F o o d i e Fridays // 3 Easy and healthy meals for UNDER $10

hey guys today I'm going to bring out a really important topic in terms of food a lot of people that especially admirers oh my say hello to my friends move out or stop studying working part-time jobs and kind of when you move out at home in short for money and time it's really easy to actually neglect with nutrition and just feeding yourself in general so what I've done today is put together three recipes that are all under $10 health crews is put on this kind of like coastal and I'm going to show you that that's not necessarily any healthy at a good price it can be quick it would be easy it's not just for the rich and famous let's get started this is the first recipe we're going to make is a sweet potato burrito the reason why I use sweet potato over white potato it has a lower glycemic level it also has a carrot in it which is really good for skin nails and hair which is why I love orange crude and I have orange hands because it is pumpkin carrot potato so anyways so we're going to make this thing whole you're going to put the oven on 250 degrees Celsius grab the potatoes galvanize we're just going to put about some four holes down the middle of it just a bit baked quick and through there's nothing worse than a hot potato the sweet potatoes and the other room for about I'll take just 40 minutes and now we're going to make what to put inside it I'm making my guac really really simple but if you like to use it up however you like do that but I'm just going to see the standard guac squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt pink you're a weirdo and non avocados and Thomas Thomas is really yummy with these recipes and it works the same well I need it really but once again if your pre-buying dip and I'm making it yourself make sure you're looking at the label and try to stick to as real whole ingredients as you can oh yeah euros you never get it let it cool for a bit so money comes back nice down the middle kind of like it pretend as a bread roll those grab your ball you get into this I highly going to do my mouth let's be a hot so hot no so far no juicy hot okay so second recipe I'm going to make today is a tuna brown rice bowl these dresses we honestly only takes 10 minutes and I think all the ingredients and nothing but just under nine dollars so what we're going to need is cucumber it'll be only going to use just under half of it for the recipe though but I've obviously bought one you can't my heart so are two cans of tuna in spring water and so the purpose of this video as well we have brown rice but 90-second brown rice that we're just going to do in the microwave and what I do is on with quinoa and brown rice I make a huge batch the beginning of the week and then leave it in the fridge but if you're short for time these are like 80 cents and really quick and easy kidney beans or um hombre and eighty cents a can but no added salt which is a plus avocado one avocado will probably only use about half of it in the bowl and just the seasoning we have pink Himalayan salt always choose pink over our table salt that stuff is full since we don't one and Sony's half of lemon juice so it's nothing we're going to do is Chuck this bad boy in the microwave for 90 seconds to one second round right so uh good but is a minute are those not I mean it 780 60 seconds right and then half of it is funny nice that wonders one thing is then do it is it not a minute no no we thought let's be more than a minute thank you at all okay so why that's going what we're going to do is going to grab a cucumber and I like to dice my whatever shape you want to do that some of these where's kids others away come back check in with is cherry tomatoes on it however you want to color oh I know you know kidney beans I'm going to rinse these number one rule whenever you're using canned beans make sure you rinse them and wash them thoroughly in each other and do that just going to leave them aside one of the things that's really like unhygenic isn't it people I would totally do that probably some brighter done how much rice I put in is totally up to you real good it's totally up to you how much tuna you want to put in if you are vegan or vegetarian or don't like tuna you can totally change up your protein if you're a vegan I'd probably recommend putting just a little bit more of the kidney beans you can use things like salmon you can use just veggies if you want to truck in more veggies just with the salt in the lemon and I kado that's completely up to you as well but just today I'm going to do not use half a cup of kidney beans 1/2 a lemon and the best part of all is the avocado I'm going to use half an avocado how are we going to mix it up tuna salad also really good one to take with you to things like uni or school hello guys I'm so soothing about life how I'm going to make a healthy pizza this is another under $10 under 10 min of essa' P should be simple super tasty and you can change it up like to whatever your taste buds desire so what I've done is I found these wraps they're rye which is really look for i if you're looking for easy good frozen stuff it also made with coconut oil and palm and like um sunflower oil instead of going to the nutrition label or even looking at the front because a lot of things like healthy this and that go straight to the ingredients if there's a bunch of ingredients on there that you don't understand you can't pronounce if there's like obvious like that long usually I'm most definitely avoid it I've gotten myself some tomato paste same principle 99% tomato this was only $2.00 for $2 each essentially these are $4 as well and they weren't even on special finish $2 for that at League mottos these the same tomatoes that I use some tuna Bowl which is the great thing about buying bulk veggies because then you use them which is a great thing about cooking at home actually does save money to just do it right I'm going to shred some carrot on line and we've got the other the avocados that we use in the tuna bowl and then I've gotten myself some mushrooms flour all this onto a pizza and bake it for 10 minutes if you want to on your pizza you do that you do you yeah there's my rap I don't think you'll need the whole thing as well which is great because you can store it and glad wrap it in the fridge so resting probably under being left like really cheap because everything is like you can use it again I'm probably going to use two teaspoons so 1 tablespoon again spinach on top of that I always put my space first just because it creates quite a nice space on the pizza especially if you don't have cheese trick to this just as a peeler so be easy okay couple of tomatoes I'm going to put the avocado on my pizza after the same cooked not your style do it I'm going to put this in the oven on I know you tell they're really high heat but it's because we're only going to bake this for about like three to five minutes drive from the oven on 200 degrees Celsius ha you corny oh I'm just like recording your thoughts drippy DLL you're very vocal person I actually am a full-time delivery sale on our my senior up till we do it those clever eyes I can't like my brains too slow like ask to be like right so that goes there and that goes there this is debbie debbie is a really good thing which actually put on top of this especially for all my vegans out there is nutritional yet it's not really in the whole budget thing but if you are some other doesn't eat dairy and is really into this recipe I would recommend getting a handle some nutritional yeast and sprinkling it on top ones are done because it kind of gives like a cheesy sort of taste and it's really good for you as well yeah


  1. Marry me Kath

  2. super helpful for at uni, thanks so much!!

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  4. tuna is so unsustainable and bad for the ocean! 🙁 you can make a tuna type thing with chickpeas instead ! 🙂

  5. as a vegetarian, what could I use as an alternative in the tuna rice bowl? loved this, thank you!!! xxx

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