EXPOSING the Supplement Industry!!!

all the bullshit supplement companies out there man so they're they're crap to everybody making millions off of fools that think that their shit works by this pre-workout by the it's all fucking nonsense look at Chuck Chuck takes nothing right get get your you know your supplements out of your food and if you really want to get big you think all these fucking bodybuilders that sell that shit actually take their own shit even if they do they're fucking taking age they're taking real stuff you know the fuck out of here all that supplement shit is garbage it's all fillers well then how are they sure everybody that wants to buy stuff with it removes fucking quacks go watch that movie first for the doctor well then why is it such a lucrative industry because people are stupid people will fuckin buy says oh I take this every day and it must fucking work let me try it you know everybody wants an easy way out you still gotta fucking come and work out man look at Chuck if you had a supplement line I bet she'd make fucking money Hey look look what I take all right Chuck says it's good even Jason could sell stupid shit it's all fillers and nonsense that's all fuck all you phonies and and that fucking got you you turn me on to that that uh that Mushmouth fuckin moron who probably doesn't pass the tenth grade education what is it Charlie muscle drinking is uh whatever mud shit yeah you think that's all he takes the fuck out here all these guys are a bunch of frauds why don't you tell us what you really ticket this bogus bull fuck all them guys ha no cama whose sponsor Jason wants to get sponsored by these punks what are they gonna do using that uses ass to sell their shitty supplements go fuck yourself I'm tired of the bullshit man I see all this crap and these fucking dope spine your fucking brain guys I'll call them out on their bullshit their supplements are garbage all these fucking supplement companies out there shit so bother with the bullshit supplements you fucking throw away all your tubs of shitty protein and fucking pre-workout post-workout Shawn Shaunie gonna do you take the supplements do you take this go to the store buy supplements exactly nothing no supplements and if you want to lose fucking way put the fork down eat a little bit less work out a little bit more do some fucking cardio and be fucking late that's that's the key get over it cares everybody gets trolled fucking they're not they're not around here they don't show their faces get the fuck let me say what they want give a shit Joe let me get all these so-called YouTube celebrities that think who the fuck they are being while if you see him or anybody sees him on the regular street they will look at him twice you know who the fuck these people are oh my god would have taken a dump on the hood of every one of their fucking cars pull shit dick move in my opinion that's why I'll say all this shit I don't care about the mass halls again I call it like I see it whatever I say I own and if they got a problem 50 30 west atlantic come on down motherfucker through its work man they were great at their work we got all these cocksuckers filling up the gym taking up space not knowing what the fuck they're doing because they can't handle the trip they know it's fucking


  1. I laughed so much this video is gold, i only take whey protein everything else including casein is garbage, you don't need anything not even whey depending if you can eat enough protein through food, why and how people are buying casein bcaa glutamine creatine pre workout gainers etc etc its BS PURE BS

  2. https://youtu.be/nRBbZbxsOt0

    Donte Franklin claims that he is all natural!

  3. You need preworkouts before EVERY workout otherwise you lifted for NOTHING!

    Then you need to refuel the body with creatine and mass gainer! Why eat food when you can have powder (more protein easier to consume). This is why Phil Heath and Jay Cutler are HUGE and SHREDDED because they're willing to down 2,3 tubs of gainer whereas normies are still eating food!

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