yeah yeah I can't see who did I see come in Jessica hello how are you look sorry I'm touching the wrong things who else did I say Lucy hello Lisa hi how are ya Oh God I'm in a hospital parking lot so I should probably not yell there's people like standing right there looking at me like why are you talking to yourself you crazy lunatic lady you did get here first Lucy thank you so much you remembered to give me a thumbs up right no forgot to give me a thumbs up only here for a few minutes half to work in 15 well thank you so much for coming I just got done with all of my appointments so I wasn't gonna get started until I was thinking I wasn't gonna start until 3:30 or 4 o'clock but you know what screw these people it's hot in here it says 56 degrees but it's like real humid hey grant how are you grants got five girls don't forget to give me a thumbs up when you come in was just wait until this person was mine before I really started to rant about health insurance where did I end up putting health insurance companies I'm good god Burak at work okay awesome there's a wasp he's trying to come in and be friends I don't want his friendship nobody wants that kind of friendship right so my rent was today yes am i grateful that I have health insurance yes I am very grateful however I we pay for it it's you know lots of money a month like $450 a month that's a lot of money right lovely Samira hello how are you thank you so much for coming I really appreciate it ladies turn about that I don't want to sound like a lunatic in the you know I probably shouldn't rant loudly in the hospital parking lot about insurance right for about health insurance Hey it does look like it's gonna storm like a mother after though but the point was is that my doctor one doctor that's been treating me for over a year all God hello how are you thank you so much for coming yes it can be especially whenever you pay a ton of money a month and they deny certain tests that your doctor wants to run it's a simple blood test I would rather have a simple blood test than a bone then I drilled into my bone to do a bone marrow biopsy when they could find out the same information by doing a blood test does that make any sense why would you rather why would the insurance company rather have the doctor drill a hole into my bone then do a simple blood test hello Abby hi Bree hello how are you thank you so much for coming in if there's anybody new here please give me a thumbs up and well knew everybody give me a thumbs up but if anybody's do please smash that red button I would scan you and know without drawing blood you're almost a doctor they're really sperm room oh that's alright at least I understand oh I touched you too long I touched you too long Lisa too long I think I have my phone turned the wrong way it was supposed to be that way so the cameras up here I'm used to looking up here or down there now I gotta look over here at you don't look right here right yeah see me looking into your eyes the best show company hello how are you thank you so much for coming in trucker real hello how are you please give me a thumbs up when you pop in cuz you know then I can't look at you because I'm looking at the words over here and the cameras over here yeah cuz I didn't turn my phone the right way should have been at least that way so you would be over at least on this side instead of me and keep looking over here and then look over here for the words but and then I'm sick of getting large bills because the insurance doesn't cover the complete appointment the entire appointment I don't wake up in the morning and say hey I feel like I'm gonna go to an oncologist today why not I only go because I'm being forced to go by my other doctor believe me I would rather not go so how about paid for the whole damn thing since I'm paying we're paying for over $450 a month for health insurance you think right it seems like them trending on health insurance bitches or medication or something I don't know but anyway I'm gonna pull out of here because I am still in the hospital parking lot here you guys will be able to Tuesday I finished my second neuroscience class but Harvard I was proud so I posted it on community section on my channel damn I could fix you a lesson for her oh yeah grant Wow you're in a different state aren't you and it's become a money-hungry market to health insurance I know and it frustrates he's dad the doctor it's like I've done one doctor I just saw this morning he was like mad thank and he's very subdued and very like quiet conservative type of doctor but he was mad that he's trying to prescribe a medication to one of his patients the insurance company will not pay for the medication until this person does a genetic testing blood work but the insurance doesn't pay for the blood work so they won't pay for they'll pay for the insurance once they do the testing but then won't pay for the testing to get then get the medication does that make any mitten sense no I don't find it big pharma it is freaking that's why I said about yesterday about big pharma not yesterday what the hell day was I talking about Who am I missing did I miss sandy what sandy come in did miss you sorry sandy hi how are ya yeah it is big pharma because hello brother how are you Kentucky don't miss Kentucky coming oh you were in Kentucky gram that's right you're in Kentucky yeah I remember I'm sorry excuse the brain fog today I remember that idea how did I forget that I don't know hello Tim how are you I haven't had health insurance in almost year ish I have to unfortunately have too many medical issues I can it would just be outrageous I mean I'm grateful that I have it to pay for this stuff but we are paying for it so the insurance is being paid for by not only us but also the work the company that the insurance is coming from they're paying for two plus I'm paying for part of partial bills and medication so what yeah Tim I get it but I mean I have to cuz it would be astronomical the amount I'm at work thinking about shitty insurance sorry I know it's shitty right like sometimes you just think what the frickin how are they thinking no I remember you can like him around this way you know what you can see it I will come back No I was able to come back on and everyone laughed turn around baby dirty broke trapper hi how are you dirty crook I did start this I don't know 15 minutes ago and it just kicked me off so everybody left and then I was able to restart it in the same one and so I was able to I'm okay yes I'm back hey you know Arya how did you burn are you doing HTT Andy yeah it kicked me off and then I was able to get back onto it I thought I would have to start a whole new stream but then whenever I push live it let me on I was starting to complain about the health insurance companies and how they think they know better than the doctor that they're all smarter than the doctor that you've been seeing for years you know this kind of I got the air conditioning blasting I've got I got like really overheated so did my phone and my face is real hot rodder do you allow are you I'm in the parking lot of the hospital I just came from getting at you know a bird squish one of them girly things Jeremy hello how are you doing I got nothing to drink in here no snacks nothing so you know I remember back in the day and it wasn't that long ago maybe eight years ago or so where your doctor would say well you know we've been trying to treat this ailment or whatever it is let's do a test and the insurance company would okay it was fine wreck yard kids hi how are you it's nice to see you how are you doing don't forget to give me a thumbs