Exercise for Intellectuals

philosophers and intellectuals more generally have a bad reputation when it comes to their bodies it seems as if taking the life of the mind seriously also means not being too interested in cultivating physical health and prowess the choice seems to be between intelligence and brawn but if you look back to ancient Greece the situation was really quite different there philosophers took a deep interest in exercise some of Socrates’s most important dialogues take place in gymnasiums which were seen as places for the exercise of the mind as well as the body Apollo Greek god of truth and insight was also always depicted as physically very fit it’s in the spirit of Greek philosophy that at the school of life we’ve invited Socrates to come and exercise with one of the UK’s foremost fitness trainers Steve halsell to remind himself that a healthy mind truly does require a healthy body you you


  1. Yeah, nah… I'll just go back reading books.

  2. ewwwwwww

  3. The music reminds me of a particular episode of Mock the Week.

  4. "Exercise is nothing but vanity and another pathetic attempt to prolong one's miserable life. I'd rather watch a fly trying to struggle vainly out of a spider's web" – Arthur Schopenhauer

  5. Came for the narration, stayed for zorba the greek

  6. If that is what an intellect looks like, I'll stay stupid!

  7. "If the milk turns out to be sour, I ain't the kind of pussy to drink it".

  8. they gave authorities the slip in a fxkin prius kms

  9. Elliot Hulse thats all i got to say.

  10. "Lifting precedes Essence". – Sartre

  11. I'd love to be able to take this video seriously, but that music will never not conjure up images of Mock The Week and dancing crabs.

  12. omg i can't with this soundtrack xD anyone else remember the penguin diner servig game thingy? No? just me?

  13. press up??

  14. What song is playing? I'm trying to find it

  15. Even though the idea behind this video is good, their form in most of these is terrible. You can use this video as a starting point but better google the correct form for each exercise. There are many helpful videos in YouTube. Also if you did get inspired and want to get physical do some light jogging or skipping rope (don't put any intensity yet), a few warmup exercises (still taking it easy because you're just warming up the muscles), then cardio (time for the intensity that you were holding back), then resistance (bodyweight exercises, bar exercises, free weights, gym machines, trx, either works as long as you're following a program- which can also be found for free on the internet for all physical conditions and bodytypes), then stretches (you need to cool down so be relaxed again, the hard part is gone. yoga moves are great for stretching your muscles). You might think the order is not important but it is crucial if you don't want to be in pain the next day (and I learned that the hard way).
    It is perfectly fine and feasible to work out from the comfort of your own home without a single piece of equirment. Calisthenics can do wonders combined with a healthy nutrition and natural sources of protein (like chicken) after workout. Two hours a week is enough for someone that just wants to be healthy and doesn't care much about washboard abs. Just have a program and get moving! Personally I get depressed less often when I work out which definately results in a healthy mind. Even if going to a gym, running around the block, doing some exercises in your living room etc are not your thing, you can try swimmming, dancing, starting a team sport, walking a dog for half an hour every day, always taking the stairs or whatever activity you can squeeze in your schedule that will get you moving without even realizing you're working out.

  16. Lol did Wes Anderson direct these videos

  17. If you're reading this… Stop and go do some exercise you fat shit, have a nice.

  18. irrelevant but that child-like laughter scared me a lil bit

  19. I definitely come up with ideas while working out, even if I have the misfortune of listening to Pitbull for a small four minute stretch. in the process.

  20. Hold on THAT guy is an imposter, not Socrates at all … he's got sandals on and everyone worth his weight in philosophy books knows Socrates was born to spite shoemakers 😉

  21. He looks more like a confused Jesus

  22. Socrates while working out: "The burn! The burn! Surely a pint of hemlock is preferable to this torture!"

  23. Here I am thinking about the only current individual Elliot Hulse (check him out) one of the best youtubers and strongest person physically and mentally. So I guess that's an exception?

