EXERCISE MOTIVATION: Tips & Tricks For Motivating Yourself To Exercise (Part 1)

if you've watched some of our other videos you already know by now how important it is to incorporate physical activity into your daily life no matter how busy it gets the good news is you're already on your way to success by taking positive steps like seeking advice online failing to commit to or complete an exercise program or a gradual reduction of the amount of physical activity you do day by day can happen to anybody here are a few tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated while striving for your goals start each day early for anybody who takes up the challenge of balancing their work life with their social life whilst trying to find the time to work out plus any hobbies or other things which keep them busy waking up earlier seems to be the only way to have enough hours in the day the average human adult can function perfectly fine on just six hours of sleep each night although the mornings will take some getting used to make it a habit to wake up every day at or before seven o'clock in the morning this includes the days you don't plan on working out getting used to waking up early means there's one less obstacle you must face on the mornings you have a workout scheduled on oh and for those who really struggle to get out of bed try drinking a few cups of water before sleeping this is a great little trick to force yourself to get up and go to the toilet diversify your workouts the number one reason many people don't quite achieve what they set out to is because they get bored of their exercise routine different types of workouts not only keep things interesting for you but it also provides the opportunity to build on different muscle groups if you usually get your fix of cardio from running why not try an alternative such as swimming or cycling also it's a good idea to switch up your weight training too by using a mix of both machines and free weights you don't necessarily have to go crazy and come up with an entirely new workout every day but you should shift things around a little now and then let your progress fuel you most people fail with their health and fitness goals because they're often unable to reach the most influential milestone of their journey the first time they notice results nobody likes working extremely hard at something in order to get nothing in return and it's the same when it comes to your body if you're able to stick it out until you can see how your body is changing you may enter what's known as a self-sustaining positive feedback loop simply put you notice that you're progressing which in turn fuels your motivation to work harder which makes you progress even more another tip you could employ in this category is to monitor other things too including which exercises you're able to do and for how long any kind of improvement you can make will provide you with even more willpower and motivation to continue if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel for more top truths content in the meantime feel free to take a look at our other videos here

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  1. Great clip. The only tweak I'd make is how much sleep you need and especially in terms of gains. Getting barely enough sleep to function won't optimize gains. I've found Ben Franklin's "early to bed, early to rise" mantra works best. I go to sleep about 9pm then wake up around sunrise ike clockwork. If you're not waking up naturally you're not getting enough sleep and actually shortening your potential lifespan. Cheers!

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