Evonik launches omega-3 product for dietary supplements

it's Darrin would Harris supply-side west 2017 and I'm on the Evonik stand and I'm talking with ludka eyelas Luka thank you so much for joining me today tell me a bit about Evonik for those who may not know okay thanks for the question there so Evonik is a fairly large corporation so we have globally more than 34,000 employees and we have net sales of more than 12 billion euros so it's a fairly large corporation within this corporation we have a business line which is called healthcare and that's a fairly large portfolio as well consisting of products technologies and services all the way from Pharma coatings pharma building blocks for api's all the way too exclusive synthesis and within healthcare we have embedded our food ingredients business and we have three pillars in our offering pillar number one is helping millions health ingredients are for us naturally-occurring compounds with proven health benefits so it's important for us that a product actually works and that we have the signs to back it up petter number two is functional coatings so these are delivery technologies in order to bring a health ingredient to the right part in the body where it works best to increase uptake and bioavailability and the third pillar is formulation services so we have more than 10 labs worldwide in all major markets formulation development labs and here we work for our customers and with our customers in order to create new formulations and solve the formulation challenge our customer space I'm looking around the stand that you've got here one of the newest innovative products that you've got is the avail on please tell me more about it because it's quite excited yeah actually this is a very exciting new ingredient we talked about in omega-3 product it's a powder with the highest load in the industry more than 45% it's super stable and the beauty is it's really by available it's super buy available and actually we have mass at the challenge of bringing free fatty acids into a solid form free fatty acids are known to be very bioavailable three to five times more than ethyl ester and actually the body converts ethyl esters into free fatty acids and then those free fatty acids can be taken up we save the body the first step we bring free fatty acid directly into the body and that results in a superior bioavailability and very interesting it can be compressed into tablets right away a Luger tell me what is the benefit for consumers and brand owners for the availa yeah let's start with the the brand owner so our product add venom is a solid product so it can be worked can be used on existing tablet presses and filling equipment for capsules for example no specific especially equipment is needed so it can be formulated together with different health in Queens to create multi component products just imagine to have a multivitamin tablet with an additional dose of of omega-3 ingredient or just imagine we have a single entity Omega 3 tablets and now I can't be a question regarding benefit for the consumer this is about convenience convenience for the other consumer so we talked about tablets that we can produce with this ingredient that are very small so the consumer can does not have to swallow a large and bulky soft gels with omega-3 oil fish oil a consumer can can swallow and take small single entity tablets and therefore we address the trend for convenience and how long was the market research for a veil on how long had the idea been around and how long has it come into fruition and also where do you see it standing out in the marketplace compared to others available so for us in innovation is always important to keep in mind what the consumer actually wants the consumer wants convenience if you look at the supplement market in North America about two-thirds of all Americans take supplements or ever only one-third of these users take them regularly so there is a gap and compliance so if we make it more convenient for consumers compliance will go up that's the reason why we innovated in the area of creating an omega-3 product which is which has a very high load of epa and DHA to enable the formulation of smaller dosage forms and that idea was was created about four years ago so within four years from idea all the way down to product launch today here at supplies at west this project was was worked on very heavily by us by our scientists and we are very proud to launch it here at the show so we are launching this product here on the north american market and the next step will be to bring this product to other geographies so we're working on regulatory approval in europe for example and in other geographies that's number one number two is we can create different kinds of omega-3 powders if you're interested in in a high D is a powder for infant formula for then with our technology which is patent protected we can do that yeah so we can even go one step further we can take the oil of your choice that you used to work with in the past and use that and convert that into a powder so this technology that we have invented four years ago is very versatile and we can address address different lifestyles all the Preferences of our brand owners customers keeping in mind what the consumer wants and the good news is we can do that in our labs for you thanks very much and we'll have more on this on food Bev comm very very soon thank you so much Thank You Darren better to meet you you

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