Extreme Yoga Challenge! | Teagan & Sam

– Hey guys! – Hey! – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam. – And we are… – [Both] The Rybka Twins. Welcome back to Squared! (bell dings) – Today we have decided
to do The Yoga Challenge. – Yeah. We’ve picked a series of poses. – Yoga poses. – Double. Partner yoga poses. We’re going to give them all a go. Be sure to subscribe. – If you haven’t already
and give it a big thumbs-up. – [Both] If you like it! Ready! Okay! (school bell rings) (upbeat techno music) – Come in closer. (camera click) (chime) – The next one is… (upbeat banjo music) (camera click) (chime) (upbeat techno music) – This one. (camera click) (chime) (triumphant trumpet) – Let’s try this. – What the… The one looks really hard. I don’t even know how they’re doing it. Oh, let’s give it a go. (upbeat techno music) Where’s your arm? – Just go. Just go! (buzzer) (both laugh) (buzzer) One more try. – Aww! (both laugh) (buzzer) (loud orchestral finale) (both laugh) – When you nail it! Whoo! – Nailed it. We nailed that! (crickets chirp) (sad electric guitar) So we didn’t quite nail that one but we’re going to work on
that and hopefully get it. (chime) (upbeat techno music) (camera click) (chime) (upbeat jazz music) (camera click) (slow jazz music) – This one looks hard. – This one looks a little
bit more challenging. – But we’re up for the challenge because it is The Yoga Challenge. – Let’s go! (screams) (buzzer) – Grab! (camera click and kids cheer) (chime) (both laugh) – Okay, so we kind of got that one. – We nearly got there. – Next one. – The next one is… (bouncy techno music) (buzzer) – You cracked my wrist! (camera click) (chime) – This one looks a little bit tricky. – This one looks very acrobatic actually. – Yeah! No hands! Ahh! And come down. – Whoo! (chime) (upbeat African music) – So apparently, this one is called the Scorpion to Camel Pose. – Let’s test it out! (camera clicks) (chime) (bell dings) (dramatic orchestral music) (buzzer) – Don’t lean too much! No, this way! Don’t… Put your legs over, Sam. (buzzer) (both laugh) – This is our final pose. – In The Yoga Challenge. (camera clicks) (chime) – Thank you so much for watching. We hope you guys enjoyed
our Yoga Challenge. – Comment down below on what
was your favorite pose in The Yoga Challenge. – And which pose you really want to try. – Be sure to watch all the
twins’ videos on Squared. And don’t forget… – Click the link in the
description box below and that will take you straight
to our personal channel. And we’ll see you guys next Monday! – [Both] See ya! (hollers) (laughs) – Downward dog. – Leg over the head. Ah, stretch, stretch. Good boy. – Point your toes. – You’re the man. – No, I’m the girl. You’re the… – Sorry. I’m the… I’m the man!

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