up you know insurance companies back then and they actually listen to the doctor and let you have your tests not now they hope that you will forget about it and go away so that they won't have to pay for it and they can continue taking your money they try to argue their way out of it whatever I'm still calm I'm still gonna call an insurance company and say why why you think you know better what made you smarter than my doctor that you don't even know me it's just irritating I told everybody in the chat earlier that I was gonna have to restart they are live stream so they're probably thinking I'm gonna have to Reese I'm gonna restart a whole new one your left your left me so I'm an hour away from home did I come to this town for some of my doctors and to the hospital here to get some tests better not get a friggin bill for the sick will piss me off I'm tired getting bills I'm tired too getting bills from the insurer clothes from the doctor because the insurance company won't pay for it when a chick like I don't want it I don't want to have to go to this shit I don't want to have to go to these doctor so I'm gonna have to go to get different tests and stuff like that duck I don't want it my god just wake up in the morning and say oh shit today I think I'll just go to an oncologist and I want some digital hole in my bones yeah that's what I want to do no you're not doing that I don't want to do that less the urban mad hello Aaron Ladd how are you doing how are you on the heck are you so not like a alcohol train like I need something straight it's not thirsty maybe we've got there the McDonald's parking lot so I can get something to drink what you think to find far away like straight up this is good for your posture right there used to be a karate studio there well Taekwondo or something like that I used to take my daughter there when she was born she hated it so then we didn't do it anymore gave it a try at the doctor crazy ha not that kind of doctor it's medical doctors like I don't want to have to go to all of them believe me and sometimes I do nor things for a long time and then my daughter won't let me elevate and also you need a gal now to figure out what's wrong yeah why it's just gonna be something else I'm gonna take care of what I'll look to you know some days I just can't be positive about it I try real hard to be positive all time so circle of death are you back I know is buffering for a second there oops just the effort circle death good back I thought you know just Chuck myself I don't even report or what I started saying that I saw these guys over here in this car looking at me like I'm nuts I mean yes I am but not enough to take me away I'm a decent Cemetery vlogs I like to go to cemeteries and look at old stuff gendered locks hello how are you thank you so much for coming in really appreciate thirty years ee yeah yeah that's what's happening insurance companies are expecting to pay more us to pay more but then they're covering less the oh shit not gonna make me pay more and then cover laps and I'm the kind of person that if you're trying to dick me over I'm gonna call you and flip the fuck out sorry for the effort I know that I don't know who say it but I'm getting kind of pissy about this and I will continue calling you until you rectify the situation our national insurance yeah I know free control because our last president tried to do national insurance but the problem is is what happens is all the working people all they're in medical insurance will get doubled tripled even fact that their pain they're covering all these other things that are not paying much because if it you're getting the insurance that the government is paying for they're not going to pay crap to the insurance companies well the insurance companies are gonna make up for it somewhere yes did it screwed up all the private insurances I remember when I got in Highmark and they never questioned anything like whatever my doctor said because I mean this is a doctor that I've been seeing for years and as always treated me for many medical issues or whichever doctor I get sent to like they try they know that they have to try all these other things before you do X you know he'll try X Y before they get to Z they know them so they do it and then the insurance company doesn't want to pay for the end result well I'm sorry but the other issue is you need to look at the whole person not just what's on paper like the whole reason why my doctor didn't want to send me for the bone marrow biopsy is because it's it's more intrusive invasive on my body you just want to do a simple blood test to check for the bone marrow mutation simple right now it's $450 a month and that's not including that's just to pay for the health insurance that's not including blood work because my blood work is always $120 each time hey little bunny how are you the blood works about $120 each time and I do that every sick every six weeks my medications I have to pay co-pays which one medication I take is $40 a month and all the co-pays for the doctor's appointments each one is $15 and I have five different doctors I go to yeah yeah so I'm saying okay ginger laughs thank you so should I get there you know what I think that I'm so irritated right now and I try not to notice I should get some kind of milkshake from McDonald it's pretty neat should I get a milkshake McDonald do you think I deserve a milkshake you need to get super chat I know but it's motive put on the livestream please help support my medical bills and my medication for the month yeah I can't get super chat until I get monetized I'm not I can't get monetize telling you for watch time and now Priscilla Villa hello how are you I'm cutting out again am I still cutting out come on Indiana women Indiana Pennsylvania Indiana Pennsylvania they must not have a lot of cell phone reception here service whatever AT&T okay let's find out now I'm gonna go up here this McDonald's and yet a milkshake I'm going to I think I deserve it after today after getting big swish for my mammogram I hate those like that you know somebody that's not gun guy moves they really it's like right up against your skin and then you click down as hard as they kick and then it has to stay there squished your boobs are squished in there and then they tell you to hold your breath while they're doing the scan I don't know so root beer maybe I don't know I never get it there's Walmart you guys got Walmart's over there you got Walmart don't think you guys have Walmart's to you you got McDonald's of course and well she got Burger King and Wendy's what about what needs to go Wendy's right on you got McDonald's and Burger King Nicolay Pig Elena KFC behind me see if they got any get milkshakes ooh what about the coffee one they do have those coffee milk shakes dice or what are they what are those things called what are their coffee milkshakes called I can't see it I must ask hello any sighs soft drink is only a dollar how can I help you um is it a nice caramel no what's the Moke do you have a mocha Mac the Chino type of thing like a mocha coffee thing frozen we have the mocha frappe yeah I'll take that what fine medium anything else nope that's it all right that's gonna be 349 first window thank you you're welcome scare me I'm hearing oh did I see someone I'll come in I pay oh yeah yeah right I know I didn't I couldn't think of it and I couldn't see it on there wasn't on the board commander vlogs how are you I don't want to scream because there's a lady over here with her window down looking at me I'm trying to I was just the only reason I'm doing it today commander vlogs is