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Good morning! This is Teddy. I'm Miranda. Do you want to come spend the day with me? So one of my favorite things to have first thing in the morning is hot water with lemons. It's a really great way to kind of kickstart your digestion. It's full of Vitamin C. Cheers! After I've made my hot water and lemon I'll then make a smoothie and these are some of my favorite ingredients to include. Almond milk. Fresh papaya. Spinach. Blueberries and raspberries. Almond butter. It's a great source of protein. And then last but not least. I add my little Kora Organics skin food supplements. So this contains noni. It contains acai. Blueberry. Matcha green tea. I used to drink it as a liquid but this is so much easier. It's nutritious and delicious. Delicious. This is one of Flynn's favorite things to have for breakfast. I like it 'cause they're healthy for him and he likes it 'cause they're really yummy. It contains a free range egg. Oatmeal and a little banana. Put them all in a blender. Now just turn this on. Add a little coconut oil. Make little mini pancakes. I'm just going to let the dog out for a second. Who let the dogs out! Who who who. Go ahead out. Sometimes I use two of these to get underneath there. So as you can see super quick and easy to make. And I'll add a couple of little raspberries. A little coconut nectar. It's important to do exercise that you really enjoy. For me, I really enjoy yoga. Just doing a few stretches and yoga poses, really helps me feel really energized and grounded and ready for the day. So for lunch I'm going to have salmon. with a little crushed garlic turmeric and fresh lemon with a side salad of sprouts and arugula cucumber, purple cauliflower, and avocado. And then I make a simple salad dressing with olive oil, lemon a little apple cider vinegar and a little sea salt. No matter how busy I am, I really try to take a moment and just really be present wiht eating and really enjoy my food. Hello? You know, I work all over the world and I do have an office at Kora Organics but it's nice when I get to have those days where I work from home because I get to to cook for myself and cook for the family. I know they really enjoy that and so do I. So one of my favorite meals to cook is my slow roast chicken. I add, onion, garlic, fresh lemon, turmeric, rosemary. I put it in the oven, it cooks for 7 hours. and then I have that with sweet potato mash. I just leave the skin on and you just pop them in to steam. So this is one of my favorite salads, it's super simple. We have cabbage here with baby spinach parsley, a little cilantro finely chopped cucumber, olives halloumi cheese, sunflower seeds pine nuts and celery. Bon appetit! Thank you so much for joining me today. I really hope you enjoy my recipes. Now you'd better get going 'cause I have to have dinner with my family. Go on. Get! Go on! Bye!


  1. too much food for me, half that size should be good

  2. You can very healthy without starving yourself like this!

  3. why do people hates pretty girls so much I mean let her live her life.

  4. I want to start a healthy life I want some tips that work

  5. How cute💕

  6. How is acai really pronounced? i always thought it was ak-ky

  7. I'm.sorry but I am her size and I eat everything. People don't always have to starve to be thin

  8. she is so sweet!

  9. She has done Botox

  10. Go vegan girl….

  11. Omg she's so cute n sweet😍😭❤

  12. 0:58 Is it though?

  13. she feeds on a diet of air pies and breeze puddings!

  14. خدایی مقام عضما هم کیرش بلند میشه دختر بچه ۱۳ ساله میبنه؟

  15. Yeah right…I don't buy any of this

  16. Get, go on,, 😂😂🤣🙄

  17. Me in the hostel
    Thinking to have nutritious diet
    Which never gonna happen….. -_-

  18. "kickstart your digestion" fancy phrase for pooping.

  19. Thats why ı am fat

  20. are these doll size plates ?!

  21. Love Miranda xo

  22. OMG so much salty comments – looking like that comes with a price ok? They are just showing what she eats in a day, not what YOU should eat in a day

  23. She no need to work???

  24. Commented on the wrong video sorry , more videos on her food and recipes please !!

  25. Yes I’m so perfect in my perfect billionaire life with my veggies

  26. Miranda Kerr uses Halloumi cheese in her salad! as a Mediterranean girl, I am so happy 😊

  27. I like that she focus on health and not on just being thin. Yoga is a great way to start the day. Also those saying the pancakes are small, actually they are cooked in coconut oil so naturally you don't need so many to feel full.

  28. This is great and great recipes. I just would need to eat twice of everything she makes to realistically satisfying my hunger.

  29. She is so pretty.

  30. Even if i eat this mich I'll get obese🙄 my body sucks

  31. God I love …. I think she is the most beautiful model

  32. I have more food in between my teeth than she eats in a day

  33. It is a eating disorder.

  34. Miranda is so real , she is so funny , gorgeous , so inspiring 🥰

  35. She eats too little

  36. Amazing! I like that vegan start if the day!

  37. Her whole day worth is my snack!

  38. Muy buen ejemplo para las jovencitas que se creen está ridiculez… La señora se mata de hambre literalmente!!!

  39. She must of been cooking for her dog inna morning. Had to be.

  40. Gracias por los subtitulos 👌😘

  41. Trophy wife

  42. Most beautiful Victoria's Angel 😉

  43. cool …….

  44. you have skin beautiful and amazing

  45. اسمها ميرندا ☻

  46. Why do they always have lemon water

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