Evolved Ministry Physical Training


  1. Michael I love this video. I can feel you and your students connection to the elements, niiiice. I felt a feeling of peace as well.

  2. Beautifully done!
    I love it, how You're showing people can really be honest and kind to each other, to the nature… To everything and everyone…
    I love it, how do some trees interact with me, like I can really feel they like me… 🙂
    And, what's the most important, You're showing "sceptics", that You're pretty clever, normal, happy people 🙂
    That's what I like with You all 🙂
    Love <3

  3. I guess my passion for parkour and freerunning and aggressive skating is a tool as well (believed so for years).I suck i could barely explain to anyone that it didn't matter for me to be the best or some competitive shit.
    Whish i cared less for external inputs regarding my passion and did more >.<
    sadly i live in Croatia( not really a sad thing but would be awesome to hang out with pleasent company doing important things)

  4. Hey Michael!! I love all of your videos and they inspire me to reach this enlightened way if life. its just i found myself to only be able to get a small grasp on tk, thats it…I was wondering if you could make a very in depth trraiing series from knowing nothing to being a master like yourself. nothing to fancy just like a five part video series. or something.

  5. Hi sorry for my english i am using traslator i have two questions aerokinesis practical first is how i can make a mini tornado and the second is how to make stronger the wind go but where i pointed hands and not around me greetings from central america 🙂

  6. Yooo maximum respect Grubbs, this is what it's all about man, the balance you are exhibiting in your videos are more then admirable. Blessing upon you and your righteous intention and work.

  7. Awesome introductory video Michael. You pieced together a wonderful video.

  8. Amazing michael! I am excited for american jedi to release!

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