because I had some doctor's appointments and and boob squish I got my boobs squished today so I thought I deserved it you know the mammogram boob swish that's what I call it it's the baby squish I know but I'm trying really hard not to do do you like the extra sugar I really shouldn't have it because my stomach isn't the greatest my stomach's always in really shitty shape [Laughter] and it's only like what $3 I can afford $3 and I am yes oh and the post office called me today and told me that my post office box is ready I just need to come down and get the key and pay the rent for the post office box that's super cool all right guys I'm gonna have a post office box it is exciting I have a post office box and I can put that on there and then people don't have to ask anymore can we send you something and I always say I don't have a post office box fast and fearless how are you doing can you ask no they don't I'm John Aloha are you thank you so much for coming in really appreciate it please give me a thumbs up other side of 40 hi how are you I know about the boob squish see you call it a boob squish – all right thank you so much for coming I'm usually typically extremely long but please do not wear earbuds or earphones today I'm just bitching about health insurance and how health insurance is ripping me the f off I didn't say they after that time how it's ripping me off they don't want you know paying them on our 450 bucks a month and plus all the co-pays and everything like that and they don't want to approve the test that the doctor says it's a simple freaking blood test nothing more but now you'll prove them drilling a hole into mine you too I think he realized that thank you that looks like a bunch of sugar doughnut don't ma'am so hopefully I fear blood test because yes I actually get blood tests every six weeks but it's for my thrombocythemia it's the blood platelet disorder so I have to have those every six weeks but he wants to stay wanted to send me for the next blood test level up to see if my bone marrow is mutated and that's why my so you know like cancer whatever but they will approve me getting a bone marrow biopsy but not a frigging blood test and the whole reason why he wanted the blood my god there's a cute little doggy stuck in his head out the window see the little things in life make me happy right and the reason why the doctor wanted to send me for the blood tests instead of the bone marrow biopsy is because I'm a far elgyn osteoarthritis and I'm a menopausal so then my bones are not as strong as they used to be so that was the whole point it's to not be so intrusive and invasive yeah you picked the thing that's the least invasive right isn't ever got a good clinician would do so whatever like they're dicks I'll be calling them and bitching them don't have out trapper real you came I lost a bunch of that everyone a bunch of everyone a bunch of people yeah I lost a bunch of people whenever my phone I don't know I don't know if it was you – it was my phone but it's they just it just decided to stop it's like nope nope you're not gonna stream anymore your doctor like their ass so I thought I would have to start the whole stream over in a new one but when I go back on there and said I can presume it all that shit why is it typing on but you know what I mean just starting a whole new one is painted yes this is pretty yummy Canali reason I typically would have went to you know what's really good the Dairy Queen Dairy Queen funds like this Dairy Queen I'm sure some of you guys don't even know what Derek weed is right though they're really good the Dairy Queen once are super yummy I'm an outlaw there's a long time I've been trying to stay away from bad things but since I had a bunch wish I think I deserved it and I had a good clean bill of health from the endocrine off endocrinologist today when I clean bill health but the cysts and adenoids did not grow that are on my thyroid so that's a winner and the blood work came out came back good so that's a winner right we got to take our wins where we came right it's a little thing right we all know we're asking you can bend everybody needs to vent everyone needs to vent problems but you need to find a solution one and you have to come back with a positive two nice no buffering oh it's a mammogram mammogram is a boob squish mammogram is a baby squish yeah okay so the what I was saying was that we all need to vent one fine but you need to come back with a positive and a solution to your venting bitching whatever like I will bitch about the health insurance there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do however I can call them and say listen because you know you are not something my doctor how about now I forgot this area through heroes real shitty I should have waited this restart to stream until I was further out on this road this one part of the road is always row bad but then there's another section up there – but it's only like them or not get for like a minute I know the only fucking thing is when you but for a lot then people are like screw this I'm not going around for this buffer bullshit right so my positive from it though is that today I got a good I don't have to go back to see the endocrinologist for a year that's awesome I don't have to see him for a year Thank You commander vlogs you could say bullshit in the chat I don't have anything blocked like that I mean unless you don't swear of course gotta hit the weight soon yeah yes the shorter this trip I will do that like in everybody shops just put ps4 instead of ass put a and then like the and signs because I don't know maybe they don't want them hey let me yeah see podía would just come up ain't gonna be blocked because it's not like this is a kid's channel or something I swear we're saying about you like a long thing earlier yeah it is nice to be able to short some words right yeah I didn't want to say oh I always like to say shite because urban don't you I say shite and son shit God look at that I don't know you're gonna be able to see it because I have the camera on the wrong side sighing eternal big Boston hello how are ya thank you so much for coming in I just spent all day yeah almost all day at the doctor's office and then I had lunch with my surrogate father and then when he had my boob switched at the hospital we're doing so I thought I deserved something bad today it's better that's why stop the McDonald's to get this thank you for reminding me please if that thumbs up for me and remember anyone if you feel like if you have like a extra tablet laptop something in your house that you don't often use labor list I would be super duper happy about that thank you some people forget I do sometimes and I'm like ah shit I could go back Hidden Valley homestead huh whoa how are you work yeah no where's my glasses right peppers it's not a sprinkle roadwork the next five miles I know rape is bad but I deserved it today any women in here knows what the big squish feels like it's bad I mean obviously there's more painful things of life but feels like they're ripping your boob off of your chest did you see my other Edgar Allan Poe oh no I didn't I don't think so I want to reply I usually know something you give myself and it's so buffering my back my back okay I told you that it was coming up at least I warned you that was gonna be buffering yes it's the circle death where the circle start going down it's the death of your your live stream because then everybody leaves because they're like screw this buffering shit it out get help I know right well flounce befall right for doing it while I'm driving I just didn't