F1 Imola San Marino Saturday April 30, 1994 Warm up & Qualifying (Full Video)(Roland Ratzenberger)

They are handing out something here The feeling is starting to come look there Here you have something for every taste How are interested in cars, car equipment Anything This is the day before the day we are here to watch the practice Formula 1’s little brother Lots of people here It was the MTV car (Simtek)


  1. Have you videos from other races to?

  2. thank you

  3. Purely out of interest, how come after all these years you are posting up the footage?

    Thanks very much too, by the way!

  4. Amazing unseen footage , sad seeing Roland flying past pits on his final ever flying lap

  5. Tack!

  6. that ferrari noise!

  7. Have you other footage from those days? ;( Thanks Thomas

  8. Well this is just something…wow…

  9. Senna, simply the best.

  10. Did you guys know at the time Roland and Ayrton died on track? This is some amazing footage, thanks for sharing.

  11. Qual minuto ocorre a batida?

  12. Amateur footage of the weekend Imola 1994 are very rare on Youtube. In those years there were no phones and very few people carrying camcorders to film. Is always interest on my part appreciate the work done by these people and reporting to the present day precious movies for us fans of that era. I want to say THANK YOU Thomas for this. Cheers from Italy. Marco.

  13. Thank you very much for sharing with us.

  14. 15:50 Rest in peace, Roland!

  15. Video ruim, não mostra absolutamente nada, vale apenas pelo saudosismo !

  16. A day after this everything got different,,, although I did not even came close to knowing him, Senna was a real idol,,, funny I was thinking of him today while attending the mass at church in Duomo, Milan.

  17. Fantastic uploads. Thank you!

  18. Very interesting to see and hear this grand prix from spectator's perspective!

  19. bad filming, but i guess for those times it was ok.

  20. What you have here is something never to get rid of. You must pass this on to generations to generations, that's the magnitude of this footage.
    The little touches like the build up to a session and after are just spot on. Very rare to find footage like this and you should be credited 👏👏

  21. Great footage!this video transforms you really at that bad weekend . rip Ayrton and Ratzie

  22. please can u sharing playlist….nice music 😉

  23. Practice:Ratzenberger
    Qualifying:Barrichello (nearly)
    Conclusion:What a great fucking weekend

  24. It's amazing how much speed is lost through the television cameras. It isn't until you see footage shot from people attending the races, that you see the true speed of these cars. And seeing that makes you realize why it's such a dangerous sport. On a lighter note, that screaming Ferrari V12 sounds amazing

  25. I think you can actually see the moment there with Roland where he clips the front wing on the entrance to the Bassa. The car jumps in the air and the wing mounts loosen. A few corners later the wing went underneath the car and caused the crash. You just want to scream 'pit!' at him. What an awful weekend.

  26. Was Ayrton driving on 30 April 1994? or he Qualified in Pole Position the day before on Friday 29 April ??

  27. I have a slide 35mm of Ayrton Senna around Tosa and based on the marks on the track it must have been from Ratzenberger's car the previous day, thus it has been taken on Sunday 1 May 1994! That is why I'm asking you if he was participating on April 30?

  28. I love this video and I watch it every week😍😔🙏🏻

  29. This was a disastrous weekend for F1. Tragically two drivers lost thier lives, the world lost one of the greatest drivers and human beings that ever lived. With the benefit of hindsight after the death of Ratzenberger during Saturday qualifying the remainder of the event should have been cancelled in respect his death. This ultimately would have saved Senna's life but sadly it was not to be. RIP legend…

  30. Is that clip of Roland one of the last ever recorded?

  31. Blackest weekend in F1 ever.
    2 deaths and 3 accidents

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