Everyone's gone crazy over Gym Leader Nessa!? – Pokémon Sword & Shield Art Challenge

hey guys before we get started here I won't let you know that the app game we've been working on is actually almost ready for beta testing so if you want to Apple it beta testing which I mean the old guys will try and find all the bugs that are possible in the game and let us know about them all you do is go in the description and write that email and let them know you want to help out if you do help out you will get a special little glow for your icon that's special for beta testers so I hope you guys will join so please don't expect the finished product right away this there'll be lots of bugs and lots of stuff we're gonna be updating and things like that so the idea is to try and find all the bugs before release so your guys's help will mean a lot so please do email them as you can tell here today we're actually drawing Nessa from the new pokemon sword and shield games which is super exciting and I was super excited about because I saw a ton of people online we're drawing Nessa all of her Instagram deviantART all the places you could possibly imagine tons of her drawings and I was like I want to draw her too it was like pretty sure any artist right now is dying to draw Nessa after seeing everyone else's renditions of her so I wanted to try my best list I actually wanted to have her holding the Dynomax pokeball which is what they used to have those giant pokemons in the new game we just were unique I was not expecting that I guess recently in Pokemon games they've been giving them very interesting new like things like the Z moves and stuff like that that they use only in specific regions which doesn't really make much sense in the lore but it makes sense for pokemons gameplay to have different aspects to it I guess I don't know but um it looks very interesting it makes the pokemons very huge and intimidating even though you could like makes cute pokemons ginormous so those aren't exactly intimidating as much as you think Pikachu is gonna sit on you or something and that would be creepy I hope you know honestly I'm not sure what all Pokemon are going to be in the game if it's gonna be all of them are just certain ones and I don't know because they have so many Pokemon now I wouldn't be surprised if they only put in a certain amount of them I know there's gonna be a lot of new pokemons I'm excited to see what they reveal with the Pokemon so that was like one that look like a sheep and other things like that so I'm pretty excited I haven't really kept up Pokemon games like the new one I did not actually play and there was also that lets go not let's go is it Nicole let's go I don't remember I got it for my brother's birthday and I made him play it but he didn't really like it much probably because I kept the same formula they've always had in the Pokemon games which is kind of disappointing because the original Pokemon games say you someone had an idea and the idea was that they wanted to have these monsters roaming the world and there's this one person who's gonna catch them and train them in battle to fight the gyms and that was the original idea so they did the best they could with what they had and they had to put the hook iman in these little areas that were the grass and they had to have trainers stand alongside the road so they can fight you but you think when technology went forward they would still aim for the goal that was the original goal set rather than continue to copy the original gameplay because the gameplay was that way just because they were limited with what if they could do so of course everything was limited the sounds of the Pokemon sounded like weird robotic noises that was because they were limited to the sounds they can make – so you think they would upgrade when they move forward with technology but I feel like Pokemon is very slow to upgrade and no one seems to actually give any backlash for that they just kind of let them do it over and over again and keep giving them great reviews even though they're falling behind with graphics and they're falling behind with gameplay and they just keep doing the same thing every time I would love to see an updated version I know there's they're trying to move in the right direction which I'm giving them props where that's great tube in the right direction because now they're trying to put Pokemon in the overworld even though it looks very unnatural they're still trying they're moving forward the biggest problem right now for them is they're suddenly going to console with the same developers that do the 3ds games like that so it's going to look like a 3ds game on console the graphics aren't very good which is kind of sad and of course everyone who saw like breath of the wild suddenly Zelda updated and became something new we everyone had this hope in the back of their mind that is gonna be new and different but it's still very much similar to the same thing again it's gonna be very similar to Pokemon as always but hey they're trying to go in the right direction so I still have hope that in the future Pokemon will become what the original idea was an original vision they're gonna do that but so far I've not seen it with Nessa here this was the first gym leader they reviewed and they showed everybody and everyone is super stoked because they're all excited that mess is here we finally have someone that's shown from the game and I would like to see all the others as well but I really like her design I realized right away that her hair and your official artwork kind of looks like a fish's tail which is kind of cheesy but it's interesting I've never seen that before her hair by the way is very difficult to draw I had to keep looking at different photos and find how other people do her hair to figure out what the heck her hair was doing because I was so confused but now that I am figured it out it's not as difficult as I thought it was it just seemed very difficult at first for some reason also um speaking of the diamondbacks pokeball it has this really reddish glow to it or like almost like a pink on the pokeball so I realized right away after i was colouring her like all this color work i'm going through to make sure she has the right colors from the original artwork and then i have to use a red glow all over the drawing in order for the pokeball to even make sense or look like the actual thing so it kind of messes up all the colors and makes it look wholly different thing i tried my best so i hope everyone likes it I'm kind of excited still for the game because they did show Pokemon in the overworld so that's exciting and different and they also showed that they had like some sort of way to play with friends to do some sort of like raid battle which I'm not sure what that will be like because it looked more like you're just fighting a thing with ton of HP and you just kind of sit there whacking at it but who knows it could be fun I'm I kind of really want to play it I haven't played it all the Pokemon games first one I ever played was Pearl and I haven't really kept up with the series I kind of play mara wants a lot because they've always felt like the same thing every time I know someone's gonna be like I hate that but seriously they do you feel like the same thing every time I wish they would update it and make it new and different because I feel like almost every other game is being forced update and change but the pokemon isn't and I don't think that's right because where it says Mario recently just had a huge change with Odyssey and they made it new and different and innovative and was fun but Pokemon hasn't done that and the same with um like I said breath of the wild that was completely different so that's what I'm hoping for I'm hoping for that will see the original vision done rather than just the same thing over again but with um Nessa here I wasn't sure exactly on the colors I'd realized her blues actually aren't just blues they are like more of a a slight green tint which you would call more like an ocean blue I guess I'm not sure exactly what color that is most mostly artists should know what the caller's names are I don't I have no idea what the caller names are I know like the primary colors and then every time it's a color in between are different shades I'm like that's a bluish green or that's a that's a reddish blue I I'm it's badly okay I've radish blue like it was just a purple but you know what I mean I'm just not good to the colors I'm not good with them I don't know the names at all so I struggle with that but it's worse when you're talking to other artists and I'm like oh well what color should I use I'm like I know the color that you should use but I don't know how to say it to you I don't know the name of this that's terrible I should probably learn the names as you can see here I'm starting to add that red glow that I was talking about that I needed in order to make the pokeball look like it's actually shining because that's also the reason I left the line art to be more red and all that because I wanted it to go with the pokeball and I wanted it to look like she was about to toss it which the reason I did this was because I really wanted to use that Dynomax pokeball because it looked so cool and I haven't seen much fan art of her with it so I thought that would be more unique get something to do that's different my first idea was gonna put her Pokemon like behind her and have him all huge like a Dynomax thing but then I decided against that because I wanted to use the pokeballs been her holding a pokeball while he's already out did it make any sense but I was trying to get the exact colors as you can see here from the background I would just go and like get them with the little syringe of this put them back on because I was trying to make it look as accurate as possible but the biggest problem is is that the original art like you see on the right there that has no shading there's no shading really on her artwork that has very minimal so for anyone adding shading her skin and all of the callers on her is going to change a lot drastically from that so that's probably why I loved will notice colors change it's because they add lots of shading and highlights and stuff like that that aren't on the original so it changes it drastically but I hope you guys like this I had so much fun with it and I'm excited to do more things like this so please do let me know what you'd like to see next and don't forget to email the person in the description for doing the testing the beta thank you guys so much for watching


