are not able to face the enemy to really identify who your enemy is or if you do when you realize that it's used hearing yourself back in the mirror right how do you effectively fight that then yeah I mean it's it's tough I mean that's one of the uphill battles of vaping is really being a pro vaping in spite of other things that you know other political leanings or stances you might have I mean it's it's disruptive you know it's a disruptive industry it's not just disruptive to tobacco it's disruptive to politics as well and I think we see that firsthand so grim let me ask you what's up next for you oh I've got all sorts of big plans right now I'm really focusing on my youtube I up end up a patreon account where my supporters can you know give me money directly for my content and so I'm doing everything I can to really nurture that relationship and do special things for for my patreon I love my youtube it's cuz it's constantly growing we you know me and my buddy Dwayne own boyo see we do hardware we have the recoil RDA I do liquid lines one of the things I'm planning hopefully for later this year I don't want to give too much away but I'm planning a tour like if I was a band I would be going on tour and what I'm going to do is visit vape shops and I'm going to organize a big tour and it's going to be a fun big tour party with an RV and an vape shops and just you know really bringing the community together there's a lot of vape events that happen throughout the United States and I try to go to as many of them as I can and there's just some places I've never been where I've never got to meet the people that watch my videos I've never been to places like Idaho you know I don't I've never met any of my subscribers in Idaho so I want to go to Idaho and meet the people that are supporting me and watching my videos and so that's something I don't want to say too much but that's something we planned later you know it's always you're always moving forward you always you have to hustle you have to move forward you have to build your empire and that's what I'm trying to do


  1. The enemy of vapng is neither liberals or conservatives. It is just plain righteous upright folk. They do horrible things to their bodies but smokers are subhuman in there eyes. Now that we have discovered a product that miraculously helps people stop smoking the selfish fake holy rollers are in pout mode because smoking is one of the biggest things they turn their noses up at. It's obvious the FDA, some scientist and especially the richest people in the world who are gonna lose big time now that vaping has taken off is doing all they can to stop it. Almost everything we inhale or swallow is filled with harmful chemicals. So why are they harping on flavored fog? HYPOCRITES, and it's not just the rich. There are "better than you" people in all of sociey.

  2. When the leaders of various countries pass judgement such as this that is detrimental to society for monetary benefit, you truly know that mankind is doomed. Lives of people are paramount and if the ones at the helm don't care for their people, we are surely and truly f'ed. GG Mother Earth is gonna VAC ban us soon.

  3. Hello Grimm! If someone would gave told me 2017 that I'd be able to stop smoking within 1 years time and that I'd call myself a non-smoker in 2018 I would have told him that he's insane and that he has read too much fantasy novels. I tried so many times…using patches, inhalers and gums. Nothing worked. But vaping worked. It worked for me and it would work for millions of smokers – if vaping was given the chance to do so. Which is not the case. No advertisement, no health-claims (although they are nothing but the truth, backed up by science), no positive media articles, no honesty, corrupted politicians, flavor bans, online sales bans (like in Austria, Hungary and Poland), nicotine restrictions, tank size restrictions (totally senseless, completely just inconvenient for the vaper who has to refill the tank more often and costly for the manufacturers who have to produce the same product in two different sizes), lies and manipulated studies, biased articles and much more. This war is killing more people than any other war taught by the military forces, even more than the second world war. Exaggerated? No, not really. WHO says that approx. 7-8 million people are killed from smoking related diseases every year. 7-8 millions!!! Multiply with 10 (about 10-12 years vaping is around). How many Jews were killed in the World War II? 6 millions. The numbers seem insane. Yet they are true and you all can prove it (google it).