want to sit to indiana anymore my Indiana Pennsylvania I didn't want to sit there anymore so I wanted to go and not have to sit in that County no more I was down with it today done with that County nice to live in that County so that's where my doctors are there some be ever like some of the crew there that's a lot of paper I was looking like you tried that's what he and your chronologiste said to me this morning he's like why you and I something you're thinking I already told you this but I said because I'm from here oh that's right he said and I said and because I love you and he looked at me like and then he smiled cuz he knew I was kidding cuz he I mean not kidding I do love him but not in that way you know love him because he's a great doctor and that's it I will drive I will drive an hour to get to the doctor if the doctor is awesome if he's a douche nope not having it I'll leave I'll be like listen don't be mean to me cuz they're plenty of doctors out there I just go in another one I'm not gonna put up with your shit right guys thank you saying that I eat will drive an hour for a doctor if he's good you know it's good he's got a personality I hate the ones that do not have a personality at all like the one that I had this morning he he has a personality in there he's very conservative but very nice and like proper but I get it out of him every once in a while cuz you know I'm gonna be myself I don't care where I am this is me ain't no different so I get him to laugh and it's hilarious because he used it's just not like his normal his average behavior hello thank you Wow of course I am I'm not a street highway it's not really much too do like it's just straight I would you know there's not another I mean there's another pocket and there's not a lot of people that travel this road so it's not like like we don't obviously I don't know thinking how are you from I forget I can never remember I mean I can remember most people but not every single and obviously where you're from I remember you just not where you from just in this we can't on this road I'm on there are sections of it that's only 45 miles per hour and then there are sections of it works only 55 so I can't go any faster than that and it's just straight and hushed your lands basically thank you but I can't see because it's all buzzed out I mean I've closed up but it's bright in the window see if I can't see any of that right insane yes exactly I'm just talking most of the time anyway haterade hello hi yeah as usual I love funny you oh that's so nice you guys come on the soleus trenchcoat how are you doing I think that guys just I feel like I'm in England today you know I said that urban land it's everything it's turning green now like I can see all the the leaves are starting to come on that the buds on the trees you know but it's very gloomy today and it's been raining it's quite another reason why I went back hip hurts so much so much right does everybody have Facebook Instagram Twitter yeah anybody got that stuff it's really only three people here you got all that you got me on that I got Twitter Instagram Facebook oh I'm in a house blog if anybody is interested in the mental health stuff oh my goodness oh my goodness it's Michael Michael hello Michael I just came from the doctor's office that's what I'm driving you don't use my do you use any of it you don't use any of it so let's try to cope none of it Twitter's probably the easiest one because you don't have to put like a bunch of personal stuff in there you name yourself whatever you want and you know you can say that you're whatever you're from the US or wherever you want like Instagram better I do too I don't really use Facebook much except for just supposed to suffer my mental health blog like I have to I have a Facebook page for the mental health blog and I have my my personal Facebook page I'm Facebook you know shoot whatever you call it but I use the typed in your sleep what what do you mean you typed in your sleep stalker book yes I know I don't like it either I don't really I mainly use it for them that mental health blog that I have to promote it so every time I'm on there like every time I post in my blog it goes on to that Facebook page and alerts people so that they'll go read it for the people that haven't subscribed to it like the mental health look it's subscribing to it isn't really the proper word that's all you're doing is it sending you an email and telling you hey Brenda uploaded it will posted a new blog post that's all so if anybody is interested in the mental health blog and you have not tracked check it check it out if you haven't checked it out yet the link is in the description below he's like saying I don't know why the link is in the description below my god I thought was that one of those goo have you guys ever seen one of those Google cars and in like real life I like that I like that here yeah it's a fitness blog okay that's awesome I've got the chin out okay thank you you know I know not everybody's into the mental health stuff but there is stuff on there just like motivational things too it's not just about mental health and illnesses there's stuff on it just for like basic positivity and motivation or how to deal with just regular stress T Lee Jones hello how are you thank you so much for coming in we seem tonight out Frick I do I'll have to go in there che get its the PayPal link broken on my channel arbors it just down below in the description broken I wonder why I know I haven't done anything to change it it worked before maybe I did that one I just copy down there and the descriptions messed up I was napping oh and listening to you you are not then all of a sudden you scream Michael I looked up and my god Mike are you serious that's what it is t li chen's i you know alright I did sorta I had dinner with my with family I don't know Easter you don't really do much because you know you do that whatever the kids are little yes I mean I got one kid when Paige was little don't really do anything now that's hilarious Michael you you got I don't know YouTube on the brain I guess and you know what Michael I've done that I've done that because in early in the morning there are people that like you you nerd of the north he also has his live streams really early in the morning because he's in Norway so here it's like 5:00 a.m. what he starts so I'm I try to catch him like I usually try to get up a four six or around six and he's still on for a little bit so that I try to catch him and you're trying to stay invisible that's impossible we should do a panel sometime Michael but that's impossible if you say invisible I can't do it either I try that lurking but then somebody will say something and I just get really excited and I have to not in this in the comments it's impossible fun right and then I'm taking their oh my god I would love to see oh no I would love to try out a drone but it would have to be one that's real cheap first because you know but probably crash it in something yes commander blocks ready it's so hard the only ones I can do that is gaming ones because they're so you know there's live streams are very long I can lurk for I'll in that because I'll get up and do stuff but I'm still listening or it's in at least eyesight and I'm listening to it but there I can learn but I'm not in a regular one hello yes go girls huh oh how are you doing I just came from my doctor's appointment and was kind of pissy about the health insurance but I'm over it I mean um why they want the doctor to drill a hole into my my bones instead of just a simple blood test I really like what kind of crap do you