keep holding it down alright Oh that concludes our introductory plugs class any questions uh yeah how come I'm not skinny yet oh this is only the first class so yeah but why would you ever expect me to come back if it doesn't work attention everyone yeah you too right there you know what this is guys this is a stamp you think your whole business is modeling okay cuz it sucks such a bucks now who's with me guys's go I'm only leaving because you know like class is over not because I agree with him he's an idiot I keep getting boners during the workouts at home yes every workout ever alright now that we're tied in with our ropes and balancing on your balance boards let's throw those tires in the air this feels weird no it doesn't your body naturally wants to do this it's evolution alright next we're gonna roll down the street while balancing on our tires and swinging our ropes in the opposite direction let's do this let's go okay great I don't really need to work out cuz I can eat whatever I want shut up but leaves are like wasted Oh my butt hurts my arms are dead while my toes are an individual agony I don't went so hard I may never be able to actually walk again without assistance yeah well I'm pretty sure I ruptured a lump yo the neural pathways in my brain have changed and not in a good way I repeatedly stabbed myself in the thigh with RSD knife and now the cuts super infected whoa you're for sure gonna see gains from that definitely games that games mad mad nutty games you need a spot even put my crotch right in your face [Applause] so just want to work out tomorrow yeah sure cool meet me at 6:00 a.m. oh absolutely not between soccer practices piano lessons and playdates just being a mom is enough will work out for me pros oft for when your life feels empty and meaningless side effects include nausea headache or depression insatiable hunger pretending you feel fulfilled by your children the desire to kiss strangers a spooky ghost that follows you everywhere and my busyness yo where the kettlebells at I don't like popcorn six a m– so hey bro do you want to work out together hell yeah I'll meet with the spot in an hour sick bro your booty is poppin so fix my dog you seem very comfortable in your body I'm very much am we should shower together later yeah yeah screw this butt workout I'm just getting implants what is ah welcome to the famous person workout that no normal person could ever hope to do are you ready yes okay first step is to throw your entire workout wardrobe because what you have now is probably hideous and you wouldn't want to be caught dead in it anyway okay next hire a personal trainer at 2,000 dollars an hour but then hire a personal chef I cheer then finally we're gonna take a jog around the block I'll give you dad to an ATM where you're gonna withdraw fifty thousand dollars to bring to a cosmetic plastic surgeon every workout ever you're kind of sleep here say I'm very homeless Jared Oh Jared stop Jared you always do this Jared stop I am so yoked I am half on birth chicken well I worked out so hard my name legally changed to Dame Judi Dench I think so hard I feel my biceps in my diet I'm so puffs illegally beyblade champion I feel so manly right now I'm ready to play some yu-gi-oh yeah well I'm all the cards of Exodus yeah hey guys thank you so much for watching this video if you're ashamed of the size of your calves deadlift that box on the left and hey look at that there's a video on the right you can click either one of them and they'll take you to a very high quality Smosh video and I highly recommend you do that and if you're not yet subscribed you haven't hit that Bell button what are you waiting for you silly do it okay love you


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