Engaging and Empowering Healthcare Customer Service | Felyn Tan | Cognizant ASEAN

Today’s healthcare consumers are empowered
by easily accessible healthcare-related information. This new direct level of connectivity between
life science brands and healthcare consumers presents both challenges and new opportunities
to influence their choices and deliver a stronger consumer experience. Our 4-step Cognizant Omnichannel Ecosystem
Approach assists life science brands in providing stronger brand experience, agile content syndication,
personalization and attribution across a variety of channels. The four steps are: • Design – we leverage
design thinking and deep customer insights to design new ecosystems and associated services
• Architect – we plan and map the connections between the experience, operations and technology
stack • Orchestrate – we organize and administer the content, operations and digital
services fueling the ecosystem and • Optimize – we provide a holistic view of the ecosystems
impact on the customers and the business and optimize for performance. For example, we helped a major international
pharmaceutical company that was facing increasing market competition, to activate a seamless
omnichannel program to rapidly increase awareness and sign-ups into their ongoing education
and support program. All top 30 global pharmaceutical companies
and 9 of the top ten biotech companies work with us. Please contact me today to find out how Cognizant
can help you transform the experience for your healthcare consumers.

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