I did you I'm back nice nice at la prep good job drove it what'd you say what's that good job no you say good job bro I'm in bro do you get it all right no bro no boom Oh God really easy Ebro lie which is one of the millions of parasitic creatures you can find in the Jim hell you may already be infected by one of these demonic little health ponds right now what are they how do you avoid them let's break them down so you don't become a victim it's a disease with statistics are staggering over 50% yes 50% of all gym goers are affected re-rack a phobia the fear of racking your weight as the disease continues to mutate additional side effects include putting your all over the bench and using multiple machines at once how do you avoid catching re-rack a phobia well you can start by giving a good goddamn about your fellow gems or the gym isn't yours alone jackass so you've been successfully treated for re-rack a phobia that's great or have you some gym goers experienced a disease mutation dumbbell dyslexia you're now rear aking wait but you're putting them in an order that makes absolutely no sense this disease is highly contagious and often times sets off a chain reaction once one gym goer realizes the weights are out of place then everyone begins setting the weights anywhere they damn well flee until you guessed it go on re-rack a phobia remission our next indeed is an expert at absorbing your exercise to make their own walk fun we call it succubus spot IBAs do not let the spotter parasites Fran and turn it into their upright row or your military press into their bicep curl this crappy feeding method is away at your mind while building their own this is textbook biological parasitism and it must be Josh hey you say goodbye woman oh and Jeff Blanca yep let me swap don't give me fine yeah a defeat which usually infect noobs of the gym who thinks more is better it can be hazardous to both host and surrounding victim pre-workout corralling them or taking more than two scoops pre-workout symptoms include the shake twitches and feeling like your heart is going to explode out of your chest unless you finish your workout in record time in order to avoid catching this disease we recommend reading the damn label before taking your workout although this next disease is relatively rare surprisingly it seems to affect exactly one gym goer that every single gym worldwide no matter where their location it's called de Lancie or unwanted critique condition symptoms include walking around the gym barely doing your own routine yet commonly coming up to others to critique them on their form and point out weak point hey bro I know what you're trying to do curl put your form is a little off and I'll show you a couple things oh it's really simple the form I mean hate to tell you about it so you've got to go like swinging swinging acquaintance that's how you do curls come on try that now remember swinging get that party going there you go five extreme Jim diseases which be avoided at all cost which in diseases have you spotted in the gym let us know and we'll work in our laboratory to bring you our next installment the world's deadliest Jim disease good yeah maybe you've heard about the slow-release teabag now how about you articulated testosterone enhancement – not whether let me let me show you something new that I've come up with my house it's the assimilated synchronicity assessment system simple looks like a temple anyway you soak this in pre-workout arginine creatine you can do a mixture of stuff pop it in there let it soak overnight and then boom or you want to quick release shut up then you get super


  1. Is that a tampon?! I love your dad. 😂😂😂😂

  2. Home gym users who feel superior to regular gym users yet they're in terrible shape.

    PS, I'm the home gym user.
    PPS, My shape is superior.

  3. That critique condition guy reminds me of this asshole in the pub in Xmas who kept criticizing me,my posture,news choice, choice of booze etc….

  4. Chronic knees syndrome, people who rack up a tone of weight but can’t even do 1 correct squat.

  5. Hysterical. After, I think, 12 gyms over 31 years moving around the country, I finally made a home gym after having my final encounters with chronic disease #6: "Politicus Loudmouthicus"–the symptoms are: strutting around loudly declaring political persuasions and detesting racial or economic groups. Reading all the HILARIOUS (but true) other syndromes reported below makes me feel good about my home gym–but I do miss cables. Love you guys.

  6. Lol my gym rack is a total mess

  7. 🤣🤣🤣Gym parasitism!

  8. bro?

  9. I don’t have a acronym for it. But lately it’s when I’m working out and a woman comes in and grabs the machine in front of me eye fing me the whole time while she’s working out. I put my head down and switch machines.

  10. Oh god how much I hate dumbbell dyslexia

  11. Hey guy you sound like the guy from The Twilight Zone lol. Maybe that was your intention. Cracked me up.

  12. bro….

  13. Those who look at their phone during their set

  14. I don't know if your gym is some divine quarantine but the most prominent disease in my gym is the so-called talkerosis, where people kind of forget why they even came to the gym and take 30 minute breaks between there sets to talk to someone who is suffering from the same disease. It's highly contagious

  15. I cringe when they use bro and fistbump me. Like dude, dont touch me.

  16. This is fuckin hilarious

  17. I see Re-rackophobia and dumbbell dyslexia every time I go to the gym and it infuriates me.


  19. The re rack thing happened to me last night. This guy put a 20 where a 15 should be so I ended picking up a 15 and a 20 without realizing it until after my first rep. Oh and a cellphone I'm going to take 10 minutes between sets to text on the phone!

  20. What about the Sexual Harassment virus

  21. so usefull

  22. How about the thin shitheads who keep flexing even though they didn’t have any muscles?

  23. the person that starts taking weights off your machine when u go drink water or pee even though u left your towel on the machine

  24. 4:02

    Swing it…

    Swing it…

    Swing it…


  25. Super funny

  26. I wouldn't know any of this. My gym is at home.

  27. The last one ( swinging the whole body when they curl…) LOOOOLLLLLLLLLL like 80% of the people i see in the gym do that…….
    and if anyone reads this….. DO IT GOOD, weights don't matter as much as HOW YOU DO IT !!!!
    (on any exercise you do) take less weight and work better, instead of worrying about dumbasses everywhere and taking LOTS of weight and looking like a dumb ass yourself.

  28. MF taking my open bench when i rack a weight.. (there were other benches)

  29. Is the critique one okay when you’re with your friend an he’s deadlifting with a bent back 😂

  30. This is hilarious and so freaking accurate!! Good job guys.

  31. Ha ha love the tea bags

  32. The last few seconds of this video made me literally laugh out loud

  33. E-Bro-la is better

  34. Fuckin hate those succubus spoticis

  35. None

  36. What about guys come where others are doing exercise and show off there muscle like a bodybuilder

  37. You gotta go like SWING IT , SWING IT , SWING IT

    Usually affects women who come to the gym to only exercise their abs and butt.
    Symptoms includes:
    *Performing many reps/sets of squats.
    *Photo taking with hashtags

  39. Hoveritis. Older men that hover around the gym, walking around aimlessly, sometimes stopping to watch TV or to do ONE set of leg presses.

    Highly contagious especially for 50 year old men named Jack or John.

  40. was about to put my dumbells back when some idiot put a pair of 20's in their spot literally right as I was about to, I had to literally fight myself from throwing my weights at his damn face… they need a gym where you're allowed to publicly shame massive cunts

  41. They need to show this at my gym . Constantly gotta unpack the leg press machine and walk all over looking for that 2nd dumbbell I need only to find it hidden behind some machine

  42. I train now at home and watching this brought back the nightmares at the gym. The end quote is so funny 'If you want a quick release, shove it up your arse, then you get a super quick release' lol.

  43. I took 3 scoops one time. Not sure what happened after that but I'm not allowed to go back to chuck e cheese anymore.

  44. we need to find a cure

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