[Eng sub] My health and my thoughts

Hello, everyone. Shibasaki here. It’s been a while since I last met you. In my previous video, I discussed my health issues and concerns about how many times my videos were viewed. In this video, I want to discuss my current health condition, my thoughts on the messages from you, and my future plans. As for my health conditions, you may speculate from my voice. Last time I was about to lose my voice. Now I can speak normally as you see. Thanks to you, my strength has recovered. I still have difficulty moving my hand, however… …and am still taking tests at a major hospital. But my strength helps me speak to you like this again. I think I will continue painting with my right hand as always. So that’s about my health. So many people have worried about me. I have also received a lot of get-well wishes. Arigato! Another topic is my concerns that I discussed in my previous video. A truly great number of people sent me messages. That video alone received over 9,000 messages. Including the comments related to the topic that were sent to my other videos, a total of over 10,000 people sent me messages and expressed worries. I was seriously more than surprised… Oh…. The number of messages was beyond my expectation. It took me days and days to finish all the messages. Again I express my gratitude to all of you. Arigato! Each of you wrote a message much longer than usual… …to seriously respond to my personal concerns. It took me a while to summarize 10,000 messages and sum up my thoughts. But at last. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to summarize a lot of messages. But I did so to make it easier to discuss it. The messages were classified roughly into three groups, and I’ll talk about them. The discussion started with my concern about my videos for super beginners. While the number of subscribers exceed 400,000, the number of views of the super beginner sessions was hovering around 10,000 or 20,000. That made me worry if my voice has reached the viewers. That was what the video was about. One group of responders affirmed that these super beginner sessions were very useful. Some say they were never able to find good teachers or textbooks on watercolor painting…, …but that my YouTube videos were extremely detailed and easy to understand. They continue that I can stop making these videos temporarily if my health is an issue, but suggest I never quit… that I should continue super beginner sessions if possible. Such supportive messages were delivered. As I read them, I… I was stunned to know, and happily confirmed that there were people eagerly waiting for my videos for super beginners. That was one group of people. The next major group of responders comment that they don’t paint very much but that they still look forward to my videos… …that they make them feel very happy 🙂 Those are the opinions from this group of people. That surprised me. I never thought all these 400,000 people actually paint…, …but the messages reassured me, that there are more people than I thought that don’t paint but still enjoy my YouTube videos. The messages from this group truly vary. Some people say that they subscribed but watched only one video. Some say that they have been too busy, and only watched two or three videos but may watch more in the future. These people also tell me not to quit. Others say they can sleep well if they hear my voice before going to bed. A great many people tell me that it’s just nice to see my paintings, and my figure and hear my voice. Like I said, these people agree they don’t view all my videos. I was really stunned to hear that. I assumed that each and every subscriber would watch all the videos I created, but that was not it. Now I think of it, it all sounds natural. I was convinced. And the last group of people… …these people sympathize with my health conditions, but they themselves are in poor health… …or in a serious pain daily. Some people are feeling sick in the hospital, but find my videos somewhat relaxing. Some cannot walk due to their poor health conditions… …but watching me going somewhere for sketching makes them feel like they have come with me, and they feel pleased. Or my fun cooking videos remind them of the times when they used to cook in the kitchen. There were opinions like them. Other than these three groups of messages, there were messages from young people, maybe junior high school students or teenagers, like grandchildren to me… …saying “Cheer up, grandpa!” “I understand how you feel, but perk up!” “I am painting to be like you when I grow up.” After reading all these messages, I realized something. I really enjoyed painting in the beginning, and I still enjoy painting. But I realized there was something I was forgetting little by little during these times. I’ve spent a lot of time as an instructor teaching how to paint in as simple a way as possible. I think I was trying too hard trying to show people the simplest, and most useful possible ways of painting in these videos for super beginners. Because of that core purpose of showing easy painting methods, I think I got confused with the 10,000 or 20,000 views. But a lot of comments reminded me that 10,000 views is actually great… …saying, “Don’t you realize that 10,000 or 20,000 views is not easy to achieve!?” Reading these messages, I terribly regretted and remembered… …that I was extremely happy when 10,000 people subscribed to my channel, after I started posting videos on YouTube. Your comments reminded me that I have almost lost or forgotten how moved and excited I was at that time. Truly. I was so tricked by the illusion created by the number 10,000 out of 400,000. I feel embarrassed, really. This was in fact pointed out by some young people commenting, “It often happens when you are posting videos on YouTube.” “But don’t you realize 10,000 views is amazing?” Yes, that’s true! 10,000 is amazing! I was literally awakened after receiving various messages from all of you, and reading each one of these 10,000 messages. Yes, I was awakened. I shouldn’t just look at the 400,000. 400,000… Each individual in that 400,000 is different. You are watching this video as a viewer now, but in the country next to yours is a different viewer. I had completely forgotten about that. I must speak to each and every one of you sitting in the other side of the screen. That totally slipped my mind. I was too obsessed with the number 10,000 of 400,000. I am starting afresh. As an artist, I should enjoy painting myself. I’m going back to this basic idea and continuing to post videos on YouTube as long as my health permits. Of course, I want to create instructive videos for super beginners or those who want to start painting. And for those who don’t paint, I’ll show and paint great landscapes for you. I’ll come up with many other programs for you all. But thanks to all these 10,000 messages, I’m now able to picture each one of you. I also sincerely and greatly appreciate each one of you for waiting for my YouTube videos to be posted. Thank you so much! ARIGATO!!! Concerning my health, I will continue, as an artist, to make use of my paintings if they possibly please you. I’m looking forward to meeting you next time on YouTube. See you then!