  4. I'm not American so I don't have the political insight but one question seems obvious to me: If the Obama government was the "root" of all this over-regulation, flavor bans and so forth why it goes on and on, much worse than ever before? It's not the left, it's the right that rules the country and they do so since a good period of time? But still the FDA fights against the most essential aspects of vaping (flavors and also Pods for the smokers who should be encouraged to switch with as much ease as possible). Why is that? And why is nobody stopping him? Trumps sits in the Oval Office, not Obama. The Republicans have the majority in Congress. Not the left. So why the "War Against Vaping" still goes on full force, harder than ever? I don't understand the "logic" behind this (although logic never had anything to do with anti-vaping-activities).

  5. I live in Idaho, we have an awesome vape community here. Hope to meet you Grimm Green, when you do get here.

  6. Wait wait wait I thought we have 5 years

  7. I think the enemy is smoking. I am for any less harmful way to quit smoking. Four me itโ€™s vaping and not smoking since 2012. It worked for me and it can work for others.

  8. I have psoriasis I'm 88% of my body is covered when I smoke I am extremely itchy since I have quit smoking with vaping I have no intention of quitting vaping due to the fact that I am not itchy while I Vape I have no issue with the fact that I'm covered in 88% of my body is covered in psoriasis because there is no cure and I do not understand why I am not itchy when I Vape I make my own juices I do not apply any extra chemicals I only use Flavours of all sorts propylene glycol at 20% nvg at 80% my nicotine level started at 22 mg and now I am at 6 in a year and a half I don't know what to do and I don't know who to talk to I don't know who do Consulting I've tried my doctors and nobody knows to say just write my congressman but I don't think they'd understand how is she it can be to have psoriasis

  9. WTF.. the enemy is BIG PHARMA .holy shit wake up

  10. Why are't more vapers liking this video? Or giving this presenter/interviewer/anchor more props. Grimgreen is one of us but this guy is really good at jis job and at getting the whole unbiased story out there…..

  11. OF COURSE the left is the problem and the enemy!! Over regulation has not helped ANYTHING NOR ANY INDUSTRY IN HISTORY….PERIOD! In fact, it simply encourages or CREATES an overgrown black market (implications need not be pointed out…) in ANYTHING that has been over regulated and/or outlawed….but never actually making ANYTHING unavailable or obsolete….just illegal and MORE profitable for "bad guys" ….and unsafe!

  12. Grimm your the man

  13. Grimm is very, very swoshy …………………. nice

  14. Excellent review, the inclusion of GrimmGreen was an genius. I can't think of any other dominant advocacy spokesman who is so passionate about vaping than GrimmGreen. I am a subscriber and regular viewer of both channels and recommend all vapers do the same. Keep fighting on for the vaping community and Thank you for all you are doing ๐Ÿ–’

  15. happy to hear from G.G. great point of view from both sides #Regulatorwatch #GrimmGreen keep on doing what you do best!

  16. I love how he says you have been living under a rock if you do not know who Grimm is. lol. True.

  17. @grimmgreen this is dope

  18. Great interview, Grimm is definitely one of the voices and fighters for vaping. And I think our biggest problem in this fight is the money both tobacco and pharma "donate" to these politicians. All the "funding" the give to "research" and so on.

  19. Great to see Grimm on the show. Thanks for this video and your continuing efforts for our community!

  20. I wouldn't put too much trust in President Gump's support for vaping.He's gonna need big money to pay for his"Great,Great,Great" ideas.If someone in his Party pulls out the crayons & is able to explain to him how The Master Settlement Agreement works & the effect vaping is having on it's revenue,watch out.

  21. You got to love Grimm

  22. Grimm is as sick as tits

  23. Wow you guys are getting some Heavy Hitters on your show

  24. Great video, as always, Brent! Greg Gutfeld, and Kat Timpf, from Fox, vape. I agree, it's the Democrats that are the enemies. I don't think I could vote for another, again, for reasons other than vaping too. I have two state legislators, in my state, that are Dems, and they won't budge on the issue. The only pro-vaping Senator, in my state, is Ron Johnson, but he doesn't plan on running again in 2020. If anyone's in Missouri, check out Austin Petersen, as he's pro-vaping and is running for Senate there.

  25. OMG! Grimm!

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