Episode #81 June 20, 2019 with Tony Oddone

hi everyone welcome to another episode of CBD top podcast oh wait before I do this how do I pronounce your last name Odone thank you yeah that would be embarrassing right oh I've done it before it's it's there is no shame here anymore welcome everyone to episode number 81 of CBT taught podcast and we've got a really good show with for you tonight and I'm excited and we haven't done it one in a couple weeks but things have been crazy at work and also I'm starting a new video series um where we'll have definitions of words that are commonly used in the cannabis industry to help you guys out on that so that's having look for it soon on Facebook and that is our Facebook page of CBD talk podcast too because hey Facebook shutdowns tickety-tock podcast the first one so anyway um well tonight's episode is sponsored by clean green wholesale CBD calm clean green offers white labeling and wholesale services for products from GMP and fda-approved manufactured facilities so if you're looking to increase your pipeline of products check out clean green wholesale CBD calm and they even offer drop shipping to your customers so on to tonight's episode whip pop him up here Tony a dome from pro Verde health and I have been talking with Stephen from his office who's great guy and where you were able to make something happen so that we could get Tony on the show and I'm very excited about this Tony's a company properity health operates in a couple different avenues so we'll talk about that soon but first of all Tony can you tell us how you started working with CBD personally and how poverty came about sure first of all thanks for having me it's great to be here and yes so as far as how I got involved in the CVD industry my background is in the dietary supplement industry and I've been on the forefront of dietary supplement manufacturing for the past six years so that Segway directly into the CVD industry as soon as the farm bill which was just recently signed literally our our eat in box and phones were ringing off the hook with do you manufacture CVD will you manufacture CBD you know we had so many clients coming to us asking for this and ultimately they were sending us their existing product asking us to us for us to duplicate it like this is our product can you duplicate this and what we were finding is when we were putting this through our standard operating procedure and testing procedures we were finding that these products most of them weren't meeting label claim so when we explain that to the brand's they were a little taken back you know and ultimately we said well hey if if there's so many of these issues in the industry you know maybe we can be kind of the the brand that comes out and kind of those things the the correct way so that's really what segwayed us into the CVD industry is this the the gap in the industry and the need for somebody to step in and ultimately put out a product that's made with integrity and that passes you know these these these rigorous testing that we have for this product and that's the thing is you know right now it is the world well west out here but the FDA had their their meeting at the end of May they had a hundred and 120 people speak and I've gone through the video the link for that is actually on a CBD talk podcast Facebook page if anyone wants to go back and look at the replay you know watch 121 of them but but it's really interesting and the fact that they did that and that they're having open comments right now means that they're they're moving forward in a way to set up some regulations and that is you know for the farm bill that that's that's under their jurisdiction and I think it's huge to have people that are in the length of nutraceutical or the the supplement industry with all the experience sure ready to help us move into this new phase so yeah it's exciting times for sure yeah good and you know that's that's wonderful and you know we don't need things made in bathtubs yeah and unfortunately you know the industry needs regulation to stop that from happening yeah yeah because it's not gonna happen on some weight the self regulation we tried that yeah there's a there's a products out there they're just you know like you said not even close some of them don't even have CBD and the label says CBD so right right yeah there's there's a lot of things that we see like especially like Amazon brands there's a lot of things that I'm sure a lot of the audience is aware of but I'm again I'm sure a lot of the audience isn't aware of and that's the issue the issue is people are buying products thinking it's one thing taking it and then not seeing the effects or the results that they expect and it's kind of tarnishing the the entire industry and that's necessary thing is and that's very true but then on top of that they're thinking Oh CBD is a hoax and and then and they could be talking to someone to other people saying the same thing as well people that it could really benefit actually with rheumatoid arthritis people with you know skin diseases immune problems are just a myriad of things and and basically you know the one bad actor with with a terrible product could end up preventing someone from from getting the help they that they really need okay so we're gonna go a couple different ways on this episode because you do have a lot of knowledge that to share how about we start out with the importance of well first of all explaining what GMP is and then why that is important for for consumers to look for absolutely so GM P stands for good manufacturing practices and why this is important is because this is basically the the Bible for any quality manufacturer and what that basically means is it's a it's it's our standard operating procedures and how we operate and not only is it the written procedures it's also the follow up work to make sure that we actually follow those written procedures so what does that mean that means that basically everything within our facility has a document or paper trail to follow it there's sign offs on everything and everything is done in a certain way and