smoke because you you France I missed something to my livestream I'm glad right now when you're typing on an old livestream all right like that's the thing I'm looking at the drones I'm thinking vacation drone oh my goodness I just smelled like natural gas really bad hikes wondered was happening there terrible Wow how are you were you listening to me you know I just came from the doctor mousse and I was it's an hour away from a house so I'm like screw this I'm just gonna start this up and then it kicked me off so that I had to come back and let me come back into the same stream which I was happy about might get a little bit buffering right around this little corner here so be prepared buffering is that a word damn I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and then a boobs squish in the afternoon today tomorrow I have another appointment in the morning that's for the book doctor because I got arthritis all over my feet and I had the one had surgery but the other ones now go back the toes are curly they call hammertoes that's hard right I warned you though right I did a lot I know the place is worth it's gonna do that it's not because I've livestream there before I think it oh I do I like if I ever use directions or anything I always do right there or somebody during that part it would just kick me off and my phone's not gonna overheat because dead spots right maybe to a purpose and what now my phone should not over me because it's like brick and 60 degrees in here trucks that's what's really on this rotor like big trucks don't you say go get that workout yeah all right awesome commander vlogs I'm so glad that you had fun in my random yeah I'm pretty random like I'm never I don't know I stand task for a little bit but then but you have an awesome workout and thank you so much for coming we'll see you next time and hope I catch you soon I'm gonna make sure that your bells on because you know sometimes YouTube keeps those ungodly reason I don't know whatever whatever but ignore anything I made tight okay gotta run have fun okay see you later moose thank you so much Irish whisky paranormal hello how are you thank you so much for coming in so that summation we about the painting irritating I wonder why did that I can change anything I'm not happy I was gone I was at the doctor was an hour away and then the babes squished in the afternoon so now I'm going back home a little ways away this doctor tomorrow's appointment is only like ten minutes from my house which is nice especially because I usually put surgery too if he tells me what starts right now say ah no it's nice weather I can't I think everyone left me alone hello what time at band camp now I wasn't saying that what was I saying let's talking about was I talking about how are you I better go also okay thank you so much for coming in I really appreciate it it's very nice is there another circle death don't forget to give me a thumbs up anybody them left 4:30 hello man how are you please don't forget to give me a thumbs up the MX guru how are you doing thank you so much for coming I'm gentle I got 31 now but 31 awesome awesome I've give myself a treat because I had a big squish today which is a mammogram if anyone don't know and I had the doctor's appointment in the morning inter chronologiste and he said I wouldn't have to come back there to that doctor for a year thank you thank you for the thumbs up no stinky town this town when you drive through it smells like manure but I was bitching about that health insurance friend of you that are new not new but just came in because pay $450 a month plus co-pays and medication co-pays and bloodwork is $100 and I have to do that ever since weeks but they refused to approve one thing that the doctor asked to do oh my god that I did not know the gas hiked up that far already that is ridiculous it's three bucks when I see two came in grass Rance how are you Ralph hey Ralph guess what my surrogate father's name is Ralph so every time I think I see you I think of my surrogate father and what is a surrogate father you ask well my father does earnest hello how are you so my father died when I was seven and I had never really had one and until I don't know it's 22 24 24 and then I met him met him in a park-like type of thing and he's all obviously old enough to be my father and he had always him and his wife couldn't have children they kind of adopted me he's always been and I went had lunch with him today in between my doctor's appointment and boob swish yeah I know right now wow I mean it's $2.99 that's three bucks I'm out I was like 31 well at least you got to be half her for a long time that's you know I'm sorry for your loss but it's awesome that you got to spend so much time with her so many years and rueful I thought I saw someone else name comin hi how are ya I'm just driving home from the doctor and hospital doctor and it was an hour way so I usually do a livestream around 3:30 and I figured around I'm done so I might as well just do it me dad's still alive he's something fun oh yeah my dad would have been 71 this year on his birthday he would've been 71 I mean Ralph's not that oldest ruff is 60 63 the sixty-four but that's still old enough to be my father because I'm 45 unless 46 that's good that you're going there you know yes not right evil not good times members are not good times like my question is this since women has to do that you know that men can get breast cancer too how do they do a mammogram on a man he still works Oh engineer on aircraft wow that's awesome Ralph my surrogate father it works he's not retired yet he is 64 yeah because he's in a retire in a year he said but he won't completely retire he is a psychologist his doctorate so you know he's like half a psychologist and works at a community mental health center in executive position but he he won't once he retires he'll just he'll just see patients instead of consumers clients whatever you call you know like we always called them consumers but else to see them instead of do like that executive type of things my grandparents raised me and my 82 82 Wow may I my grandparents died when I was younger too so I don't really I didn't really ever have any we call them data crowns yeah well I'm just saying physically how does it happen because when we say boots wish we aren't kidding like it goes in this thing with two that squish it down like that and you have to sit there while squished up against your face and your whole body it's like squished up against there and not breathe while they're doing it so how the heck does that happen yeah I'm still driving thinking how that's it's for its far from me for my hops so how the heck does that even happen man how do you physically do it makes you feel young yo how old are you you forgot to like pinky how no even remembered now right oh I'm sorry German effects but one o'clock like what I'm sorry I didn't see you 49 I'm almost 46 so hurry that how is that old sorry I am a kid of 1904 are you nineteen are you saying that my daughters 20 watts say 47 we all adults we all depths I gonna like Adele ting I'm 30 oh I wish I wish I wish I would stay at like I don't know 35 even 35 then you got enough time in yeah you know you paid your dues some 35 I think I still look too young at 35 I deal with that hello I'm John what what happened I'm John I didn't what I was calling now have my premiere on my a smart channel okay see you later my mom served from sixty-seven to 82 okay she got pregnant Oh in 1982 you mean not like she was 82 and parents raised me I thought you meant she was 82 years old I was like what how is that even possible to