Exercise Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure

One of the best exercises and I know there are so many Brian but what do you suggest for lowering blood pressure -the best ones for lowering blood pressure are going to be the ones that just get you moving not at a really vigorous pace you don’t want to be anywhere like to where you feel like your eyeballs are gonna come out of your head and your heart rates like at your nose no walking biking swimming at a moderate to low intensity so if it’s a low intensity a longer duration if it’s a moderate intensity slightly less than that that’s gonna be your best exercise for lowering your blood pressure so anything that kind of increases the heart rate you think while dancing you can go out dancing you can do salsa dancing Zumba those are activities that you prefer if you if you don’t like to walk in nature if you don’t believe in trees that’s fine go to a place where you can go dance and have some fun you know if you don’t like biking if you’re just like Brian I hate to bike this the seat just doesn’t make you know me feel nice it just makes my legs hurt I don’t like it that’s fine go swimming if you don’t like any of those things find something that you’re gonna enjoy that’s just gonna help you be active that’s right and what do you suggest in terms of time and how many days I know it depends on the person as well it definitely depends on the person you have to realistically look at your schedule and see what’s really available to you in a perfect world do something every day because the effect that exercise has on blood pressure is kind of like we’re talking about the Dash diet right that it’s a lifestyle it’s not a it’s not a you do it for six months and then you quit exercise is a lifestyle it’s something that you need to continue to do and stay active so you continue to have those benefits ongoing -and you hear more and more a lot of patience or a lot of people will say I don’t have time anymore to work out for an hour an hour until it has time anymore to do that right but we hear about you know just like you snack throughout the day which is very helpful it’s almost like bite-sized pieces of exercise it’s better 15 minutes twice a day than nothing at all -that’s 100% true you could even get them in 10-minute intervals right you could do 10 minutes early in the morning 10 minutes at lunch and 10 minutes at the end their dates it’s that collective activity the other thing too is for those of you who say I just don’t have the time really take a look at your day and see what are you doing with your time because if you’re sitting at home watching television and eating a bag of potato chips during that same 30-minute segment or that same hour-long that you were watching TV you could have done something for yourself

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