it's done the same way consistently every time so not only has it done that way but it's also validated by another person to ensure that there was no oversight or there wasn't something that got missed so there's always a two person check to validate the work that's been done on top of that with GMP you know designing a proper facility in which these products are being manufactured having the proper equipment to manufacture these particular types of products maintaining the facilities maintaining the equipment all of these things are standard operating procedures that are done to ensure you know not only the quality of the product but the safety of the employees that work in the facility and just to make sure that the that we're putting out there for consumers to take is you know it's a hundred percent a quality product so is this a certified process it is so GMP czar they are self-regulated but they're also audited by third parties oh good yes so we do our own we order our ourselves for compliance on a quarterly basis and on top of that we're also ordered by a third party so some of the third parties that we use are Intertek which does third-party auditing as well as NSF which does third-party auditing oh and I've definitely heard of NSF yes so NSF is very popular in the dietary supplement industry most that's probably the most popular one you'll see so how long have you been in the dietary supplement industry so personally I've been doing this for six years I actually got into the industry through my father-in-law who who's been in the industry for well over ten years and you know it's it's you know we started the industry in the industry with just doing protein powders vegan protein powders just your normal dietary supplement line up your vitamins your minerals your herbals things along your botanicals things along those lines and our what makes us a little bit different on the dietary side is that we try to do things without all the extra fillers without all the extra excipient yeah so ultimately taking an existing product in trying to strip away the things that really are not needed and the reason why they're typically added to products is for speed and for flow but if you're doing things in a certain way and you're not necessarily doing things with dollars in mind you're doing quality in mind you can strip away a lot of those things and create a really quality product so you feel that the supplement industry translates well into the CBD industry Oh 100% 100% I mean it's it's it's going that direction it's gonna go that direction no matter what we do so I feel like the fact that with our background with creating these similar type products now incorporating CBD into these types of products is is only the stepping stone anything that really has where you've seen the benefits similar to what – what CBD or other cannabinoids have brought to the market or I mean like is there is there an equivalent out there or a CBD just really like wow this this is awesome CBD is amazing especially if you're taking a quality product it definitely has amazing benefits and those benefits are very unique to the individual so I'm not gonna you know yeah I can never sit here and say it's gonna do XYZ for you I think you're you're it's a subjective product it's it's gonna be unique to the individual exactly 100% but the people that have taken our product and that we've given samples to I have a lot of family members that we've given samples to and just the feedback that I've gotten from them it's it's it's amazing you know I've had one of my uncle's in my family he hasn't had a good night's sleep in probably the last five years he just constantly wakes up he's taken CBD now for a little over a month and he he can constantly sleep soundly through the night it's yes healing recovery stress it's just it's amazing something that I can compare it to believe it or not we're heavily into the ketogenic market a lot of ketogenic supplements and everybody asked me whether or not I believe the ketogenic diet is a fad diet or of it or if it's a diet that's here to stay I truly believe it's a diet that's here to stay because I've seen again I've seen the effects of the diet on people with obesity on people with type 2 diabetes I've seen you know how this diet has has you know basically revitalized them and brought them back to good health so those supplements are aiding in that effect you know because being carbohydrate burners as most Americans are switching being a fat burner is a very difficult process so there's supplements out there that can aid in that transition so that would be the only thing that I can think of that has made a huge impact on people recently yeah absolutely but I mean CBD by far is I think we're only scratching the surface with CBD well yeah because we got CBD cbgc be right see you know every yeah the cannabinoid alpha alphabet actually you know what let's look at now you brought that up okay so for those of you that are listening on the audio podcast the youtube version will have a section from a CoA from Pro verde and so for that we're just gonna kind of go through this and you can listen long I think you'll be able to catch most everything otherwise head over to youtube and and take a look at the video from there so we're looking at a portion of a CoA a certificate of analysis and I've always wanted to go over this arm on a podcast but I've never really found anyone to do it with so really glad I think you're doing this with us no problem and the the only piece that I was able to get today in time for the show was was the cannabinoid breakdown in addition to cannabinoid breakdowns there are heavy metal tests results there are chirpy terpene profile yet microbials solvents terpenes yeah lots of different things that are tested but tonight we're just going to take a look at at I could have it I break down because there's one thing that comes up that's really handy when you want to find out it really how many cannabinoids or yeah what what the strength of your product really is 20% yeah so okay so and can you see it on your screen Tony I can yes I can see just