European Health Insurance Card

travelling in Europe be safe and take your eh I see with you if you're British or of European or Swiss nationality you can apply for a European health insurance card eh I see the eh I see is a plastic card which replaces the old a111 form the card allows access to state provided health care in all ETA European Economic Area countries and Switzerland for free or to reduce cost applying for the first time need to renew your eh I see was your eh I see lost or stolen get covered and apply online today at European health coach you K you can apply for your eh I see safely and securely at European touch UK by using the online service you can rest assured that your eh I see application has been fully checked for errors omissions or common mistakes that may delay your application you'll find answers to commonly asked questions such as what does the card cover is the card to substitute for travel insurance how long is the card valid for your follies answers and many more at WWF plz you K our online service is available 24/7 in addition to this we offer telephone and postal eh I see applications our customer support is always available to assist you by email telephone online live chat and by SMS notifications if you're traveling abroad urgently we can provide a fast-track application with this service your application will be completed within three working hours and we can send you confirmation of the application in case you need to travel before your card arrives be safe and apply now at European touch UK or contact are multilingual expert staff on oh nine oh five nine one five one two one nine for advice or to process your application by telephone get covered get your eh IC card today ww European hello UK

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