Exercices Pour Comprendre l’Anglais Parlé – Exercises To Understand Real English, part 1

EC-O-NOM-IC ekuhnomic a lot of it a lotuhv it What do you want to do? What you wanna do? Which ones are easy to understand? These, the clearly articulated ones. But Which ones are the way people speak? Yep these. The horrible ones. Sorry. I’m Christina and you’re watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV The place to boost your
English and boost your career. In the last video, you learned all about the schwa.Remember? And I promised you some interactive exercises to help you boost your
comprehension (and your pronunciation too!), so let’s get to work. You ready? First, if you do watch Speak Better, Feel Great TV.on pronunciation, Syllables treast, , do that now. Then come back to work
on your comprehension. Go on—it’s really important to watch that video first. And If you’ve already watched it Then , let’s start. These exercises are great because they kill two birds with
one stone, which saves you time you can improve your comprehension AND improve your pronunciation. at the same time Awesome right? First, we’ll focus on words then short expressions And After this video, you’ll be on your way to understanding Americans the way really speak and making it easier for
them to understand you. Today, you’ll need a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil Because You’re going to be writing! Let’s start with individual words. I’ll say 5 words. You Write them down. Then underline the weak syllables, where you hear the schwa
sound. Do you remember the schwa
sound. It’s a weak, Syllable like “uh” for example the 2nd syllable in word “economic”. E – Cuh- NOM-IC. E – Cuh- NOM-IC. Cuh Cuh That the schwa okay here we get Number 1 again again Number 2 celebrate celebrate Number 3 president president Number 4 oppose oppose Number 5 support support Don’t forget to you underline where you here “uh” Go, yet Let’s check the word and the weak syllable again celebrate president oppose support Notice that any vowel can represent the schwa sound. In these words, you have each vowel A – E- I -O – U, but they’re all pronounced “uh” Again, celebrate, president, oppose, support. Now, let’s try something more challenging Short expressions Again, I’ll say a short expression you Write the expression that you hear And I’ll say each expression twice you i’ll get Number 1 a couple of a couple of Number 2 do you have a do you have a Number 3 so we can so we can Number 4 go to the go to the And Number 5 I’m gonna be I’m gonna be Here are the expressions you heard a couple of do you have a so we can go to the and I’m going to be Now, say each expression to yourself, or go back and listen again Put an asterisk in the place of
the weak schwa sound, like this a couple of You wrote a couple of And put an asterik in the place of the weak schwas sound like this * c*ple * Pause the video while you do this and then come back to check Here are the answers d* y* have * so we c*n go t* th* *’m g*nn* be Do you see which types of words are weak? Generally, the little words like the to and of which become the to and up but sometimes, there are more important words like can and “do” that are also weak that become can and do This takes some work to get used to And The more you listen in English the more your ear will get used to the sounds real spoken english so listen to as much English as you can series, movies, podcasts, videos,
anything Really flood your ears with English and If you want more practice on understanding real spoken English check out part 2 of these
interactive exercises We’re going to increase the challenge to help you boost your English and boost your career that’s it for today Now Before you leave go to christinarebuffet.com and sign up for the Speak Better Feel Great
Newsletter This way, you’re sure to get the next video and sure to find time to reach the English level that you need to have the career you want I’m Christina, from Speak Better, Feel Great TV See you next time!


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  18. celebrate

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  23. a couple of

    do you have a

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    a couple of

    do you have a

    so we can

    go to the

    i am gonna be




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