1. 💞💞💞💞

  2. Where did you get the bins you keep their play dough in?

  3. Hey Tara, you should compile all the songs into one audio on your page that you use during your videos because I find they are really motivating to get stuff done. I would use that to turn on while I clean and organize. Thanks for always picking upbeat fun music to go along with your videos.

  4. Lindos

  5. Try putting a wet rag under your cutting board, it’ll prevent the board from moving around when you’re cutting food. ☺️

  6. Where did you get the containers that have the party supplies and gift wrapping supplies? They aren’t on your amazon link.

  7. How come you blurred the crayons and the coloring books?

  8. Hi Tara on recent videos you have posted you said you were going to donate the girls clothes that don’t fit anymore I have a daughter that is almost turning 2 and a baby boy that is 3 months old I barely have money to pay my rent and don’t want to worry about buying clothes if your willing to donate them I would be more then grateful !!

  9. I love you

  10. Hola! Veo tu canal desde España, Europa, me gusta mucho, es muy entretenido y divertido.
    Pero no me gusta que no reciclais, no separas papel, plástico, metal ni productos orgánicos.
    Es muy importante reciclar!

  11. Tara another lovely video👍🏼 love your cleaning & organising videos! I just made pork chops for dinner and everyone enjoyed it. Came to bed and saw your video making pork chops lol 😋 hugs and lots of love 💕

  12. Hay Tara…i'm from Indonesia.and i like you'r video..love you..

  13. 💓💓💓

  14. Olive oil drizzled with parm cheese salt and pepper? How long in the oven? So simple and yummy

  15. It was so refreshing to see this video. You did a great job 🙌🏼. I really like all your bins.

  16. Can u show us like what u war in a day that would be like the best I am your biggest fan watching u since day one

  17. Where did you get those bins that you started with? The ones that had glue and craft supplies in them?

  18. our kitchen and counter is the absolute hardest spot to keep clean. And our laundry room of course! We have no organization down there because it’s unfinished and ghetto. So hard to keep it clean! My kids are 30, 6, almost 3 and 17 months so it’s a busy house here lol

  19. Can i have one of the diaper bags , if you're donating it. 😍

  20. You can tell this is sponsored by no means is pork actually healthy lol

  21. My husband just got told he is off work for 3 weeks do to the CORONA VIRUS 🦠 and we have 2 kids that are off school the only thing that keeps me not breaking down is watching some YouTube thank you for uploading love your organization videos makes me organize my house 🥰🥰

  22. نزلي ترجمة بالعربي pliz 🌹👍👌

  23. I'm weating your videos ❤

  24. Tara, love you, but pork is absolutely not a good source of nutrition 👎🏽

  25. Omg can I pls have the lulibebe diaper bag if you dont use it anymore lol Ive been wanting to get one but their so expensive ☹️😩 my current bag has a big tear and it’s hard to carry

  26. Tara you do an amazing job at organizing!!!I wish u can help me!!!

  27. I have a 8 month old I would love one as a diaper bag if you would be willing to donate one to us!!! 💕 thank you

  28. Can you do a house tour

  29. bloating or pregnancy 😏

  30. Was I the only one waiting for Tara to find her lost camera? 😩😩

  31. Looks great 😎

  32. Storage closet for sure, we only have one closet for camping, tools, summer, holiday so it gets really packed in there

  33. Tara I love you but I’m cracking up at a pork sponsorship 😂😂😂. Like what is YouTube coming to??? No judgement girl, get your coin.

  34. Can you add the link for the craft organizer?

  35. Loved this video

  36. Why did you have to blur so much was it because it was a sponsored video and couldn’t show other brands?

  37. The blurring of brands is ridiculous.

  38. Thanks for the motivation, but you shouldn’t store batteries where opposite ends could touch other batteries. They can short circuit and leak corrosive fluid. 😘

  39. OMG the stalk of the broccoli is the best

  40. ارجعي الى الترجمه

  41. Thanks for the motivation. This will give me something to do if they shutdown where I work. I desperately need to organize all my 3 year old son's toys.

  42. I love the colors of your walls! What color are they?!

  43. Love a good declutter and reorganize. Well done 👍

  44. You get more and more beautiful in each video 😍

  45. Are you by any chance giving away or selling that white square puzzle mat with black designs ?

  46. Pork is so amazing! So yummy and soooo much protein 😍

  47. Hello Tara….I really like your videos, especially if it's about decluttering,organizing and about your kids…I'm from Philippines…I have four kids,one boy and three girls….I enjoy your videos so much…hope you will notice me someday… Love lots….