be in the service at that age l-29 come on 62 see that's not like we all in town three except for dog be adults we don't want to be those back what's law how are you how are you doing I was coming from Indiana coz I had a doctor's appointment and then have you look at the hospital having swish yes you are an adult think I'm thinking out I have a daughter she's that's 21 she's an adult I mean hardly she was to always be a child to be my eyes right get eight hello how are you so dreary today it's just so nothing give me kind a little bit of heartburn I probably shouldn't be – look at this from chapstick well that's good I'm glad to hear it's Darren oh wow are you back in the old days people couldn't keep her kids and be on base they had to give up yes yes they did not now them you can happy kids where are we going we are going home I was in Indiana Pennsylvania for a doctor's appointment in a boob squish so now I'm going home it's our way so it's an hour drive for me just got back from jumping oops what at the VA you're at the VA yeah that's a little bit uh which one reading the buzzer me questions of them or the you know down in the city down in the city but grumpy blogger a lousy any I didn't have to see me out in Houston restarted I didn't have to start a new one and let me resume Abraham paint Abby Oh like Virginia you mean not the VA like not the veterans with trips not the VA hospital but Virginia ya know it's glad I didn't have to restore it cuz then you kind of lose all that I mean you don't lose the thumbs up but you can add to your thumbs up starting them all over again at the bottom my mom worked hard to take care of four kids when she retired oh yeah sure now the new one oh I thought you meant Virginia like first I'm gonna thought you meant Virginia then I thought about it for a second and then I was like yes it's because it's an area there's a couple little spots on this stretch of highway or it's crappy earlier it did it I think it kicked me off but you guys you guys see that right sorry how about now no matter how far you there's a couple areas in the city then yes slacks – it's just like on this stretch of highway from because I just went through three counties in Pennsylvania I know you'd sub if anybody in here from England it's week in each state like they're counties I don't know how you guys doing that's how we knew it where we are hello how are you thank you so much for coming in and I really appreciate it I am driving from the doctor do you have big pillow named YouTube do I have a pillow named YouTube now it's got my I wish I did but I did not I actually get down to the post office day but I'm not I'll just wait till tomorrow to get my post office box I actually got a post office box prude so tomorrow I have to go down and get the keys and pay the rent and then I will have a post office box tomorrow okay why do you have one thinking how do you are what the Laura's hello how are you how he responds terrible and clean you don't have to be but now do you have one thinking yeah I know and that's why I was where I was bitching earlier about the insurance stuff back what's law ollie oh you have a minion sect like how much we pay every month and then like which is a ton of money and then still have to pay co-pays Knights armory hello how are you thank you so much for coming in remember back in the old days I guess my old days I wasn't that long though that you used Garmin or what was the other thing that years to tell you how directions to get places what was there were they called not Garmin there was another one what was the other one you know it was like a little thing that sat in the car and navigation system type of thing look these people are not letting me out can you believe it it's a miracle nope I thought that person was gonna move over nope dude come on Tom Tom yes Tom Tom remember that got it up here and then you had to look at oh and then you had a look at it to make sure because sometimes it was some have the voice command at first so what is the mother-effing difference between me looking at that and watching the road and watching where I'm going I only check it whenever I'm in an area either at a stoplight topside or there's nobody else around and I look over at it for a second so shut up and mind your business anyway sorry for the off-topic ran fair but that was the whole point of it yes MapQuest I remember that I didn't have no tongtong or nothing either I had to print print map class so you had the pages in your hand and you're like okay I go to the next this road up here and then I go to the next you know I gotta push the remember you have to push the odometer so that you knew how far you went in between and right would somebody please um get rid of that person please thank you I know right let's MapQuest and Google Maps and then what oh there was something before that by Dolores like bye Felicia what's it uh there was something else that was rent Rand McNally Rand McNally was that it yeah yeah Rand McNally right I think that was the other one like um when I worked at Child Protective Services she had to find places in the middle with nothing and we had to use I know right wonder why she probably will now we had to use Rand McNally I think it was called back I don't know if that doesn't sound right but maybe it is right powernation is that what that's it by relation hello how are ya like right now I'm literally going 15 miles an hour if you can't look at something else and pay attention to the road then you need a lot more years of driving when you're going 15 miles an hour because there was a bus and a bunch of cars from me going slim lady she is so cute only and I forgot one what was I saying before I started the rant these like squirrel it's well what we're talking about we were talking about health insurance and then they've got off on the TomTom and oh that kind of thing McNelly that chocolate gave me a little bit of heartburn I probably shouldn't have drank the whole thing she just got a small step medium right during a chocolate cake in a pumpkin pie which would you pick between a chocolate picking a pumpkin pie probably chocolate cake exactly even though it would give me more well they both would give me heartburn say yeah you're in traffic so you're probably going the same speed as me I do about news though we're gonna be coming to an area again because I'm my most medium drink no I don't have to pee I don't have to pee I just have heartburn I am going to create a bunch of random accounts just so I can pop in your life and hear you say hi to all them nights are real nice ha ha hey and then you can give me likes from all those accounts you know what I think it's funny is on the YouTube app the mobile app you can't see the dislikes so I have no idea if I got dislikes or not expressway slow isn't that an oxymoron right expressway suppose Express right I got zero dislikes for real how come she didn't dislike that's weird right I'm gonna go on to this next one so that cars gonna go now I have one dislike and what do you guys do it break my back I know thank you for the view but it's just fun think I who I was thinking it was chicken will dislike it buffering now I'm gonna stop light so that's why I'm looking because I'm gonna stop like I'm stopped just joking I don't have one she knew yeah I've seen her before it's probably chicken no you know what I think that person did that before sandy not on the actual stream though she replied on one of my you know after the live stream went posted it and then she went on there and said that it's so irresponsible but I removed it I don't know if she was just