  24. This is misleading to anyone who is not familiar with the difference between health and fitness, which are two totally different things.
    You can be fit and healthy, unfit and unhealthy, but you can also be healthy and unfit (the state that most people are in) of fit and unhealthy (the state that fit people are occasionally in)
    And looks (Apollo was sited here) is no indication of fitness.
    Geoff Capes, who once won the strongest man competition on TV had a beer belly that would top any 10 pint a day man and weighed 23 stone at 6'5".
    But he could sprint 100m in 11 seconds.
    So looks mean nothing.

  25. Speaking of Socrates why haven't you done a video of him yet?…mind boggling to me seeing as he is one of, if not the greatest philosopher!

  26. 0:24 I think I'd take a deep interest in exercise too if that's what my gym would be like…

  27. Jesus gained some wight

  28. Everything I have read and been taught, has told me to never do static stretches on "cold" muscles. If anyone chooses to follow the workout in this video, simply move the 1st part(stretches) to the end. Basically, you don't want to stretch muscles that you haven't warmed up yet.

  29. What's the music?

  30. As said my latin teacher "Move that ass, you, little neo-platonicians !"

  31. Beginning of this video made me want to work out

  32. The sad part is to do exercises alone, in a way "disconnected" from everything else in our lives.

  33. WOAH WTF?? Are those sky scraper squats holy shit.

  34. Excellent✅✅✅

  35. I do all that and in between while resting I use math and memory apps from the play store and the endless quiz

  36. Dost thou even lift, my brethren?

  37. I'm laughing throughout the whole video, but okay I will this stuff:)

  38. This is my favorite fitness video.

  39. Totally agree! Exercise the mind and body!

  40. Nah, I'm still good 😉

  41. Dear School of Life,

    I absolutely love your videos, eagerly awaiting each new topic you present week after week for starter points towards new perspective and sometimes even peace of mind. Alain did mention in at least one, perhaps multiple videos the idea of "getting really good at living alone." Though the idea has been touched on multiple times through out your work, I would love to see a video sometime from you guys that explores that concept deeper. But no matter what you choose to make next, thank you so much for your thorough work, and I look forward to seeing any and all of your future work.


  42. I think I'm just a brain in a vat. Does thinking about exercise also improve my health?

  43. Only intellectuals could make a video on physical exercise this poor. It's clear you're still stuck in your heads. Feel sorry for the personal trainer, looks like you've taken the piss

  44. Gonna start taking my textbooks to the gym…

  45. what is that awesome music?

  46. Ah snap, and I thought I could learn how to be even more intellectual. What a waste of time!

  47. If you don't use it, you will lose it.

  48. Love this channel Im trying to change the voice of inner me to the voice of Allan de button. . Had huge impact on me

  49. HA! Nice one, trying to bait me into exercise. I'm not that weak try again school of looooser!

  50. The thing is, smart people of the ancient times, had very little to read… Since they were the ones doing most the writing actually.
    Modern intellectuals, actually don't have enough time in their lifespan to read the whole of materials that exist.

    This explains why modern intellect usually isn't very strong.
    So many books, so little time.

    Still, if people only use their own brains, or… Listen to books rather than read them, they can address more time for physical improvement.

    Times are changing… A person can now run outside while listening to books.

  51. "tollo ergo sum"

  52. hahahaha…. a nice one 😉

  53. lol love your shortcuts to solutions…

  54. loved the Birkestock on Socrates 😀

  55. Please never use emojis ever again. ;w; It's so unfitting of the channel.

    (It's not my choice how you run it, though! >w<::)

  56. school of life…you are getting desperate.

  57. this isnt helpful please make a video "exercise for the lazy"

  58. Bruce lee

  59. Did you pay Jesus to do that? o.Ô

  60. afaik yoga was also invented back in the olden days so that the body won't get in the way of mediation. because the healthier and fitter your body is, the longer you can sit and meditate 🙂

  61. man you are goood … i laughed like crazies … thanks

  62. All Greek Gods were depicted as healthy and fit. That is by definition idolizing. I think this kind of argument is irrelevant.