  48. So motivating✨🤗💕 Thank you for always cheering your subscribers up& being such an inspiration!

  49. 😍

  50. Can you pleaseeee link your leggings?

  51. Hey Tara can you link the easterbaskets. Thank you ❤️

  52. I am so put off meat again ever since seeing the animals in cages in chinas wet markets where covid 19 came from.

  53. You should boil the potatoes before baking them. I find it so much better that way, the potatoes aren’t hard and are nice and soft. Even better when you leave them little longer and they get a little toasty.

  54. I don't know how the people can eat the pork ???!!!

  55. Send the bags to me

  56. Where are those clear bins from?

  57. احبك فديوهاتك بس ياليت تعملي ترجمه بلعربي 😭

  58. tara can you me a small bag for my daugther and wife because they addicted watching your vlog

  59. my daugther is 3 mos old

  60. أنا في حاجة إلى مساعدة لدية تلات اطفال

  61. من فضلكم انا محتاجة ألبسة لي ولإبنتي عمرها عام وسبعة أشهر لمن يريد المساعدة وشكرا

  62. معندكمش koruna

  63. فديو مميز جداااا ….انتى كام سنة وادم زوجك كام سنة حبيتك كتير متابعة مصرية

  64. Where did you buy the clear containers??
    Your meal looked delicious.
    Great transformation.
    Thanks for sharing

  65. I like

  66. It looks so good! The junk drawer is something I am always reorganizing and pitching stuff out of!

  67. 👏👏👍👍💟💟

  68. لحم الخنزير😷😷😷😷😷

  69. Don't throw the broccoli stalks away, you can eat it!

  70. شكرا …..❤❤😍😍👍👍👍👍👍

  71. Where are the clear bins with dividers from?

  72. If you’re getting rid of your fawn designs bag, you should do a giveaway! I freaking love that bag, but way outta my price range!😉

  73. I love You Tara I'm Amani From Algérie

  74. The shadowing you put on the brand names is VERY distracting!!

  75. I LOVE YOU Tara💜💛💚💙

  76. I love you so so much

  77. Do you have a link to the organizing bins?

  78. Our closets seem impossible to always keep organized. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  79. Tara you have lost a lot of weight

  80. I miss your baby Grayson 😅💗

  81. 😍👍😘

  82. Very motivating! Just curious why the blurred circles?

  83. I posted on an old video idk if you can see it figure I can write it here I saw you showing us when you put ur Extensions I ordered a pair but it’s big for my head I know u said you cut them on the ends but did you cut by the head band part to make it fit your head ? Mama don’t want to have to reorder them very expensive

  84. I got tired just watching you do all this, so I couldn’t tackle anything today😂😂.. great video. Thx&see ya😁

  85. Can you please add your music to Spotify?

  86. Hahaha I saw the diffuser go off when the broccoli was being cut and I was so confused and thought you were vaping or something. Didn’t think you guys did that but I got my head straight pretty quick lol

  87. I thank you for translating Arabic. I love watching your videos. I also have three children, but they are only boys
    I am from Syria and I wish you a happy life

  88. انا يحبك جدا متابعتك من مصر

  89. What are the storage bins that had your tape, bows, etc from? I didn't see them in your Amazon store and they'd be perfect in my storage closet!!

  90. Wow..you should really look into rechargeable batteries..🦋

  91. Idea for the bags/backpacks. Can you get an over the door hook thingy for them? Or even stagger command hooks on the inside of the door to store them?? Just an idea…?

  92. Hello Tara, I just wanted to start off by saying you have inspired me and my family to want to do YouTube. We love watching all of your videos and all your tips and tricks about motherhood, you motivate us to get up and get moving even when we don’t want to, you motivate us to want to get up and clean organized and declutter our house lol. So thank you so much for the motivation and encouragement for me and my family to start our own family YouTube channel. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the word about our YouTube channel it’s called “The Loveday Family” again thank you so much you are an amazing woman and are absolutely amazing at your job keep doing what you’re doing girl💕

  93. Kitchen catch-all drawer, desk drawers, and night stands are my hardest to keep organized. Also basement storage room because it’s out of sight and easy to not always take the extra minute to put things where they go in a hurry.

  94. Hi Tara, I'm just now catching up on your vlogs and I love those leopard leggings. Where can I get them?

  95. I know this doesn’t go with the video m, but I’ve been going back and fourth though all of them and I can’t find the link. Where do you get your elderberry syrup from? Thanks


  97. ur terrible.

  98. Thank you for the motivation Tara!! Our storage closet is even scarier if you can believe it! Tackling it this weekend, so thank you for this! Also, where did you get those leggings? So cute!

  99. احلى قناة 😊

  100. يا ساتر بياكلو لحم خنزير😕

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