Enhanced patient experience at Max Healthcare with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

>> It never really occurred to us to go get
a medical check-up done, and even if you did, dad would say, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." Come on. But that morning,
it was different. The hospital actually came to us. >> At Max Healthcare, patients are our first priority, and we do everything possible
to make sure we treat their ailments while
making their stay at the hospital as
comfortable as possible. We are committed to creating
an institution with the highest standards of
medical and service excellence, and in this journey,
technology plays a huge role. With Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online, we've been able to improve
our community outreach, resulting in early diagnosis
and better treatments. >> Namaskar, Max Healthcare. >> I'd like to book an appointment
with a doctor for my father. He has high blood sugar. >> Ma'am, your appointment is
confirmed with Dr. [inaudible]. Who's an Internal Medicine Specialist
at Max Hospital [inaudible] for Friday. >> Thank you. >> Have a nice day. >> [inaudible] Max Healthcare
has patients coming from various sources; online and offline. A common platform which integrates all patient information was
of utmost importance to us. With Dynamic CRM and
the power of Cloud, we can now seamlessly gather and process information
from anywhere, anytime. This has helped patients
with appointments, checkups, and just about everything, from their first contact with Max
till their postoperative care. >> The possibilities
with Microsoft CRM are limitless as it helps us deepen
relationships with our patients. The solution has helped us to plan
and launch new services while improving existing ones as we move
to a future of connected care. >> I think we're really lucky that my dad's diagnosis was done
at such an early stage. I look back at that day that the health camp came
to our neighborhood, and it really changed
my father's life.

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