  63. Socrates is the only person that can make me exercise

  64. Please research which order to do these in,
    finish with static dont start with it
    Warm up at the start not the end
    Do core work after exercises

    Do steps 1 through 4 in reverse order thank you

  65. why do you play "Zorbas Dance" to this? 🙂

  66. You see Socrates, I see Jesus

  67. !!That was totally Brilliant

  68. I had to watch this video twice, because the first time I was looking for the name of the song in the comments

  69. The background song reminds me of penguin rush game

  70. Loved it. Well who started the debate on fitness and intelligence? What about calling gorgeous people stupid just because beauty cant be intelligent?

  71. At least they didn't do it dressed as those Greeks.

  72. THE BRAIN IS A MUSCLE. #justsaying #fluxxerzz

  73. Wow, excellent video! I've always been about evenly split between the life of the body and the life of the mind. I train 5 days a week and run distance, and it compliments the life of the mind wonderfully. There's a lot of focus and discipline that goes into say increasing your squat, not to mention how thoroughly a good run clears your mind. I wouldn't have it any other way 🙂

  74. Do you pan your voice in some videos? I swear it's subtle, but around 12 seconds in when you say "brawn" it pans from center to left. I like it

  75. Bruce Lee majored in Philosophy and look at how he built his physique.

  76. good meme boi 😉

  77. shit – I thought that was Vincent Gallo on a thumbnail lol

  78. This channel is really addictive. I just wanted to watch one video about how there was nothing wrong with wanting to be single. Three days later I'm still here, just binge watching all of these clips. xD Thanks for reminding me to get up and stretch a little before my legs atrophy and fall of guys!

  79. An exercise routine on this channel? Underwhelming

  80. I'm 25yo and I started working out 6 months ago and it's been awesome. 10/10, recommend

  81. i aint doing that gay shit bruh

  82. diggin the zorba

  83. this video is well intentioned but lacks any reasoned arguments as to what the exercises are for, what effects they elicit, muscles and which ones work while doing what, you completely left out CNS, as well as (dear God) putting core as one of the key pillars of fitness…. alongside strength&power (max amount of weight lifted either slow or fast), mobility and prehab (treating movement dysfunctions hat lead to bad posture etc as well as tightness leading to mobility restrictions AKA no splits), and not cardiovascular but energy systems, seeing as there are three energy systems at work within your body which you should aim to improve all at the same time (aerobic, anaerobic, ATP) a well intentioned video and I love your content but stick to your philosophical stuff because this is just a bunch of random exercises for your average couch potato, if people want to get results they need to train for real and consistently and not waste their time with stuff like this, plz don't spread more misinformation about fitness there is enough as it is… Also nutrition…. nuff said

  84. Αἴρεις ἀδελφέ;

  85. It is a philosophy channel?

  86. Thank you for all your videos! I love all of them!! Can you please tell me how much time for the cardiovascular exercises?

  87. Maintain steady breathing, and have a glass of water.

    ~10 sec ea:
    Chest stretch (arms straight)
    Thigh (Knee down and hip forward; steady)
    The child
    Hamstring stretches (left, right, forward)

    ~30 sec each:
    Leg raises

    ~10 each, build upwards
    Bicep curls
    Shoulder Press
    Press Ups

    Running in Place
    ~45 sec, build upwards
    Jumping Jacks
    ~15, build upwards

  88. you have to warm up first before streching…

  89. I would also add a couple of things to improve movement cooridnation and spacial awareness. Things like somersaults on land and yoga tree pose. After these you will walk more confidantly without thinking that you might fall just because you're on the stairs and there is no rail.

  90. 1:58 to try to see Socrates's underwear.

  91. When Rick and Morty comes on and you are too much of a genius to just watch one screen per sitting

  92. I can get a philosophical six pack too.. Hold my beard

  93. Is it Socrates or Jesus?

  94. do you even lift socrates?

  95. "Press-ups?," "Star-jumps?," LOL, I LOVE the British definitions of things; it's so cute! Seriously, this video made me smile SO much just from that; I love cultural differences on shared subject matter.

  96. That is Jesus

  97. so funny!!

  98. PRESS UP??

  99. He look's more like Jesus xD

  100. Thou shalt pump iron…..😇

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