Eve of “Stay at Home” Directive from the Yuba-Sutter Health Officer

Good evening Yuba Sutter community. So, I want to remind you guys that at 11:59
p.m. tonight we are having our directive of shelter in place go into effect. So, there’s a lot of fear, there’s a lot
of anxiety, about COVID-19, even about shelter in place; so I really want to stress on this
video and recording about your mental health. And the fact you should acknowledge those
feelings. But then don’t let them get the better of
you. Stay informed, be informed, go to reputable
sites such as bepreparedyuba.org and bepreparedsutter.org. But then don’t let it rule every second
of your life. Don’t actually go on these websites—don’t
read about COVID-19—24/7. It’s not good for you. Go outside. Take a walk, but keep six feet distance from
you and the next person, please. Exercise will actually be helpful for your
mental health and your physical health. And don’t forget about your kids. Try to explain to them, in age appropriate
language, what is COVID-19. Why I am advocating for everyone to listen
to me in regards to this direction to shelter in place. What you do in the Yuba Sutter community in
the next three weeks in regards to this shelter in place directive I have instituted will
determine whether our community can successfully fight off an outbreak of COVID-19. Thank you.


  1. Hi quick question my fiance works as a cosmetologist and is pregnant should she stay home and shelter in place or continue to go to work like they are demanding her to do?

  2. Can we still go out and get food within those 3 weeks??

  3. I wish I knew who to follow. . .Yuba-Sutter Health or Gov Newsom. We are being yanked around and we don't know which one is "the truth"

  4. Everyone is still running around no one is doing what they are being told to do. People are going to freak out when they do end up getting it. Stay at home people!

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