Exercises for Amputees

Squat with the forward reach here. Squat good.
Bring those hands back on your hips good reach out in front reach good reach upper cut rotate
punch punch rotate rotate that core
keep going there’s a high reach punch good opposite shoulder opposite hand punch keep
going punch punch punch punch good reach up high bring that knee up good reach high pull
those arms down good reach high pull down good keep your balance march it out jump ropes jump jump good keep going we are
going to punch across punch punch rotate good keep going great job keep it up don’t stop
squat reach
keep going reach out upper cut rotate keep going punch up punch up jab punch up reach out across punch across good keep rotating
go stay on pace
rotate the hips keep going reach up and pull that knee up reach up and pull your arms down
bring that knee up good keep going march it out lets do some jumping jacks good up good
keep going. If you are seated bring those arms up to the side good good form good posture
get those legs out move those hips skiers alternating arms reach those arms out kick
those legs out keep going now do jump squats jump jump good jump get air jump get up high
good keep going reach up high keep going don’t quit jump side to side get those arms out mountain climbers get those arms out reach
bring those knees up high knees reach up high rotation with a cruch opposite shoulder to
opposite hip switch sides keep going march it out jump ropes punch across our body punch punch punch punch
across our opposite shoulder
squat reach squat and reach good posture
upper cuts punch up punch up punch up
keep going reach out across punch across good keep rotating keep going go good look up high
punch across the opposite shoulder rotate the core reach the arms up raise that knee
up pull those arms down good opposite legs switch those legs march it out jump ropes jump jump good keep going were
going to punch across punch punch rotate keep going squat reach


  1. Thanks matey!
    I have real trouble motivating myself to do exercise which i need to do badly if i ever want to walk with no crutches. Like Ziggali said great cardio work out. 🙂

  2. HI is there anyway I can steal this video for the obese amputees at my office? I want to show them that they can work out

  3. @mkuponiyi
    Hi mkuponiyi! The full length video is actually available for purchase at the NCPAD webshop (ncpad.org/shop/) . It is $14.99. Please feel free to call us with any questions about the video (800) 900-8086. Thanks! Melissa

  4. Wow Thank you sooo much!

  5. I haven't tried this out yet but this is awesome! i lost both of my legs from meningococcal meningitis 22yrs ago & have been trying to find some exercises to do to lose my baby weight from having my daughter! thanks! 🙂

  6. Wow! This was a great workout. I'm not an amputee, but I recently tore my calf muscle and have been looking for any workouts I can do sitting down. This was great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. True Betsey. I don't think any one meant it for everyone though. I think we are just focused on empowering those who are ready. No one has to feel powerless and they are capable. I think that's what is being said. But yes I understand everyone is different. And I had no desire to offend or trivialize a sensitive issue.

  8. Thanks it is a start, make some more!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! My husband is a below the knee left leg amputee and really wants to work out but since having his accident and being out of the Army has slacked because of pain and not knowing how to modify the exercises. You guys did  a great job on this video showing all types of amputations and how to modify the exercises. He has benefited already. Now onto exercising! THANK YOU and thank you for your service. 

  10. Thank you so much for posting this work out.  I have recently been amputated and I refuse to allow that to put me down and useless.  I just found this video and will continue to work out to this, along with other work outs I learned from Rehab and videos posted here.  Thank you!

  11. I'm a recent amputee (10 weeks post surgery) I've started a workout regimen in which I use six weight machines to build up my upper body strength. I want to do some cardio

  12. Here comes a dumb question;  Can these exercises INcrease your heart rate?  Mine is at 25.  If YES, then I'm very glad I found this video.  I'm a BKA amputee in a wheelchair.

  13. thank you . will come in very handy after my operation . very useful .

  14. I am making a little video of exercises for the incapacitated groups, of FRATER in Nicaragua. got lots of good ideas here.!

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