Exercise of The Week – Bear Plank Walk

Hi everybody, Curt and Matt here from Elite
Sports Club-North Shore and River Glen. Today we are gonna be showing you the Bear
Position to Plank Walk. For this exercise, what you can do is you’re
gonna start yourself in the bear position. You’re going to then extend out little steps
with those feet out into plank, holding those hips stable. From there you are going to go ahead and bring those knees back in to your starting position. To make this exercise a lot simpler, what you can do is start on the ground and then as you return in,
you’re going to walk those knees in, rest out, walk those knees out. To make this exercise more challenging,
what you can do is jump those feet out and then jump them back in. Thank you for watching. Feel free to check back in next week
for more videos!

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