Esperer BioResearch launched 2 health supplements Es Fortitude nourish, protect & recovery & Es Inv

we have the expert who is pioneer in the field of medical oncology and who is working in this field more than 25 years now he's a senior consultant and currently in its June hospitalization and he will be talking about how tensed every she can help the thanks patients we have the founding CEO of the company whose retention over there he will be talking about that how esperance by research participation and what is our mission how the expedition we have taken probably I'm a medical oncologist at this a treat cancers with medicines drugs injections we have a lot of drugs chemotherapy biologically and over the last 25 years in which I have practiced I have seen hundreds of new drugs which have come and more cancers have become little more cancers we can shrink we can make their lives better I still remember some of these cancers patients used to live less than for less than six months and now with all these at one such patients are living maybe for five years six years some of them getting dual our cure rates have increased even if they don't you get cured their survival has increased but one of the aspects in cancer which has not kept up is supportive again so you have to you have to make the patient feel better also not just live so there are a lot of things in this for example we can set 320 where blood counts come down hemoglobin comes down you feel it will be so we have found thanks to him through the demography like that one of the important things in which which by which patient can feel better is nutrition so if you look at the more the cancer 20% of the patients day not because of cancer but because of cancer cachexia which is means severe malnutrition produced by cancer no need doctors including me on so we are all guilty that we have not really targeted this aspect of capsule in function this is acting which of the part that I founded this company last year 2018 16th August but the back end research I was going on last six years when the research came into a significant stage we thought of putting up a company and taking into the US nutrition is a very vast subject and now I belong to a very remote village and probably nobody trusts families 17 years back I moved to Mumbai like all other no.2 for the survival instinct to get a job or something like that so since then I have been working in oncology space in different companies and I have got an opportunity to interact with the ecologist patients patients attendants hospital management pharma companies research companies all those different stakeholders of the cancer ecosystem I am fortunate to meet them so another day we found that nutrition plays a big role in Indian context when you see that cancer disease management is our priority for almost all developing countries and even a long time to this the prevalence of cancer is more in a western countries that means development rather than developing countries but the growth of cancer diseases are higher in countries like innovation we not give the optimal results so from there we are coming with the concept that leaders we are working closely with the concept of developing a nutritional therapy process for cancer patients which we are gonna talk with the government to get endorsed at the same time we have come the research that we have done during that several different stages of the cancer the nutritional status changes like when the person is detected when the cancer till the time we start start therapy the cell biology as for the cell biology of the patient's nutrition because most are different so in a normal case where the patient is taken to the operation theatre he has been taken certain certain business certain certain thing has been taken care so we call it the precondition if it is happening in the it is a mandatory fortress of the chemotherapy drugs it is completely a nutritional therapy from the concept of nutritional therapy one product is called s and vigor which is the base formula which takes care of the general health of the cancer patients it starts from day one patient detectors which detects with the cancer till the time dr. bones or the his body permits and comes to the normal stage and the second product is s fortitude which has got a three version 1 is preconditioning of the patient that means before starting the treatment chemotherapy radiotherapy romona therapy a patient has to be taken if patient comes in early stage this precondition is possible for the doctor so it is called s 40 tooth nourish and then is s 42 product which is during the therapy so it takes care of the whatever the nutritional changes and lack happens during the therapy takes care so it complements the main therapy so the drug used during the main therapy has been has been it gives the optimal efficacy of the drugs and s fortitude recovered a recovery which is after the treatment stops this patient has to continuous at least for six to nine months Parman therapy remains same it ranges from ten thousand to sixteen thousand eight hundred rupees depending on the patient's body weight and all its a patient has to be taken along with an vigor which is a base formula with if it is recovery recovery so two at a same time to both the things has been to be taken

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