go blind by line just kind of and explain what what these what these numbers mean 100% so on the left hand column you'll see the cannabinoids and these are all tested with an HPLC and it lists all that what's an HPLC so that's the the device that's used to identify the different cannabinoids correct correct that's that's using the lab any any any quality third party lab will have an HPLC or a mass spec so basically on the left you'll see all of the cannabinoids listed you'll see the limit of detection so that's the limit of detection that this particular piece of equipment can actually identify and then you have the percentage that's found these and then the next two columns are the results the percentage that's found in the sample as well as the milligrams per milliliter which is important to ultimately determine how many milligrams are in your actual tincture which I'll explain that at the end but as you can see I mean you can just read through this this particular sample is our Pro Verde health 1200 milligram CBD tincture and it has CBD a which is found at 3.9 milligrams per milliliter it has CVG which is found at point 4 9 milligrams per milliliter it has CBD which is found at 36 point 6 4 milligrams per milliliter it has THC a small amount which is found at one point four one milligrams per milliliter and it has CVC which is found at one point eight five milligrams per milliliter and basically the the next four columns kind of gives you the those add it up so your max your max active THC which comes in at point one four percent which is below the legal limit of 0.3 and it comes to know one point four one milligrams per milliliter now this this line is the line that people will most likely want to look at is your max active CBD which when this tincture is four point zero one percent or forty point one milligrams per milliliter now how do I know what that means because the average layman and we'll just look at that and be like okay that looks that looks great but what you need to do is understand that your tincture bottle is typically a one ounce or 30 ml tincture model that's this that's the standard there are some nuances but that's typically the standard yeah so in this case you would take the forty point one and multiply it by thirty MLS which would give one thousand two hundred and three milligrams which is why this is a 1200 milligram tincture therefore this particular product meets label claim right and that's it and that's what you're looking for you're looking for your product to meet label claim because what what we find in the industry is people will sell you know a 1500 MIG tincture or a 2400 MIG tincture and when you actually test it it only tests out for maybe four or five hundred MiG's know people ask themselves well why are some 2400 make tinctures $200 and why are some a hundred dollars well there's a there's a reason why and typically the reason is because you're getting what you pay for yeah you know so do your do your homework now retest results understand test results and if you have questions ask and if company if companies won't answer your question that's a red flag it's what we tell them all the time [Laughter] we get emails everyday we got people on Instagram that that DM us we got people on Facebook that message us we're constantly answering questions you know the questions that we can't answer I mean lately yeah we we do get a lot of questions you know how much should I be taking there's a lot there's a lot of questions that obviously you know we're not in the position to answer with product you know with with manufacturing or with you know reading reading labrys lab tests lab results we're more than happy to walk you through it and help you understand what it is you're looking at right and you know people can do their own research on dosing and things like that there's a lot of information out there one of the more common practices is to you know start low and titrate up I am more of a bolus type of gal and then you know go down from there but but I truly think you need to experiment with it you need to experiment you need to understand your body how your body works and you experiment to see what works best for you cuz what work what works for me might not work for you exactly and that's why it's great to have these different ways of approaching it but I you know it's it's very important to note what you're doing it's because you might not remember what you did three days ago four days ago so keep a notebook keep a journal write down what you're doing and then and then you can you can go back and say okay I was taking this much I'm taking this much and and how is it affecting me and and that's what's one of the things that I really don't like about the pharmaceutical industry is that it tends to be a one-size-fits-all kind of thing you know then you go to the store you get your prescription filled you just you know you pop a pill you go on what's great with with CBD and the other cannabinoids is that you're really taking responsibility for your health and and you're listening to your body you're kind of getting into with what's happening and and talk about just total responsibility and being able to affect to your own health it's it's a wonderful it's a wonderful gift and and the product is is just amazing to be able to do that one thing I want to add is a little hack that I learned is far like you said taking journaling or writing it down like I I recommend keeping it on your phone because one thing one thing that we never leave at home are never or never without is our phone for that I don't have an app I just keep it in my Google notes but you always have it with you so there's never excuse to like oh I forget I don't have my notebook with me or I don't have this with me so you always have that there so you can always kind of keep a little journal in your notes yeah this couldn't see how you're progressing how you feel how it's affecting you yeah that's that's where you know I might um I might add a little something to the CBD talk podcast app just like a journal for people to be able to keep stuff in there so