EXERCISE CHALLENGE Boys vs Girls | #Funny Family Challenge Healthy Game | Aayu and Pihu Show

1 2 3 4 Laughing This is not my fault. We will not consider this Ok Ok Hi friends Today we are going to do the Exercise challenge YEESS!!! Okay friends, tell me how should we divide the team? Dad and me Aayu and me Mom and me No Let's do boys boys, girls girls Yes, okay I'll see you, if you make me loose this challenge Aayu, Aayu Aayu understood No, no he didn't understand anything. I know I understood what Mom wants to say She says make Dad loose Yes and this won't happen, we don't cheat Whoever likes our family challenges Please like and share it too. Aayu..it will be a difficult one Hula hoop Hula hoop!!! Hula hoop..Pihu Hulahoop One, two, three start 1,2,3,4,5,6 Oh…Yeah yaeah looser.. looser Sister will surely be able to do it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 You'll get one point only 49,50… Pihu can do even more.. Still you'll get one point only Pihu drop it Okay Go, go my Lion go Show them Come come my Lion come You have to do more than Pihu Come, my Lioness, come sit 1,2,3,4…. Laughing Now, it's Dad's turn Come I'll start No,no,no,no 1,2,3,4,5,6 cheating, cheating, this is cheating You didn't say that we will have to do it on our waist Hula hoop, is done from waist only Oh god See, they always do this they always cry like this You all can see who is the cheater here friends They always say that Mom cheats Everyone knows you are winning you Yes, you'll only win Why is everyone bothered by me only He's telling you, you will win Okay, yes I'll win Laughing I don't know how to do this? Do it 1,2,3…. Yeesss… Did you see friends, girls won? Yes, but only in the 1st round not the whole game come on, pick up Pick a good one this time so we can easily win this time. What is it? crunches Head down we have to get up and touch our head till here okay one, yeess.. How much? 10 two nine … ten. Yaaass.. We got our 1st point yeess.. now Dad Aayu, Aayu no Dad,Dad (Cheering) one two eight nine ten Yes you did it Dad Yes son, we won this round Come pick me up now. Dad got tired. Did you see? This is what happens if you don't exercise daily Looser looser Winner winner Do it. One And now ten Yeeahh…. Come on friends Cheer for Mom Should i start? No,no,noo.. Cheating cheating He's such a big cheater Minus 4 points one teennn… Come on Pihu Tell us what you picked this time Sit ups We'll have to do 10 10 and while holding your ears Like this You'll feel nostalgic about your class then. Noo… Okay, come on One (Counting) nine ten Yeeahh… Come on now, it's Mom's turn now Mom's style is something different. Everyone has a different style of doing sit ups. Do it while holding your ears. No, i won't do that. Dad will do it while hodling ears. okay one ten we got 5 points.. What happened Dad? yeah yeah yeahh.. Girls won ok come on one ten This is so easy for him He's very light weight that's why Yes come on go Dad, Dad, Dad…… Let's see These are biceps, but challenge is about leg strength Ooh.. yes No, sorry i'll do it like this one two three four five six seven eight nine ten seven (laughing) counting from the bottom You think you're the hero here no, heroine.. you think you are a body builder Come on Aayu, next round come on Aayu Skipping Skipping yes Do it boys Bring it Bring the skipping rope Hello friends Whoever likes me please cheer for me Aayu, Aayu (cheering) start you have to skip 10 times, without stopping You will get 3 chances one, two, three…. oh you got trapped one more chance Why are you jumping so fast? Go slow (Counting) it's okay Last cahnce Aayu, go slow go slow one come on come come come hard work's sweat come come here Dad, Dad…. (cheering) I am skipping after so many years Do you know? (Laughing) It's not my fault this one won't count Okay, okay, okay 1,2,3…. (counting) I did mine, I got the point Now it's girls turn At last At last, girls are loosing Shift there Pihu, Pihu …. Ok come on start Come on do it One, two, three….. (Counting) (Counting) (Laughing) See, girls win Ok it's my turn 1 exercise is remaining Yes, last one is remaining Come on we will pickup now Pihu what's the next challenge ? What is it? Push up (Laughing) I can't do push ups at all Even I don't know how to do push ups friends What's the score? 5, 7 Girl's score is 7 and boy's score is 5 Now this is our chance to cover and eqaulise the score Yeah… yes Pihu Either you or I should definitely complete the task if we want to win yes and we will have to do both. ten, ten Come on fast I don't know how to do this Do it like this Seriously I don't know Do it Do it Yeah one two push whole hands yes one, two, three start go down No this is wrong, this won't count go down I can't do it Ok so cancel Mom go Oh God i can't do push ups I can't do these Dad, Dad one Down, go down Finish, one chance gone Come on, we couldn't do the push ups. Their final score is 7, and boys score is 5 6, 7 Either it will be a tie or we will win Ok come on, Aayu you have to do 10 So there's no chance of loosing Ok Aayu, you have to do 10 Aayu go slow, one two Go slow three, Go slow four, go slow It was half, It was half six, yes very good seven, very good eight, very good nine, very good ten Yeah partner, yeaah….. Today is going to be a tie surely It will be a tie today surely Come on Dad Let me get some air Yes okay Here we will also get you some air one two three four five six seven eight, Dad will have to do 15 Nine Ten Fifteen, yeaahhh… So it's a tie If you enjoyed, then please like and share Show it to your parents as well. They will really like it This sunnday everyone should excerise with their family Okay Okay Tata bye.. bye love you all muuahh And bye bye

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