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hey everyone welcome back to my channel I'm making Roosevelt registered dietitian and founder of healthy grocery girl a few days ago I went to Expo West which is the world's largest organic and natural Expo and Convention and this is a great place for healthy brands to share their products and debut new products that are coming out for the year so I went I saw I tried so many delicious snacks and foods and in today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you a few of my healthy favorites from Expo West 2016 so first up we have Annie tons which are known for making healthy and convenient pan-asian foods and at the expo they debuted their new seaweed snacks and also seaweed crisps so I tried both of these new products and they're super delicious and seaweed snacks are becoming so popular I wouldn't even call them a trend however because seaweed has really been around forever so the difference between the seaweed snacks and the crisps is the seaweed snacks or more of a thin sheet of seaweed which are what you're probably familiar with the traditional seaweed snacks and then the crisps are more like a cracker they're a little bit thicker they have more of that crispy cracker II texture to them but both of them are super delicious and hñ seaweed snacks are also USDA Organic they're dairy-free vegan and also gluten free so next up we have Vanitas which are known for making whole bean snacks and at the expo they debuted their new skinny dippers and also their garden fresh salsa chips and then I tried these which are their white bean chips with a hint of lime so delicious I'm a girl who loves crunchy snacks I'll take the chips over dessert any day so when I tried these I was completely in love the skinny dippers are made from black and white beans they're 100% baked chips they only have 90 calories per serving and also 1/4 of a cup of beans and every serving which is pretty awesome the white bean garden fresh salsa chips were also super delicious and they contain 5 grams of protein and fiber per serving so next up we have daya which is a 100% plant-based company and they're known for making dairy-free soy-free and gluten-free foods at the expo debuted their new dairy free salad dressings and also their new meatless pepperoni style pizza daya's new salad dressings contain no dairy gluten soy or eggs they're completely plant-based and they're super super yummy I was also super impressed with day as new pepperoni pizza which is made with 100% plant-based ingredients it's also dairy gluten and soy free pizza so if you are dairy gluten or soy free you're really gonna love this new pizza as a plant-based diet ition I'm super impressed with Dave's commitment to creating 100% plant-based foods it's really hard to get meat and dairy alternative products right in taste texture and nutritional quality and I'm really impressed like I said this day I think they're doing a fantastic job and they're coming out with so many awesome products so make sure to check them out in your local grocery store so next up we have dr. preggers and they're known for making foods that are perfect for those with the dietary restrictions from gluten free vegan vegetarian and they're also committed to making foods that contain real wholesome recognizable ingredients so at the expo I tried a lot of different new products that dr. preggers is launching this year and my favorite were their kale puffs so these are vegan gluten free they have a really simple ingredient list only eight ingredients I like them as an adult but they're also great for kids they have their kale puffs is one of their flavors but the other flavors of these puffs are taro and carrot which are also really delicious so dr. breakers also makes a bunch of other really yummy products such as veggie burgers and hash browns and of course these new puffs so make sure to look for them in your grocery store so last but definitely not least we have amazing grass and they're known for making plant-based supplements and nutrition bars so at the expo amazing grass had their brand new protein superfood which is an all-in-one nutritional protein powder it has 20 grams of protein and also added greens fruits and veggies amazing grass protein superfood contains a blend of USDA Organic P hemp Chia and quinoa they come in containers but also these single individual packs and come in three different flavors original vanilla and chocolate peanut butter which is of course my favorite you guys are excited to try some of these new healthy products and if you see them at your grocery store and you give them a try and you share pic online make sure to tag me in it at healthy grocery girl or hashtag healthy grocery girl thank you guys so much for watching as always thank you for subscribing to our channel hope you have a fantastic day and I will see you guys in the next video you


  1. Daiya Vegan pizza is great although I don't like Daiya ranch dressing 😝😝 those kale puffs look so delicious too

  2. Great video – loved hearing about your new discoveries 🙂

  3. いつも見てます!

  4. I wish we had all these super cool things in Montreal!

  5. So glad I found this channel. Hoping to be a Nutritionist in the future also. I would love to hear more about your job and what motivated you become a Nutritionist.

  6. hmmm, those Dr. Praeger's Puffs look really delicious and gluten-free certified, is awesomeness!

  7. Looks like you had a great time at the expo!

  8. I need to get some of those beanitos chips.

  9. Yay love this video! Now I need to go to wholefoods and try these out! 🙂 FYI you are so beautiful!

  10. Daiya's booth looks so chic

  11. I wish I could go to one of these types of expos. Do you need to be in the industry to attend? Thank you for sharing. I've been curious about a few products and watching your video has made me want to test them out for myself. Thank you!

  12. Reese's protein powder, heck yeah! And the Daiya pizza looks so legit it's almost hard to believe 😮 I love seeing all the Expo hauls and favorites, new products are always exciting!

  13. What are your thoughts on the HCLF vegan lifestyle?

  14. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try the kale tots!!

  15. This was great! I don't know what I am excited about more! I might have to try them all. 😉

  16. Great video, thank you for sharing! 😻

  17. Great video! I will look for these new products.

  18. Ahhhh I wanted to go so bad this year! Let's go next year! 😍

  19. I am interested in trying the protein powder from Amazing Grass. Would you recommend putting it in a fruit smoothie and/or how to you recommend consuming this product?

  20. thanks for the video! I was wondering what are the benefits of using a superfood powder and how to incorporate it into daily life 🙂

  21. I love discovering new products! I hope you guys enjoy today's video!! Let me know which product you're most excited to try first!! Thanks for watching & have a wonderful day! xx Megan

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