Exercise Participation

And… we’re back !!! I’m Coach Dolphin and today we’re gonna be talking about.. EXERCISE PARTICIPATION The 5 stages are… SEDENTARY ! PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PHYSICAL EXERCISE PHYSICAL TRAINING And.. COMPETITIVE TRAINING It is important to know the 5 Stages and the Difference between them All these stages have 3 things in common their FREQUENCY OF ACTIVITIES The GOALS SET, and HEALTH BENEFITS The FREQUENCY ,The GOALS SET & The Health benefits The first two stages are what i call .. The couch potatoes Because they literally do nothing In sedentary, they do zero activities
whereas in physical activity they do Regular activities which are
unstructured Both of them have no goal set and are bad for health Just that Sedentary is worse compared to physical activities The other 3 stages are what I call the TRYHARDS They do activities that are structured, with increasing frequency as the stage goes up They all have SET GOALS and have substantial health benefits. The try-hards also have something the couch potatoes can’t talk about, and that is INTENSITY. As the stage goes up, the intensity increases. Physical Exercise normally isn’t result oriented. Whereas, Physical Training and Competitive Training are. This is how I remember, the 5 stages SPAPET S.P.A.P.E.T S stands for sedentary P.A stands for physical activity P.E stands for physical excercise and, T stands for physical training. The last one, will be competition I mean… competitive training and that’s it! If you like this video…. Give me a like, share and subscribe! and… that’s it! Yah lah!

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