that's a that's a good point because yeah you're right always we always have our phone it's amazing okay so let's take a look now here's something fun that that Pro Verde Health has on their site and we've talked before about different methods of bringing CBD into your body you know we've got the teachers the topicals and you know Bates and capsules and inhalers and nose drops and just all sorts of great things so lots of methods to get it in but tonight's group has has made it even more fun and that is so if you actually go to their website Pro Verde health.com and I'll put the website in the show notes they have a cookbook that you can download and and there's so really there's some few guidelines when it comes to cooking with CBD and so get 22 kind of walk us through that sure so I can't take the credit for it so with the help with a lot of creative chefs we've sent out samples of our product and in return we've gotten some really cool really unique cold processed recipes that we've put together in a in a cookbook or recipe book that is available on our website for a download I think that your entire audience will find it very fun it's things that you can do CBD parties you could have it as a dessert it's just it's just fun unique ways to incorporate CBD in your life where you're not necessarily just taking it sublingually or a soft gel or or a salve it's just something it's a way to kind of have a little bit more fun and ultimately incorporate it into your everyday life awesome and what is your favorite recipe my favorite is actually a it's a it's actually a latte where I do it's it's similar to a bulletproof latte we come we call it the pro Verde health latte nice where we we use it's it's coffee it's cold brew coffee it the MCT oil which is already in the tincture we add in I use sometimes I add ghee sometimes I add just like grass-fed butter everything goes into a blender everything goes blender it froth up really nice taste amazing it's a really really good kind of pick-me-up it's a great great drink we really enjoy it that's great okay talked a little bit about literally cooking like with heat so with with with any type of CBD product typically there's there's a there's a boiling point or a burning point for the oil so you'd never want to get that particular product above the boiling point so we never recommend cooking with it's pretty much all of the recipes that we do are generally cold processed recipes you can add it to your coffee coffee typically is about a hundred nine hundred eighty degrees that's pretty much the max that I would feel comfortable with never recommend you know cooking like any type of baking you do like we you have one recipe in there it's for I believe it's a pumpkin bread but but the CVD is actually only in the icing okay so the CBDs and the icing so accident bread comes out and is fully baked icing goes on afterwards after the bread has had a chance to cool so yeah please don't cook with it because that could there's a carcinogenic effect and yeah we don't want to we don't want to go down that road that's a goal welcome to go to the website and download the cookbook it's totally free so it's definitely a definitely a something fun to look at and it's great for parties I've had such great feedback of people making things for CVD parties just to kind of jazz it up and it's gotten really good reviews somebody just CBD baby chef Kim Kardashian's have that it wasn't sponsored by Pro Verde health it should have been chilly come on things I do love like I know that's silly but you know are at the CBD baby shower but the normalization of cannabinoids is really important you know we it's hard for those of us who use CBD daily or you know are involved in the industry things like that to sometimes see or realize that there are people who still don't understand with CBD is I mean because we just assume like whatever industry you're in you just assume that everyone knows everything you know um but by seeing things like Kim Kardashian having a CBD baby shower it and also the maker of Jelly Belly's launching a line of of CVS jelly beans which great it really gives us the opportunity to open a conversation with people who are still in the dark and how about how about Oreo cookies leaking information that they're gonna put in Oreos how about that that's wonderful I know that sure so so if you have the opportunity to where you know you're talking with somebody just you know random someone and something comes up please let them know that your experience with CBD let them know that no it does not get you high as many times we have to say that it doesn't get you high it's it's not intoxicating that's THC that's it's it's Big Brother and and then just you know lead them to one of your companies that you trust like you know pro Verde or or some someone who who has the time energy and desire to help educate other people and help them to to build a relationship with with someone that can provide him a a nice quality product we have opportunities popping up all the time now to talk about CBD and I want everyone to do it and there are there are a lot of companies out there today that are doing the right thing but you just have as the consumer you just have to do your due diligence so you know a lot of companies are making it more and more easy to access their test results a lot of companies using QR codes on bottles QR codes so literally you could be in the English in the Whole Foods or the shopping center and you can in these particular products and as long as you're educated and understand how to review those lab results you can see what you're what you're buying and I think that's important to take the extra five minutes out of your side of your life to understand exactly what it is you're buying and but I also recommend contacting the company oh yeah for me it's something that's important to my health of me because this isn't a doctor giving it to me so I want to hear a voice on their side of the phone and you can tell a lot about the integrity of a company by the people that are answering the phone you know and couldn't agree more yeah so