nasty about it but whatever and called me stupid broad or something I don't fucking know but it was something stupid hello Ian how old are you thank you so much for stopping in and giving me a thumbs up before you go to bed I hope you have nice dreams yes it's breaking of I'm life you know I went into someone's alive the other day and the person was just ignorant like he just he came off road rude and like mean to everyone and just like treated people like they were stupid and then this guy had like nine thousand subscribers and I was thinking and he had like 45 people in his chat and I'm thinking I don't know do you people like me to read it mean Lee I'm just not doing that I'm sorry I'm out I just don't get it I'm if you're you know and everybody was being nice it wasn't like they were being rude they were just asking yeah like they were just asking general questions like if someone came in here and asking your question about like how many I don't know how many subs do you need to go live on mobile I would say you need a thousand they just changed the rule whatever answer it I don't care if I if I answered that question five thousand times not everybody a remembers not everybody knows because maybe this is the first live stream they ever been to don't be mean to people I don't get it some people just like being treated mealy or I don't know it's weird I forget guess what really great whenever I pull up dad mr. will be coming it will be coming I think it's because I get close to my wife I you think and then it tries to get it like it tries to connect with it okay dude Wow what is happening here and my back now no dream in your hand I think I need to sleep I love that show very much and I still watch it again and again what is it I missed it I made that mention the show by just a Oh some people just love to hate in this trouble yeah I think so thank I think I think okay um so I buffered all like always right there well you know I'm Saturday yes Saturday and Sunday whenever I do you like live streaming I was trying to think if I was going anywhere but I'm not so I will do them from if it's nice I'll I will do them from mmm the backyard with a nice view if it's not nice out I will do them from inside the house with a fox in a box that's from dr. Seuss what was the show and I miss it I missed what show it was Oh for jinafire oh I like that show I do Eila like that no forged him fire yep I heard you did and I went back and looked and found it so haha you didn't even have to say it ha ha ha yeah too late I love that awesome blacksmith you have one hour to make a blade yeah you have one hour to make this really hard detailed intricate blade go and then they're always panicked some of them some of them really like real combat okay we'll just do this and and it'll be all good didn't you say did you say you're trying it's 2 a.m. there and you were trying to go to sleep all right did you tell me where you were and sharp that's right it has to be sharp it has to be able to the grip has to be good because if the grips not good then how are you gonna be able to hack anything slice anything or whatever they want you to do with it I like whenever they do the gelatin will the gelatin type human body or something that they try to hack up all a slice a a a giant bull half a pig or something yeah cuts the dummy northeast outdoors oh my goodness morning he come northeast caldor's comes in when we're talking about hacking things up oh okay good good good yeah I was just thinking a mother who was I talking to I was talking to someone about that this morning how about doing a collab it might have been syntax because he wants an obviously syntax AI we can't do a collab here because he's in the UK but we were do a collab video like crossover type thing I think we're talking oh hello carry on Jeff and John thank you so much for coming hey I'm sorry I've missed you the last I don't you know today the last couple days have gone like really together what day did I go get that cbdo oh it was yesterday right yeah because that was the first day I was able to get out of bed and leave the house thank you I will make sure I pop over there though he always makes the best food it looks so yummy those prawns I cannot believe that you guys have prawns that big there because those are huge you're like this or like this this prawns I don't got shit like that here man versus wild Oh used to watch that show too I haven't been able to watch those lately I don't have I used to watch those all the time when I had cable and then I was able to catch some of them on Amazon we like a fire stick I was able to catch on some of that and then that thing broke so if it doesn't come on not 45 no not a 45 a can't it's too much of a kick for me with my hands in my body I'm good with a 22 pistol and a I have a 9-millimeter HK p2000 but it's probably been since last summer that I actually was able to shoot we are doing beef Sunday night Oh yummy that sounds good I will have to definitely check that one cuz that sounds like something I couldn't make if it has too much garlic like if any any recipes have too much garlic or something I can't use the whole recipe but I can try to adapt it to my ability to eat I guess but the rice and beef as long as doesn't have like garlic or anything like that I'm good to go I missed Maine is pretty awesome if you can breathe oh there's a bunny yeah there's a bunny bunny I know it wasn't a squirrel but there's a bunny it's sitting right there looking at me just hopping along Maine is pretty awesome if you can brave the six month long winners no I cannot I am NOT a winter person I hate it I do not like with the winter I don't like the cold it gives me a lot of pain I hate it it's a hot curry just like oh I love curry girl yes bunny see it was a bunny Mountain Oh Jessie and James happy Thursday no battered bike hello again were you still in here yeah bunnies and squirrels did you leave or come back would you do and then I can't remember who was here on the first stream and then it killed me and made me go off and then who came in the second one and then if the people from the first one came back came to the second part of it I don't yeah I'm still hoping that I'm able to get to the UK but at the beginning of August I mean it for Memorial Day weekend I'm going to see my friend in Virginia Beach but I'm driving there I mean it's seven hour drive it's not that bad I'll definitely definitely be filming that I haven't seen her in like 20 years no yeah I haven't seen her in like 20 over 20 years I mean we see each other on talked on the phone and see each other this way but that's it not in person haven't seen each other in person in 28 years ah thank you Jungmann Pokemon I don't even know what that means I never did Paige was never a Pokemon fan so I never watched Pokemon or saw Pokemon stuff I just never look I'm not driving now dolorous if you're still listening what you're probably not but I'm not driving I'll be in Virginia in June oh well not gonna help me sandy what what what are we talking about zombies still here just lurking oh okay thank you thank you nomadic bike thank you thank you what what if zombies attack attacked when where the villains of Pokemon Team Rocket just seen James oh oh so you're the villains I couldn't see you guys being villains random oh it was a random topic ah I thought you meant like I don't know you guys were talking about something and then I missed it you were talking about zombies attacking and I'm like well I'm covered man if zombies attacked I got plenty of things to protect me here and I have a thousand rounds of a certain thing a