Extreme Celebrity Diet Taste Test


  1. "I bring the pizza, you bring the olive oil" Rhett – 2018

  2. What about Tony Longo

  3. dink it
    *sink it*
    *viontely eject it*

  4. *DINK IT*
    *SINK IT*

  5. "Can we get the . . . ahhhhhhh" =))))) Link is so cute 😍❤

  6. 4:25 I think those sprinkles cupcakes are the same ones eaten by Paul Rudd's character in This is 40

  7. “Don’t give me a cold, limp wiener!” -Rhett 2018

  8. "I'll bring the pizza, you bring… the olive oil"

  9. No Jared

  10. 5:57 B I G M A A A A C !!

  11. someone got that fat by just a cheeseburger and a few donuts? I'm doomed.

  12. Smush it and gush it

  13. Lamingtons are actually Australian.

    We even named our national park after it. (Lamington National Park)

    It’s more accurate to say it’s a classic Australian cake.


  15. You're a natural, a natural disaster that is.
    -Arthur, from PBS kids.

  16. Every time he said Leto wrong I wanted to scream

  17. Is link Left Handed or was he using his left for advertisement?

  18. Link could be the next major foddie

  19. Lol

  20. I don't care what people say about diet pop in general. It's HORRIBLE for you and of course it's not gonna help you lose weight. just cuz it says "diet" doesn't mean it's good for you. It's actually worse to drink diet pop over regular pop

  21. When your on a diet and your just sitting there watching your friends eat all that good food

  22. Lamington information was wrong!!! They originated in Queensland Australia and are made of sponge cake, chocolate sauce and coconut. Sometimes we will them with cream and Lamington. New Zealand is amazing but they didn’t make the Lamington

  23. I love gmm and I love link but it always aggravates me the way link picks his answers because I feel like he is almost always right about things and he either changes his answer because of Rhett’s answer or I don’t even know. And that’s why he always loses. I wish he would just go with his gut answer a lot more.

  24. Lamington are the best!

  25. … on Nutrasystem.

  26. Try a lamington you’ll love it! 🇦🇺

  27. “Dink it and drink it” sounds better

  28. Y’all should try all the weird meals that Elvis ate

  29. lamingtons are australian and I will contest this until my death

  30. “Good mythical summer!”
    I’m watching this in winter ;-; rip

  31. When I’m usually down for a snack I get savoury then sweet
    Does anyone else do that? 🌮🍱🍪🍩

  32. Luther burgers are fire but HORRIBLE for you lol

  33. I think they may have accidentally recreated that one burger from the boondocks

  34. All white, all white, all white

  35. Its soooooo funny. Every time Link's losing towards the end of a game he smartly to make up ground does the opposite of Rhett and every single time Link says to Rhett ' unless u want to change your answer ' and literally Rhett has never done it and then he laughs at link. So priceless

  36. Soy sauce would have a ton of sodium so he'd retain water and look fatter.

  37. Vanfd

  38. The way Link says 'Lamington' slightly wrong c':

  39. I cried so much during chapter 27

  40. I've never had a Whopper with cheese.

  41. GMM is better than GMA

  42. Lamingtons are actually Australian 🇦🇺

  43. My finger went right to the burger… I ain't complainin hahahahah

  44. I love how Link says he hates it but he kept eating it

  45. 9:37 I see you quoting your own song lyrics there, Link

  46. literally the first thing you see when you google lamington is, Australia. how did they get that wrong

  47. Lmao 12 cups of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and syrup is what Kelly from The Office ate when she was trying to diet

  48. Russel Crowe: Fightnin around the woooorld…

  49. I'll never forget when Mac got fat..

  50. So its not a taste test?

  51. 10:01 dang he looked really good in before picture with his hair

  52. the lemon juice cleanse was in the office oh my god

  53. The trending tab looks a lot like the GMM logo

  54. My stomach would actually start a revolt if I did any of these 😬

  55. All the anorexic kids are watching this

  56. in portland oregon, where i live we have an ice cream shop called salt and straw and they have olive oil ice cream there and its so good its my favorite food in the whole world

  57. Letto (let-oh)

  58. Who else wants all this food💀

  59. I feel like everything that comes our of Rhett's mouth (or goes into 😉 😉 ) is some sort of innuendo. lol

  60. Tuna is freaking amazing

  61. One can of tuna and/or one apple per day
    Spoonful of peanut butter and/or a banana

    "Man, it's so hard."

    Am I the only person who went the entire 24h or 48h without eating anything?


  63. Happy tapioca

  64. I'm English so when they said croutons dipped in jelly

    I was hella confused


  66. M8 lamingtons are Devine

  67. when you have a anlor londo situation…

  68. Oh god one of the actors peak was 212 and I'm 220. Time for a diet

  69. dallas buyers club is still iconic

  70. How the fr*ck do they not know about lamingtons???? Im genuinely concerned

  71. What about 50 cent he lost 54 pounds for thing fall apart.

  72. Why don’t you eat the tuna like that 😂😂

  73. Jared leeto?? 🤣

  74. Rhett! link always sacrifices to switch😠

  75. We put apples in our tuna here in Texas..

  76. 12:14 — LOL

  77. As clued in as you awesome guys are, I'm surprised you'd never heard of Sprinkles cupcakes.

  78. Aaand I'm officially on a diet..

  79. Mac ate Big Macs lol

  80. Lamingtons are Australian you uncultured swine lol

  81. You bring the olive oil~my mind went to BAD places xD

  82. Why are non of my Aussie friends complaining that they don’t know what a lamington is🤯

  83. Lamingtons are australian not kiwi

  84. 8:38

  85. I aint complainin

  86. cold limp wiener

  87. Apple & tuna goes together….lol saying they don’t?! I see it put together all the time in Ohio

  88. B

  89. Mac ate Big Macs to become Big Mac! His commitment to a joke is unparalleled!

  90. Rhett shedding a tear for Simon & Garfunkel not getting along…. Same 😭

  91. The lamington is an Australian cake thank you very much!

  92. Sprinkles cupcakes is a chain!!!


  94. 4:40 I was 212 and much fitter than him…no hating…😂

  95. Mine is no food for 6 days every weeks for future movie that I probably won't be in

  96. Ice cream is really good with olive oil but soy sauce is probably nasty

  97. How dare you not know the delicious treat of lamingtons

  98. my last is Swann ou

  99. The innuendos 😂😂😂 i cant yall

  100. Link: ew no it’s too salty!

    Also link: * continues to eat the ice cream *

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