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get a view as how you going chrisp law here and today I've got a very important report for you we're going to talk about expats and health problems expats and health problems and we're going to do that right now okay what I'd like to offer you tonight free of charge all this morning or this afternoon wherever you are in the world looking at this is a copy of the high blood sugar warning signs report now guys this is a report that I've put together for my subscribers can see it here it's yours 100% free of charges nothing to opt-in for the link is in the description see down there the links down there in the description below why have I decided to give you guys this report well true story when I first arrived here I was at the bank at the CAD song Gow Shopping Center one day and I saw this old farang guy he was a fellow Australian and he was really losing the plots he was standing at the Western Union counter and he was crying he was obviously very visibly distressed and so I introduced myself to him was an older gentleman and I said sir is there anything I can help you with and then his story started to just stumble out and he told me that he had major health issues he'd been living here in Thailand for 16 years and he said this is my home this is the only place I want to be at you know how when a little kid falls down and they're like when they're crying he was crying like that he was really really worked up and he said I can't afford medical treatment here so I've got to go back to Australia and he said I'll probably die over there cuz I'll never make the cash to come here again you see in Australia even if you don't have health cover you're going to get treated and I thought about that guy today as I was putting this report together he was morbidly obese and you see his health problems were largely avoidable but obviously over the years he just let himself go and let himself go and let himself go until diabetes was such a problem that he might have even been looking he told me at having his feet amputated so that's why guys this report is for you if you're an expat living in Thailand we get a lot of questions about health insurance this is about preventative health it's about positive steps you can take right now so you don't end up like that guy it's yours totally free of charge sound off in the comments below let me know if you like it and thanks for watching the video guys see you next time


  1. If this report helps just one person to take responsibility for his or her health, I will be over the moon!

  2. Hello Chris. Greatly appreciate your videos. I'm currently surviving on social security disability insurance in the US. I'm being driven out of the US due to unaffordable healthcare and plan to be in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam within six months. I have epilepsy that is fully controlled with meds I can not go without. I visited for just over a month in Nov 2018 and brought enough meds with me from the states. Prescriptions (one is a controlled substance here in the US) and finding a doctor are significant concerns for me. Am I limited to Chiang Mai and Bangkok if I live in Thailand? I'm guessing I would be limited in other countries as well. Vientiane or Luang Prabang in Laos for instance. I would also love to know more about insurance options for me once I settle in Thailand. Thanks for all you are doing.

  3. Scam channel run by a scammer.

  4. Stop eating sugar… (sugar, honey, pasta, bread, potatoes, rice…) and not only you will rejuvenate but you will feel graat and put off 4 pounds a week…

  5. When it comes to health you need to love yourself enough to take care of your self. It is not rocket science. You set your priorities to maintain your health as you do so with everything else in your life so that you will have good health and longevity . Once a year go to a hospital or a health care facility where you can get a full physical, Ekg with blood work. Find a doctor that you are comfortable to work with. Follow his advise concerning any health issues you may have.

  6. Thanks Chris, sad story about that obese guy, hard to feel sorry for people like that, KFC & McDonald’s washed down with coke when he could have ate healthy Thai food!

  7. Interesting….
    Although the UK NHS gets a lot of bad press I must say they have taken the bull by the horns and started issuing notices for either self provided samples for analysis to detect possible early onset of bowel disease or invites to drop by the surgery and have a HbA1c blood test performed for assessing risk of Type 2 diabetes. Catching it early is the key, and in my view resources well spent.

  8. Great to see you again online, Chris. 🙂

  9. great karma: thank you Chris for all this eye opener knowledge.
    Having found love in your life helped you make this difficult personal improvement with a much greater self-esteem

  10. Holy crap, there is a famous saying, its better to be, "Proactive rather than Reactive."

  11. You forgot hearing loss. 😉 The thing about hyperglycemia that people don't understand is the mechanism of destruction. Glucose molecules are very sharp, and in the case of hyperglycemia, they cover the red blood cells (RBC), creating essentially a "razor coating" which slice the inner lining of blood vessels as they pass through. Anyone who has ever had a scar can tell you that scar tissue is larger than the original tissue it replaces. Capillaries are very small blood vessels, sometime only large enough for one RBC to pass at a time. When the capillaries are damaged, they can become too narrow for any RBC to pass, which means anything peripheral to the blockage is starved of oxygen. This is the mechanism of destruction for nerves and tissues in the periphery, and sensory organs that depend on capillary oxygenation.

  12. Thank you Mr Chris. There was a problem louding page 10. The rest was very good report. The last 3 months the wife and I have changed are eating. We both lost 20 lbs. The interment fasting is getting easier. Just wanted to say thank you and have a good day

  13. Chris, good advice. BUT REMEMBER, weight loss, or better yet fat-loss, is a multi-factorial medical issue primarily involving the master hormone insulin. IT’S NOT a moral issue. In other words, there’s a little more to it than “making better life choices”. Evidence now suggests a person becomes diabetic BEFORE they become overweight or obese, so pejorative terms such as “morbidly obese” are inaccurate and hurtful. Would you define a cancer patient as “morbidly cancerous”? Watch Dr. Peter Attia’s TedTalk presentation.

    To get an accurate understanding of how to become healthy check out Drs. Andreas Eeinfedlt, Ted Naiman, Dom D’Agostino, Sarah Hallberg, Jason Fung, Stephen Phinney, and Eric Westman.

  14. Love your videos keep them coming😊

  15. Refreshed screen and got it. Thanks so much.

  16. Hi Chris. Need the link mate. 🙂

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