ask some questions and see see the responses you get if it doesn't sound right don't buy from them Yeah right you got to feel comfortable you got to feel comfortable before you make that purchase for sure yeah sure okay okay so we're gonna jump I am so not Segway today I'm very long we can work um okay so CBD is the type of product and type of Industry the cannabis industry as a whole you know including all cannabinoids full plant stuff it's a type of industry where yeah there's a lot of money to be made and there are a lot of companies that that's what that's what it's about but it's also for a lot of us in the industry it is more than a business it's it's a lifestyle it's it's has a lot to do with integrity and transparency and helping other people and helping yourself and so you know when they talk about these socially conscious companies and how you vote basically with your dollars and so I mean there are specific companies that will never see a penny of my money for one reason or another that you know either they're you know they're they're not they're going out of their way to harm people in one way or another or their Monsanto yeah or or their you know shooting endangered animals like I'm sorry you don't get my money so explain to us because that's a big part of Provera tea hall yes is that socially conscious responsible foundation that your company has so talk to us a little bit about how you do things differently there sure so we have a 200-acre certified organic farm in upstate New York where we grow all of our organic biomass not only is not only as we grow hemp there we also grow other organic fruits and vegetables and the our team that works on the farm is all paid you know sustainable wages living wages I mean what that basically means is nobody makes minimum wage everybody makes at a minimum at thirty thirty percent above minimum wage that's typically where we start somebody new to our team but our our goal is to you know build our foundation within our company so that we can provide you know the highest quality product to our clients and our consumers and our family and that that starts with making sure that you know our our team can ultimately afford to live comfortably and aside from just wages and and you know sustainable wages we also have a full-time chef that cooks lunch every day for our team a lot of its you know our own organic fruits and vegetables but we also bring in other other products so that we we can provide lunch every day for our team on the farm so it's it's a nice add-on to have that that there and it creates more of a family atmosphere for the people there that's great do your to the people in the farm or the employees do they do they use your products absolutely absolutely yeah that's part of it you know everybody's allowed to basically everybody's allowed one tincture a month because it takes years to quickly a 30 day supply and anything more than that we do have incentive programs to to get product to people that need more yeah yeah that's great so I did want to mention that so Tony's got teachers and it's also got topicals and so I'm allergic to coconut so I couldn't take the teachers but I did use the topical and one of the things that's great when you work with a company that has a supplement background is the knowledge that goes with what to put with the CBD and so like for me I'm on a computer all day I'm a marketing manager at a fortune 100 company and so I'm always on the computer so when I when I wake up in the morning my hands are cramped and stuff so I use I did use the the Savon it was wonderful I woke up the morning my fingers didn't hurt it was great put it on my skin I've got some skin damage from some sun damage from being stupid and it really looks like it's um taking away some of those some of those spots there so that's that's what I think I mean but what I one of these that we talk a lot about is methods methods of using CBD and so Tony and I were chatting it before the before the episode started and you know we were talking about how great it is to be able to have a tincture a daily tincture I actually take my teens for morning and night I split up and take the morning and night for that that's how it works best for me personally but to also be able to use topical to help bring CBD and cannabinoids into your into your system as well and one of the things that people don't remember is the cb2 receptors in your skin and and that it's I mean it is really a powerful way to bring it in and in and that your skin is what is it Tony your skin is your largest organ and most people don't realize that skin is an organ but it is your largest largest organ yeah and so guys is a great opportunity to to get more CBD into your system and if you if you if you take a bath if you're the type of person that takes a bath one of the whatever shows by the Keurig oh I think it was was with a company they were working with the big kids with a butterfly syndrome which is like the skin like basically peels off yeah and it's not a whole lot of like adults have it I don't think because it's kind of hard to get to that point but but what they were doing is they were putting the tincture in the bath and so it's float on top for the water and they get into the bath and soak into it and it would it would you know coat them and then as they got out of the bath the oil as they were coming up with but to go towards them you know in it as it floats on top of the water and these kids were getting great results because if they were treating their skin with the CBD just just as a process of getting in and out of the bath and so we need to remember that it's not all about teachers it's great to have teachers and I think it's it's the foundation of a good healthy and a cannabinoid system is through teachers but don't be afraid to to use use a Sabbath it's not like you're going to overdose on CBD this is a very safe product but I really recommend it and to be honest with Provera days just the the oh gosh try what is it um winter aromatherapy alone with it sure yeah there oh my gosh it's it's just really very soothing and and so I