Exec Well Being in :90 Why High Achieving Women NEED A Man

– Hi, Kate Byars, founder of
Corporate Women Unleashed, on today’s Executive
Wellbeing in 90 Seconds. We’re talking about the myth that highly successful
women don’t need a man. And while that may to true, you don’t need a man to pay the bills and you’re certainly independent enough and capable of making your own decisions, telling yourself that you
don’t need a man is false. We all have human needs for
connection and partnership and if you want a romantic partner, someone who challenges you emotionally, intellectually, physically, then having that tough exterior that says, I don’t need a man, hmm,
that’s not really accurate. That’s misleading and in fact, having that tough emotional exterior, telling yourself, I don’t need a man, that actually repels that ideal guy that you may secretly be hoping for. So, we all need connection and if you want a romantic
connection, it’s okay. I need my husband and if I
don’t tell him I need him and show that vulnerability, I’m not going to have a thriving marriage. So stop protecting yourself. Highly successful women, I
was single for a long time and I bought into that same thing. It’s okay to need a man,
now go forth and go find him and go find an amazing partner that you can share your success with. That’s it for Executive
Wellbeing in 90 Seconds. If you like this video,
please share or comment below. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Stumbled across this at work, I'll be showing this channel to my powerhouse of a girlfriend later tonight. Your content is fantastic and much-needed in the world.

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