go into the healthy food section and we're going to look at some of the famous name brands that are out there that may or may not be telling you the truth what hey what's everybody it's a girl Amanda the bus coach and I'm in the car why am I in my car you may ask good question so today I decided to go put some pants on and crawl out of my little hole I call my condo and get me some healthy snacks and I have no more food left in my house because I love eating it and I'm a garbage disposal so I need to get my food and what better place to go shopping then at the healthy food aisle at my local grocery store stop and shop it's a New England thing so I'm gonna show you how to sniff it out the liars from the truth-tellers let's get to it oh and I almost forgot sorry if I scared you there so if you want to know what I look for whenever I read ingredient labels please make sure to download my free guide on how to read ingredient labels it's super easy to follow and super quick to do all right I'm so ready to go do this let's go right now [Applause] so here is an example of something that I wanted to show you all so you know the brand Inez which is known for its super yummy super delicious and supposedly super healthy stop but if we take a look at the ingredients that's not the ingredient side is the ingredient side you can see that the first couple of ingredients that they do mention our organic pasta which is made with organic wheat flour when companies say organic wheat flour but they don't specify if it's whole wheat or just regular wheat like in this case so that means it's just refined white flour pretty healthy but not as healthy as you would think it is you're okay but you ate the best ok so here's something else that I found that I wanted to show you and this is Nature's Path organic flax plus red berry crunch flax you look at the ingredients you're gonna see whole wheat meal now remember how we said before if they do not specify whole in front of the wheat then it is in fact refined white flour so this is actually whole wheat so good on you very proud of you brown rice flour so that's another thing I want to mention when there is an actual color that's put in front of rice then you know for sure that it is in fact made from that color rice and not from white rice you're looking pretty good flax crunch I'm happy for you okay so let's talk about this spicy Kung Pao so if we're looking at the ingredient you're gonna see that it's got wheat flour in it so which we discussed doesn't mean that it's whole wheat so and guar gum xanthan gum okay let's talk about hidden sugars for a second so a lot of foods nowadays have things called hidden sugars and basically it's just sugars that come in different forms some forms include xanthan gum guar gum Zillah tall which is kind of like a sugar alcohol those things all count the sugar so this is like a way to just easily add in sugars when we really don't need to so the sauce is also made from water sugar soybean oil rice vinegar soybean paste okay so a bean or anything considered with soy you gotta be a little careful about because you're not entirely sure how your body's going to react to that and not only that sauce has sugar in it so just be aware that when you're eating stuff like this always took the ingredient labels for the amount of hidden sugars you're actually taking it and Kung Pao more like kung Pooh goodbye doesn't kill you makes you stronger all right let's talk candy so you probably think to yourself okay so if I get like sweets or candy from a health food aisle that it's got to be healthier for me right well not always so the thing that they got about them is that no high fructose corn syrup no synthetic colors naturally flavored and it's vegan so you're probably thinking oh my god I gotta eat this you want to take a look at the ingredients first organic cane sugar organic tapioca syrup organic apple juice native starch blend organic grapes sugars it may not be corn syrup but it's still sugar you got organic cane sugar organic tapioca syrup so these are all just concentrated forms of sugar that are just taken from other sources besides corn yeah that's another way to tell that this is not exactly the healthiest thing that you gotta call me this fish ain't gain hook today yes and we get to the Luna bar as a Clif Bar is all those wonderful bars let's go to a Clif Bar blueberry crisp so what do we got in the back here it's a little hidden here but you got some organic brown rice syrup that's a little strange that to me kind of sounds like it's some sort of a sweetener a protein isolate roasted soybeans uh-huh alright we got you and he also got organic cane syrup that's it is another way of saying sugar so this definitely has questionable ingredients and I'm not too too happy about here so cliff we over there's some people here trying to talk about how long a pregnancy is for it's pretty funny actually the answer was nine ish months I hit the jackpot with this one this is the Luna bar now this one is a dark chocolate hazelnut what you're gonna see what the ingredients just may shock you see all that writing down there that ain't a description that's that's ingredients so what are those ingredients I'm going to tell you right now we got protein grain blend consisting of soy protein isolate organic rice flour doesn't tell you brown rice any kind of color rice so that means it is white rice organic roasted soybeans and then we got organic tapioca syrup organic dried cane syrup which is just another way of saying sugar organic soy lecithin it's chock-full of hidden sugars it's got some it's got soy and you know if you're sensitive to any one of these you may want to stick away from these kind of ingredients let's keep going Oh bark thins all right dark chocolate dark chocolate ker sugar cocoa butter soy lecithin there we go again wheat flour which is not hold so therefore it is a white flour refined white flour salt soybean oil are you gonna do it like that mark vinz oh I do like peanut butter cups and this is Justin must be healthy right quit organic evaporated cane sugar Yannick soy lecithin again what the Hawaii is a no good-bye-ee so this has to be with the inspiration for this video I saw these and I thought these are the funniest things because says hippies and they're made from chickpea puffs you get it it's out yeah please don't disappoint me organic chickpea flour tells you what it is but it's not whole so that that's a little questionable organic rice flour no no no no sugar my heart is broken once again by these are vegetable sticks people will go gaga for these things I know I used to and these are so addicting so let's find out what these are made out of potato flour potato flakes and starch so I'm eating potato chips these are potato chips puree spinach powder salt sugar sure the only thing that's vegetable about this is the coloring that they're using from vegetables to get those colors that you see here I was almost fooled by maybe this will be a little better how about way better yeah everywhere to ask me what one of my pet peeves is oh my god it's anything that is listed with gluten-free on it and people automatically think it's healthy I want to just take a look see it's some gluten-free things that they have here that may not exactly pass the test Wow lemon verse you better wow me so let's take a look at the ingredients brown rice okay so the rice is legit we got sweet rice okay I'm not even sure what that means we've got cane sugar all right so once again this is another example of a sugar tato start vanilla lemon oil xantham gum you can definitely see that you know you've got 14 grams of sugar here there is a lot of sugar content in this so even though it says gluten-free if you're trying to lose weight and you're thinking that gluten-free is the way to go or you're not inflicted with the celiac disease it doesn't really matter so this stuff here just it's got a lot of sugar in it just watch out for that by okay Stacy let's go take a look and see what you got enriched wheat flour whenever you see something with enriched wheat flour you're not looking at legit wheat flour when it's enriched that means it's been processed so much that they've taken all the minerals and vitamins out of and they have to put it back in a processing facility only is they refined white flour there ain't no God here and it's got organic cane sugar it was during this moment that I fell into a deep deep depression totally lost my but for the sake of this video I decided to pull myself together do a little jig and keep on going Stacy I can't trust you anymore nevermind bye Felicia bye Stacy that's know when you're it's been real I'm not dipping with you no more so that was incredibly exciting and very eye-opening and there's just some food brands I just can't get over the fact that they say they're healthy but they're not Stacy's why so if you found this video helpful please be sure to give it a like and to subscribe to my channel hit that like button so that you can see more awesome videos from me in the future so I'm gonna go drive home and cry myself to sleep alright y'all I'll see you all next time


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  8. I love your personality, 45 seconds in and I’m cracking up!

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