thousand of one thing and then thousands of other ones so I'm good to go Carolyn's couch hello how are you doing I have to run I'm a pop again oh I gotta go soon anyhow so thank you so much nice farmerie for coming in you're super duper awesome for spending time with me and braving the circle of death so many times thank you well not something maybe I don't know how many times did you twice see you later thank you for coming in hope you have an awesome evening and I hope to see you on Saturday or Sunday I don't yeah seven hours oh wait what I have 1k rounds of laser beams laser beams I will use a chainsaw okay I got that too what did I miss what I feel like I've missed something I know the area Virginia Beach so I gotta go do I have to go on 95 don't I don't have to go on 95 for a little bit to get the Virginia Beach I think I do you use Forks I don't want to get that close to a zombie I want to stay far away like the crazy people that are using swords and stuff like that if it was real obviously you got to get close to the thing I don't want to be close to it so it could bite me let's have a pint of Guinness at the moment oh nice I like Guinness but it's heavy so maybe one is enough for me I like um jingling it's a dark beer it's a Pennsylvanian beer there's a package on my front porch I should just go in house but I can't take you in the house with me because what will happen is you won't hear anything but the dogs freaking out I'm barking loud loud you know and chaos it's just chaos when I go in the house that's why I haven't gone in there yet oh my god we're most two – I know I know just randomly start screwing where are those two fifty-two more thumbs up and we got a fifty going on yes it's chaos it's chaos in that house you have three dogs barking and you got two of them jumping all over me and then they fight about it because the Pomeranian does not like the bull terrier mix touching her mommy one more dose is 48 minus 48 mosquito spray you did not you can't hit it twice if you hit it twice then it'll go away I need you I need two fresh lemons 49 it's Dave URI doula which is Dave hello how are you I mean I already know how oh you are I already talked to you today isn't it late for you guys what time is it for Dave and John and oh I know thinking how it's late right fifty yay I was in earlier but I kept losing signal so check back in oh yeah oh it is 9:30 that's not too late yes it dependent on the area like there are parts of that highway when I'm coming that are hit miss and I think in Indiana Connie Verizon cellphone carrier is better than I have AT&T so it's kind of spotty there Robert banks oh my goodness it's Robert banks Robert banks is in the house it's the king of motivation it's the Sultan of positivity it's mr. Twitter himself Robert banks how are you Robert I'm just sitting in the car because I was driving and then Dolores came in the stream and yelled at me for driving so I immediately pulled off the road and said I'm so sorry please forgive me for driving and streaming no I didn't do that I told her to go away [Laughter] what Oh eleven people there's eleven more than eleven people what's what happen Aaron oh wow how are you so I'm swinging your head it says 15 on here scrap being Irish hello how are you sleepy I was up all night with my girlfriend Oh what were you doing all night with your girlfriend you deal friend oh I remember you know being up all night with your boyfriend or girlfriend whichever you please that was always so much fun all the little butterflies in your belly and every year meet someone new sure sure John come on over everyone come to America that's not in America already and as long as you get a job you can stay with me I am I am I'm excited about this post-office box guys that I'll be getting tomorrow I mean I've already approved I got approved here we have to be approved we can't just go get one we go and then we apply for it and then we can I was trying to see something and then after we applied for it we gotta wait like a couple days so that our carrier that brings the mail to our house can say yes indeedy that is there that is where they live hello mountain man how are you thank you so much for coming in um I'm gonna have to go though cuz I can hear them barking and they need to eat and all that stuff which sucks now that there's no more buffering happening Miriam hello how are you Miriam did you change her name I'm sorry why are you tired I'm on the next plane can you meet us yeah oh yeah I'll meet you down at the airport just tell me when you're gonna arrive it is about an hour-and-a-half drive to the airport though from here we get if a free one because they don't deliver to the sticks oh I know I know I know about that in your area backwards law we don't we got to pay $92 I had a bitch stream about that um last yeah Saturday because they're gonna pay $92 for it so yeah oh it's man but that's just for this extra small box sorry I got distracted but I know it says it still says 49 here did anyone forget to give me a thumbs up if if you did forget can you please do it now before I head what mountain man are you serious it's 92 dollars a year for this extra small sandy if I get the bigger like the next one up I can't remember what it was 130 for a year the year if you get a year it's cheaper if you get three months if you get you can get a year 6 months 3 months 6 months obviously it's more like anytime if it's smaller amount of time it's more so that's why I just figured I'll just do the year no no no maybe 6 months I don't know yeah that's about this that's the same price here for the medium one yeah looked into the PIO box here as well and the prices are ridiculous yeah I know that's why I was thinking you know a year I mean what's it said I'd killed my wife they always say that mountain man they always say that that you either killed your wife or your girlfriend or something they always are whatever her husband at the one the one it was a lady that happened to so yeah it's ridiculous I'm sorry that happened to you and I don't understand why YouTube doesn't do I mean I understand that they're probably doing as much as they possibly can about it but and but I hope that they're cooperating as much as possible with the police so that they can figure out why we're not why but who keeps doing it we know why cuz they're douches and they just like to cause chaos and everyone else's lives happy looks thank you so much for coming that is shitty I'm so sorry that happened to you I know yeah it's scary for the people that are in a bigger like areas no no chaos it's it's scary for the people that are in a bigger area where the police don't know them thank you so much northeast for coming in I'll see you next time you have a great evening um like the police don't know the people so they don't know what they're coming up on and that's exactly I think what they want though they want you not to they want you to be scared and not be on YouTube that's what they want in that and you know and the smaller area is it's easier because if it would happen because the police know the people so they know that it's a lie and then the other thing is I think that okay see I'm out man um whatever like I mean they're just ignorant people out there but I gotta go cuz I could hear them flipping out in there and they need to eat and I gotta get going so I can go in there feed them and give Teddy's medication but I will see you guys later and hopefully I'll see you on Saturday with my stream at 11:30 a.m. and um I'll see you all out there in YouTube land have a good night


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