English Conversation Exercise – Is Rachel Stressed? Ben Franklin Exericse


  1. amazing..

  2. As always, learning a lot with you. So, thanks a lot.

  3. hello, i nearly can't hear the D sound such as in "good way" and so on, is it also like the stop T? those are very nice to study, Thank you. from Japan

  4. i just wanna say one thing, Thank you

  5. My beutyful theacher …smart ..make me hapy…

  6. you inspire me alot.thanks i follow you from egypt,,,

  7. I appreciate your help, greetings from Colombia.

  8. thanks for all this

  9. Ben Franklin Exericse "Exericse" is not correct? Exercise?

  10. I love so much that!

  11. it is good idea . I like to me.

  12. you are the best thank you​

  13. ​we need a lot of courses like that

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  15. Thanks Rachel !!!!!

  16. Awesome work ❤

  17. L'anglais est belle langue que j'ai adoré malheureusement vous la déformée ! C'est moche…

  18. Thanks ur vedio is the best

  19. Wonderful class,thanks Rachel.

  20. Thanks a lot

  21. Dear Teacher. can you make a video to guide me how to speak /s/ at the end of the word. because I speaks I can hear /s/ but when I recorded it, I cann't hear /s/. I don't know how to improve that issue.

  22. Esse tipo de video é o que mais aprendo com eles!!! Poderia ter uns sobre o dia a dia "vou toma banho"

  23. Rachel My Favorite Meal is Pizza Margherita YOU Know

  24. i love u, thanks a lot

  25. Hey Rachel i m new here…maybe you don t know,but it was one of the best classes that you have done…(sorry about mistakes) I progressing

  26. I am very lucky to find you.  You are the best teacher and I enjoy watching your videos!!!

  27. thank you so much . may God guide you to ISLAM

  28. A very good video. I'm gonna apply what I watched. Thanks A lot!!

  29. Super l , so helpful didnt see anywhere similar lesson.I was good at Phonetics at uni but I have forgotten the" can" to be unstressed and spell like [kn]🖒

  30. SHOW !!!

  31. So fast, Difficult to follow.

  32. good

  33. Inglês nível hard!

  34. Minha nossa, Junior! Que velocidade é essa?!?!

  35. thank you very much 😍. from Vietnam

  36. Thank you so much for providing such good videos. I have one question about the tone after watch the video. The textbook tells us that we should use falling tone when we answer an question, but I found that when you answer the question :"can I call you Rach", you said "you can call me rach" with tone going up.Besides, in the last sentence, you said there's a lot to be done, I think it is the ending of a sentence, so we should use an falling tone, but I think your tone was raising. Is there something wrong with my listening or are there some exceptions for intonation.
    Looking forward for your answer, thanks so much.

  37. I got a question. I need more Ben Franklin videos. This is not enough videos on your Youtube channel. Do you have more Ben flanklin videos on your website? This is what I really want!

  38. how long are you going to be gone for ?
    where is the 'are' sound .
    I don't hear that sound.
    can someone tell me?

  39. thank you racher ,i am a chinese ,it's really helpful for me.

  40. Thank you
    I subscribed you

  41. me: are you strach about anyshing ..
    are u stressed abour ae nything..
    are u shtres..
    are u sh ..
    god dammit

  42. Ben Franklin exercice is a excellent tool that will help you decode the language. Thank you a lot Rachel.

  43. I'm arabic and i want to learning the language english 😴

  44. good teacher

  45. Hi ممكن اتعرف

  46. Very good
    Please , send us more vídeo like this . Thanks !!!

  47. Thanks my dear for greatest efforts for enhancing our language

  48. Wow! It tooks to you 16 minutes to show off you are going to Europe on vacations.

  49. Thank so much. Your videos are very helpfull

  50. Cool

  51. Minha professora favorita

  52. Dear Rachel, you are my most beloved teacher on youtube, I have learnt lot of pronunciation from you, thanks so much teacher.

  53. i think i'm so good in English but i want to speak with Ame or Eng person to make it more effective to speak and think English

  54. can i find someone here??

  55. I don't know how those 190 people bad to make such a great video thumbs down 👎

  56. Been Franklin method very good way to improve my listenin skills

  57. thanks Rachel
    btw you look so beautiful today. love your smile

  58. thank you 🙏 from india 🇮🇳 love ❤️ you

  59. I like benfranklin exercise very much.
    I was curious about reductions and also about some specific pronounciations.
    Know I hope it will work and I'll be able to speak very good…

  60. i love it

  61. thanks a lot from Japan:) I keep watching your video and study more.

  62. im little annoying with your text dialogue in bottom…

  63. im little annoying with your text dialogue in bottom…

  64. Wowow very nice work

  65. Very good

  66. You're my best teacher. Thanks a lot.
    Good luck from Russia
    Keep it up 🙂

  67. You are just awesome !

  68. Hi, Rachel. I have been watching your videos when you release. Since I watched all of your current videos, I went back to old ones and practiced pronunciation. This is great exercise! I learned and practiced a lot! Thank you. 🙂

  69. So I feel there’s a lot to be learned

  70. I love it

  71. thank you so much

  72. thanks a lot ! ❤️

  73. Дуже дякую. It means ''Thanks a lot'' in Ukrainian.

  74. It’s very useful upload,thank you

  75. Thank you so much for your comprehensive learning method

  76. Tnxxx u ma'am

  77. Thanks a lot Rachel you do an exceptional job

  78. Great!!!! Thanks a Lot!!!!

  79. Why you did not drop the d from the word of good

  80. Thank you !

  81. Like

  82. I'm sorry anyways you will alright

  83. We were saying good

  84. I had said something about you tell me what

  85. love this <333

  86. Hello Rachel,
    Could you help me for this "I am following up your case"?
    As I feel very not smooth to say "following up", I am sure u can help this problem. Thx😅

  87. Rachel, do you pronounce Europe as you-rop or you-a-rop?

  88. Your video is so useful for pronunciation& liaison~Thanks for this very good teaching

  89. Thanks a lot from Taiwan.

  90. could you create more videos like this please ?? i really enjoy it

  91. i love you rach

  92. Thank you Rachel

  93. How long are you gonna be gone for?
    -> 'are' is skipped?

  94. You have an amazing way to reach the information easily
    Thank you so much 😊😊

  95. I'm so lucky to have you. Thanks a million mam for help us.

  96. Thanks Rach.

  97. That why I don't understand native speaker, Asia speaker English I can understand. Thanks so much.

  98. Maam I'm watching your every conversation videos

  99. Important.
    thanks Rach

  100. incredible, amazing lesson thanks a lot rachhhhh😁

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