welcome you guys who are teens for people definitely stay with your tincture you know just keep taking teachers and but think about that I think it's yeah it's we're really happy with that formula that's actually a formula that we created that actually works without CBD yeah so when we added the CBD to that formula it really took it to the next level yeah so it's really intensified so we were really happy with that and we've gotten great feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it I really do because you know there are a lot of SAS out there and yours has 600 milligrams to 2 ounces I think it is correct is that yeah so there's a lot of sounds out there that are really almost shocking because they you know they their formulation just isn't there yours is very creamy and it's it's it's wonderful it's easy dude easy to use it sound like eared like dig it out you know it's it's what great stuff so I appreciate a good product so we talked also before the episode a little bit about some of the speeches that went on with the FDA and one of them was talking about it was with a an organization in DC or Virginia or Maryland here in that area about regulating CBD as a natural supplement dietary supplement because there's already a framework in place if you go immediately into it because it's a safe product and then you know the FDA could see if they needed things down the road so this this wouldn't be like a roadblock it would just be moving straight into it since you've been in the supplement industry what part of the regulation do you think is gonna be the easiest part – you know for a CBD manufactures to fall into and what's gonna be the hardest part I mean so 21 CFR 111 is the governing body right now for the dietary supplement were nutraceutical industry so that's what they're talking about when they say that that's what they can foresee CBD moving towards which I agree I agree wholeheartedly with that and the the real premise there it's a lot of it's gonna be Chain of Custody a lot of it's gonna be you know having having proper chain of custody and kind of all the all the testing that goes on so just to give you a quick synopsis of testing that goes on in the dietary supplement side of things when we when we receive raw materials from our suppliers those were as soon as we received them they have to be quarantined and our lab samples them we have an in-house lab our in-house lab samples them and identifies them and also microbial test them to make sure that they're safe to bring into the facility and the identity test is done to ensure that let's say we're bringing in organic P protein but we want to make sure it really is organic P protein before we label it as such in our facility so those two tests have to be done to ensure that there's no nothing being you know because there's mistakes made in the industry and a lot of raw materials look very similar to other raw materials I have to do these to these preliminary tests before you even bring it into your facility you know and once you bring it into your facility you know there's there's numerous tests that have to be done on unfinished products as well to ensure that it's safe before you can distribute it to to your to your customers or any other brand and such so I just the the the total package is really what the CVD industry needs some does some companies are already moved to 21 CFR 111 are already finding following though that code of federal regulation yeah and and those that are not they're gonna be forced to is that's the only way to ensure that every product that's going out into the market is is consistent and it meets purity and potency label claims safe for consumption and safe for use so what do you do internal testing and what point do you do external tests third-party testing sure so all of our testing at done in-house is use your preliminary testing final testing we will also do art our own internal testing but we will also send it out as a safeguard as a safety measure and a check hardy and cross-reference our results yeah that's and I have heard that there's some inconsistency in third-party testing there definitely is there definitely is and I've seen it range as much as 10 to 15 percent I've actually seen like take it you could literally take the same sample split it in half send it to the same lab as two different samples and two different results so I don't want to scare anybody by saying no because when I say there's two different results I mean I'm talking within five to ten percent right I'm not talking you know 50 60 70 80 percent I'm talk there's there's nuances to the results and a lot of that has to do with you know what machine was it run on in that in that food in them you know what was the lab tech was it it was that the same lab tech was it a different lab tech there are some nuances even though it's the same sample going to the same lab that could make up for these differences right and and the thing is again we're not talking about fentanyl here we're talking about CBD so you know very very low toxicity yeah in my findings and research nobody has ever od'd on CBD ever yeah Sarah so but so there is room for improvement in in in the testing machinery and all that I mean it has it has gotten better it has gotten better I have definitely heard that you know so we've gone from I would say a 15 to 20 percent margin of error I was down to about a I'd like to say five but more realistically it's about 10 percent well one of the things we do at pro Verde health to combat that and until the labs can catch up is we we formulate with a ten percent overage yeah so all of our products always have a 10 percent overage to ensure that we always meet label claim yeah well because also like if your product is sitting on the shelf for three months sure I know there will be some degradation huh yeah and so that's why it is you know it is it's great that you over deliver sure you know although a lot of products in the CBD world don't say on that market on sells that long but we can also see you know moving ahead the possibility of like with huge batches being made where you know