EZMELTS Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins l EZ MELTS

easy melts is the only full line of nutritional supplements and vitamins that melt in your mouth here's how they work easy melts use pharmaceutical grade technology they've been designed to be delivered in the melts cavity a process frequently referred to as buccal delivery easy melts are placed on the tongue and instantly start dissolving in your mouth no need to swallow no need for water as the ez melts dissolve the nutrients are readily available for absorption into the bloodstream buccal delivery has long been used to effectively administer pharmaceutical products with this method delivery starts inside the mouth where it is readily available for absorption via the blood vessels what is the easy melts difference many dietary supplements come in pill or capsule form and can be very large and difficult to swallow in addition most supplements need to be broken down and digested prior to absorption easy melts on the other hand do not need to be swallowed they dissolve in the mouth and are designed to maximize absorption easy melts are easy to take for those who have difficulty or do not like swallowing pills our formulations come in delicious natural flavors and are ideal for older adults and bariatric patients they are portable and convenient easy melts our sugar and calorie free easy melts is the only full line of dietary supplements that melt in your mouth they are manufactured in the USA in compliance with industry standard good manufacturing practices easy melts products are backed with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee try ez melts today easy melts nutrition that melts in your mouth you

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