Exercise in your 50s – 12-Week Stable Base & Strength Plan Intro

Welcome to you’re over 50s 12 week
stable base and strength plan. Thank you for your business and congratulations on
making the commitment to a fully active life. I’ve no doubt by the end of the
plan you’ll be stronger, fitter and healthier, and afterwards I hope you’ll
continue to remain fit and strong and see this is a real lifestyle change. If
you’re new or returning to exercise ideally you should have completed my
free 4 week stability and body prep plan to condition and prepare your body
for undertaking these more challenging exercises. To give you an overview of the
plan it is a 12-week plan with 3 different strength workouts per week. The
intensity increases as the week’s progress. The workouts change and more
challenging exercises are introduced every four weeks. In workouts 5 and 8
some strength cardio style training is introduced which is time based rather
than sets and reps. Each workout comprises of a warm-up, dynamic
stretching, the main strength session and then ends with a cool-down by some
static stretching. Please make sure that you warm up and cool down properly.
This is to help prepare the body for exercise, help the body recover quicker
and help prevent injuries. All studies show that a warm up and cool down are
even more important as we get older so please do not skip this vital area. The
workouts, including exercise video demonstrations, can be followed and completed via our App which is accessible via a smartphone or tablet. The same software is available via desktop PC or you can simply print out
the workouts if you prefer. In the Assigned Files section of your package
please read the plan introduction PDF. This will give you a visual overview of
the plan schedule and includes some video links which provides some instruction on
how the App/PC software works. I can’t dictate which specific weight
you should be lifting. This plan is for people of different ages, genders and
abilities. What I suggest is that you start light, take it easy for the first two
weeks, especially if an exercise is new to you. In that time you should be
looking to use weights where you’re able to perform 10 reps fairly easily, but
you’re starting to feel it towards the end. After 2 weeks you should be looking
at weights that are pushing you to 8 to 10 reps and the final
rep is quite hard. If you want to undertake more endurance work, have lower
weights and do 15 to 20 reps. If after you’ve completed six weeks of
training you want to test yourself further and do more strength work, look
at weights where you are getting to complete failure i.e. you can’t do any more, after
around six reps. In the workouts it’s your decision how you wish to order the
exercises. You can either do it circuit style and do one set of each exercises
all the way through and then repeat or you can do multiple sets of the same
exercise before moving on to the next exercises. If you’re in a busy gym
setting, some exercises such as a bench press are more conducive to doing the
3 sets one after the other because someone may take your bench when you
move on. Regarding tempo and technique do not rush any exercise. Perform them
slowly and with correct technique. This will prevent injury and will target the
muscles correctly. Performing the exercise slowly will maximize the time
under tension. Generally the concentric phase, where the
muscle contracts and shortens such as the lifting phase of a bicep curl
should be quicker than the eccentric phase where the muscle lengthens, such as the lowering phase of a bicep curl. Another example is during the bench
press, I would power up the lifting phase over around one second but lower slowly
and under control over two to three seconds. Regarding rest days and active
rest days, this particular plan is to develop muscular strength and fitness. Other than the strength cardio sessions there is no specific cardio included in
this plan. During your non workout days it is advisable to still undertake a
mixture of light, moderate or even high intensity cardio of your choice. During the plan eat plenty of protein and ensure at least one complete rest day per week. We
need to let the body repair and rebuild its muscle. Good luck, work hard, exercise
using correct technique and make sure that you stick with it. The more you keep
up with your workouts the easier it will become as each week goes by and the
better it will be for your health body and mind

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