Eruma Saani | Types of People in Gym

Master.Good morning master.Monday we had chest work out. Tuesday biceps , Wednesday.. – wings – Aahn wings master.. Today.. ZUMBAAA Master.. If they start doing zumba.. Gym **
Songโ€ฆ Hello Valayapathi sir, seems like you have earned a lot in mutual funds Sir, yes sir. Nowadays no one is going to bank. Everyone have changed to this online trend. Cant get you sir. Dhandapaani, there is an Mutual fund Investment app called grow, available in both Ios and android. Online investment? Can we trust that app? Yes Dhandapaani, it is very transperent and user friendly. You will have a full control on it. You can select your own mutual fund. Everyone can invest at 0% interest. You can start the investment from 500rs. Great sir, If we have the control, we can trust that app definitely. Ill download the app immediately. Dhandapaani, We had a heavy workout, can we go home.? -Okkk – I'm the Arnold brother. That sit ups and the shits… -This bicepsss.. – Wow,Super da Valayaapathi. – Yesssss – Oh shit ! She's gone… 1….2….3…. 4….5….6…. are Swathi's dad only know.. – ******* Swathi is my classmate uncle. Is it ? There are lot of idiots roaming around. Uncle is here for your safety ma. Ok ma.You continue your workout.Uncle will be back. Hello.What ? Not this,Do like this.. – Ok,Uncle. -Brother, what is this? -Dae,Get up da -Keep like this 1…..2….. Ohh…Shit… Brother…tell her to do it right.. – Why ma, you are always doing it wrongly. Put it down..Tap…. very good.. -Super brother -Idiot.what are you doing? Did I taught you like this ? Why everyone are doing your workouts wrongly? Who taught you like this ? – Valayaapthi.Master is seeing da.. Its my fault since I allowed them into gym. – Lift him up.. -Dae..Mummmyyy… -Get up brother. – Who is he? -Tik Tok Thangadurai. -Tik Tok Thangadurai uh ? -144k followers. Guys…Down.. -Boss..Phone boss.. -Hello. College function ? I'll come.Only 2 lakhs. Kindly control the crowd guys… Take it man… uhhhfff…. Ooopss… Drop… – Hey,Tik Tok Thangadurai di.. -Yes..Sir,Can we take one photo with you sir. -Please sir.. -No Unwanted girls… Please sir.Only one photo sir.Please…. -What happen to our society.. (caughing) -Actually you both don't have that dedication. -Uff..He's not gonna leave us.. In 2010,I went to Mr.India competition. -What? -As an audience.. Afterthen only I got an idea to open this gym. Infact,Selena Gomez is getting fitness tips from me everyday. And, our Sammu.. -Sammu ? Samanthaaa…. I'm the one who shoot all her Instagram videos.. One second. -Hey,Stop there.. -Oh shit,He caught us. -Dint you pay the fees this month? -Master !! Your bice workout uh master ? Your Biceps looks great master! -Can you able to see this ? – Yes master. – Ok.Pay the fees tomorrow. -Thank you,Master. -Our biceps also looks great. -Oh..Ok. ****Yesss** *** Commmmoonnn*** -These shits… What you guys are doing da.. Yessssss…. Commonnnn daaa… aahhnnnn*** Yessss *** Babyyyy…. yesss… Commoonnn… Commonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… Yess…. sssss…***** Yesss….********* DAe..DAeee.Daeee -Why are you shouting like this da? -Master, you only told us to shout and work to get motivation. -Everyone are looking into gym da. Police could come here anytime. Remember this is gym da. No way master.We can't work without shouting… – We want.. Ok.Atleast shout and work decently in tamil.. -Aahnn Ok master… -Ok ?? Ready….. I allowed to work them in my gym because they were curious..But.. Oooot***** ****** *&*&*&***** -I don't want this gym anymore… – I quit.. I'm gonna search my life…. -Master..Cardio ??? -Master….Are you going to gym ? come lets go together… I DON'T WANT THE GYM FOREVER….


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