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  2. I liked the basic Pokémon shows like the first 5 seasons but I feel like as they kept going it just wasn’t as good as the classic shows…

  3. Goes downstairs looking like nessa
    gets yelled at
    I am a water gym leader so..

  4. She reminds me a bit of Marina from Splatoon 2.

  5. Hi love your art! But where do you download “Paint Tool Sai” ?

  6. Dark black women butt hurt cause don't nobody wanna see Nessa dark asf

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  9. Can my oc wear your merchandise? Plz I’m a big fan of you and venturiantale

  10. I love Nessa and she is my waifu. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  11. ngl, nessa kinda looks like marina from splatoon 2

  12. I have to say but Nessi Does look like marina from splatoon 2 and Off the hook

  13. And no one complained abou misty's Swimsuit? 😐

    sHE's a WaTeR tYPE gYM LeADer-

  14. But, I don’t want to draw her.

  15. Is yt glitching out? about 4,000 views and about 500 likes? Wow this video deserves way more respect

  16. pokeymon

  17. Wow!! I've been watching for a while and your art is still amazing!!!

  18. I’m actually surprised most of the comments I’ve seen aren’t about people raging on artists making her skin slightly lighter.

  19. I thought Nessa looked so cute in your Drawing Flying Pings 😄

  20. Hey here's my character I wanna put in if that's ok https://www.instagram.com/p/By6A46Dlbhw/?igshid=hdwmboej4n94

  21. Am I the only one who noticed you uploaded the same time as hopeless peaches and you both drew Nessa

  22. Please redraw my oc!!! Here’s a video to it!

  23. I hate to be one of those people but Milo was the first gym leader to be revealed. He’s the grass one!

    Your art is so amazing! I’ve been watching VenturianTale for so long and then you came out with this channel and just, it made me so happy! Keep up the good work!!!

  24. can you draw my oc please!!!!

  25. 100 coment

  26. ily and all but this video triggered me
    – lets go had roaming pokemon
    – they did change the sounds
    – nessa was the second gym leader revealed

  27. To be honest I think the new game will be good or at least decent but I also agree that the directors of Pokemon should push through their limits, such as making players playing a different role in the pokemon world.

  28. 🙂

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  31. I’m so sad I can’t test the beta

  32. I'm not sure if you play this game but some Splatoon artwork is something id love to see!

  33. When you know color, but don't know color name 😂

  34. The reason why they struggle to move forward is because the Pokemon fans gives them bashlash for changes rather than nothing changing.
    Everyone is being awful to GameFreak because they decided to not make over a thousand of updated models for the new game.
    Because making just one model will take them weeks. To update the entire game 100% will take them years.

  35. Meh, I've seen more art of the lass. Lol

  36. Heyyyy! I have an OC on DeviantArt and I also posted it on Amino. Her name is Angel and I have a bio on it. Here's the DeviantArt link!

  37. Nessa: is drawn by rule 34 artists
    Literally any other female character: first time?

  38. This is just like when the botw sequel trailer was released everyone was drawing Zelda with her new haircut XD

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