when when it's on every shelf and you know every drugstore across the country as it should be that that's one thing that I would I would look at when buying is the manufacture date so it's more than six months and and with these huge batches manufacturers should be testing more than just one model yeah okay so the standard that that's been developed is the square root of M plus one and what that basically means M being the number of units produced in that batch let's say for instance there was a thousand bottles produced in that batch mmm-hmm take the square root of a thousand and you add one and that's the number of bottles in that particular batch that should be randomly sampled to ensure that that entire batch meets label claim and that is that kind of a supplement rule of thumb it's 21 CFR 111 yes okay awesome so to take you know Segway companies that are following 21 CFR 111 are doing that but that's not the standard yet right that's that's what we're hopefully the industry is hopefully moving towards yes yes definitely and that that could solve a lot of problems I you know because I I work in animal health and so I know with the different pharmaceuticals that we work with that there have been recalls you know and and entire manufacturing Suites shut down sure because of things found and and it's it's not that there was ill intent mm-hmm but how are you going to catch it if you don't test the one another key thing with GMP s is all G any facility that's following GMP s will do mock recalls oh so we will do mock recalls at least twice a year on a product to ensure that we can safely identify but both with our locked coding system all units that were in that batch and safely recall them god forbid anything did happen yeah that's great so are you using a lot batch or manufacture date or expiration date or what are you using on your bottles we use a lot number and a expiration date awesome what expiration how far out do you go on your expiration date we currently have stability studies showing stability at one year that's great but that's also because you you over deliver we over deliver with our formulation and the one thing that we did find is that by using the organic MCT oil allowed us to have a much more stable product yeah when we used hemp oil which I know a lot of people do like because of the Omega effect and some people would prefer the taste it was a much shorter shelf life right as long as the expiration date reflects that correct yeah you're good you're good but just just being just note that if you are using a CBD oil with with hemp that's using hemp oil as a carrier be cognizant of the expiration date yeah because the coconut that's what I have to use and that's why I look at expiration dates well sure it's a good thing they didn't for sure yeah and and it's really great that you're doing the the testing for shelf-life a lot of companies I don't see do that yeah I mean again 21 CFR 111 you have to do have stability data if you're gonna put an expiration date on a product you have to have the whole premise with GMP is you really have to have paperwork to back up anything you're saying mm-hmm making a label claim I have to have verified paperwork verified test results and documentation showing well how I'm making that label claim yeah all right so do you have any final words for our listeners tonight any any words of wisdom for CBD so I believe that there's a lot of good companies out there and I'm hoping that these companies are not only raising the bar but they're raising the floor and buy rigs a floor everybody is getting raised up and hopefully with these new regulations and everybody following you know 21 CFR 111 it'll allow the best possible products to be on the market there for the customers and the people that are needed these products will be getting the best quality so that's really what the the hope is for the industry and there's a lot of companies that are fighting for this and I think that's really the best case for everybody yeah I think so too cuz then there's there's no schedule to deal with which is a little absurd that's that's great and so we hope to have someone in from the from that organization soon one of the like real Ettore organizations to talk to us about about the the parallels between the nutraceuticals in and the cannabis industry so that'll be a good one to have but um guys like we say do your homework yes I do your homework do not ever be afraid to call a manufacturer if they are a good company than they're they wanna hear from you they want to know right how their product is how it is has helped you and if it hasn't helped you they might be able to recommend like either point you to a website that will give you information on dosing or explain how to how to search research that because let's remember we don't want our companies to get messed up with the FDA there's a lot of good resources out there that we could definitely help you point you in the right direction and you know the other the other piece is you know we we want customers feedback that's how we learn yeah I love hearing from our customers whether it's good or bad you know because everything is not great you know so the the negative feedback is how we grow how we learn how we get better and how we provide better products and better services so I think good quality companies want that feedback so don't be afraid to get it yeah definitely and and that way you can you didn't partner up with somebody once you get some good results from something and you start sharing it you're gonna want to know more and more about the company and and find out what what other products so they can be coming up with that you know that might work well for you as well so sure okay everybody thank you for joining us tonight Tony thanks so much I appreciate you coming into problem explaining all this nutraceutical geography all those letters that you just said it's been a lot of fun doing thanks for having me thanks and okay everyone um remember stay happy stay healthy and we'll see you in the next episode bye

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