EPIC CHEST DAY – Motivational Video

You gotta remember the reason why you started this You gotta remember the reason why you put your blood, sweat and tears into this Focus! Why you started! Why you started it all You know what you want! Easy as f*ck for you f*ck! We want more out of this life! When you do chest I mean when I when I finish to the bench press I'm immediately sitting front of the the mirror and I flex I hit the shoot on the see everything how it works, right? I want to always see what happens You have to feel the muscles That's the key because then they grow! Focus! Why! We started! It's not about just taking a pill It's not about just taking a drug That is not bodybuilding! It's your mindset, it's who you are it's what you put in Sometimes you're sitting on the bench When you four, five on it And you really want to focus And you think about your chest and about the pectoral muscles and then you lean back Hard focus! Focus on the purpose! Focus on your why! And focus! On the things! that you're willing to give your life for it!


  1. Idiots shouting "Roids!". So what? Taking steroids and not working out as hard as if not harder than natural trainers won't get you ANYWHERE. You have to work hard. Roids don't cut out the hard work. It's still train, eat and rest right.

  2. squeeeeeeze it home

  3. 0:36 sounds like a dinosaur to me😂😂

  4. when people see your success they often scream steroids… but what the don't see is this⬆️⬆️⬆️

  5. Hasta ahora es el mejor video epico del dia de pecho que conozco el mejor¡¡¡¡

  6. They look like two giant tities on da wrong gender! Fucking shit makes me vomit, dog!

  7. Raiden motivation <3

  8. If roids makes you a champ.
    Then why dont you take it you fucking clowns

  9. This editing is better than makaveli motivation. 👍

  10. safdar maulai

  11. this video was amazing we saw some old school body builder pumping their chest to the max making them grow like crazy the blood flow in there chest is crazy that how you do in the gym

  12. Fuckin motivating

  13. Loving the videos, keep the great content coming 🙂

  14. More videos like this please !

  15. What's the name of the song at 1:51? The Piano part

  16. epic vid

  17. Can you make a motivational video like this but instead of the lifting it shows the injecting?

  18. names of the songs?

  19. song???????

  20. most of your videos are epic … you are epic

  21. this video motivate me too much I cant stop anything I will be the champ one day

  22. Powerful video bro!

  23. Motivation of cardio please .. l always skip cardio.. l need motivation speech 😂😂

  24. what's the name on this song , soundtrack

  25. Nice video buddy 😉 (y) keep up that shit!! #killer I like the music what is it?

  26. Holy Roids….

  27. Intresting channel good videos

  28. Its a pill of energy !!! thanks

  29. Nobody will ever be better than Arnold in bodybuilding, ever.

  30. nice video make the one workin too hard nice ronnie coleman is a legand

  31. I like ke

  32. great videos, great editing , love it!

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