  1. 私がこのチャンネルに登録したのは柴崎さんのお人柄によるものです。結局皆素直な人間が好きなんです。かくいう自分も毎回は見ておりませんが、これからもお元気に活動して頂きたいです。

  2. You made me realize a lot of things that I’ve been struggling with since I started posting art some years ago, once you see the numbers, you forget about who is behind the screen and that theres probably a line of hundreds and hundreds of persons who love your work, I too, feel ashamed to forget that
    You are not alone, Mr. Shibasaki! I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your youtube channel some months ago and that I can learn many things along side you! (Artistic-wise, about life and about japanese language) 😁💕
    Please remember to take care of your health as well as take care of your hands! You are the best!

  3. Do not get sick for nothing ! Enjoy yourself first ! Be good ! Share what you want to share ! You have my greatest Respect and all my 💖 …

  4. 先生の元気なお姿が見ることが出来て、お声を聞くことが出来て本当に嬉しいです😊今後もお身体は大切に、これからの動画も息子と共に楽しみにしています✨

  5. すごーい決断です。ありがとうございます!いつか、生柴崎先生ご本人と絵画にもお会いしたいほど、嬉しい。

  6. I am saving money to buy watercolors tools and paint, I want to color my manga with watercolors because of you Shibasaki-sensei

    Keep healthy!

  7. I first started watching your videos because it was calming and I love watercolor paintings despite not being a painter. The more videos I watched the more it made me want to paint. Until one day I bought all the supplies I needed and started. Honestly if it wasn't for your videos I would've never started. Thank you for inspiring me to start.

  8. I hope you feel well sensei!

  9. Bless this man.

  10. What a sweet person you are Shibasaki! I am pleased to hear all you have shared in this video 🙂

  11. ばんざーい🥰

  12. Shibasaki-Sensei you bring joy to thousands around the world and we all care about you so no matter what's going on know you have us rooting for your wellbeing ❤️

  13. I can see your energy again. Maybe your worries and doubts HAD TO come, so that now you can enjoy the fresh new start💕💕💕💕💕
    Let's pray for Shibasaki's health and ARIGATO❤❤❤❤

  14. PC の画面越しに、投稿者と視聴者とのあいだで、こんなにも深い関係を作れたチャンネルを、私は今まで見たことがありません。

  15. Anyone else have tears of joy??
    Thank you for your heartfelt message Shibasaki!! Your videos are going to be helping people learn to paint, relax, appreciate life and cope with pain from today to many, many years into the future. You are building a wonderful legacy. I haven't painted in a year (it's the drawing that's hard for me!) but I adore your videos. Be well my YouTube friend!

  16. I am happy that your health is improving. Thank you for your follow up. I’m excited to see what you paint next.

  17. I watch many youtubers, all doing different types of videos, and eventually all have mentioned getting wrapped up in the numbers, and it brings them down. I don't think its anything to be embarrassed about, I think that's just the curse of being on youtube and having the numbers being right in front of you and not actual faces. It's very honorable and wonderful of you to have come to that realization, and I am so so happy that you have decided to stay here and paint for us for as long as you are able! I'm glad you got your spark back! Looking forward to the next video 🙂

  18. 体力が戻られて本当に良かったです。これからも素敵な絵を見せてくださいね!

  19. Shibasaki-sensei, please take care of your health! We will wait patiently, and will pray for you to have a speedy recovery.

    You made me want to pick up watercolors again after years without doing it. Your videos are always soothing and warm. So please, take care of yourself! This way, we'll have more wonderful videos to look forward to and experiences to share.

  20. Get well soon, greetings from Norway

  21. I'm so glad you're feeling better!!

  22. 良かった続けてくれて ♪

  23. Im so happy to see that you are feeling better and that your resolved is strenghtened. I greatly appreciate how you read all of our comments and responded. I cant wait to see more of your videos

  24. "As an artist I should enjoy painting myself" 💕💕💕

    So happy about your voice!!! hope with some more rest your hand will get better and stronger. i'm from the second group of people- I don't paint, but get great joy & relaxing from watching and listening to you, your art & your kind voice and words help me so much to calm down and rest, I find your videos to be so very soothing 🌸

  25. You are so important to us is so many ways. Please take good care of your health needs, and thank you for sharing the love of painting and creativity with rah of us, for whatever reason we watch! Arigato, Shibasaki Sensei.

  26. 先生 お元気そうなお顔が見れて良かったです(^o^)

  27. Shibasaki Sensei, when you said you were sick before, I was really worried for you and I prayed for you. You looked so sad. But now I am so very happy that you are regaining your health again. Do not rush to do new videos. Be sure you are fully recovered first.

    I love your beginner lessons. I love the way you teach. You are so calm and clear in your method, and you use clear instructions that I find easy to follow. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the videos you have made. I have learned so much from you. Please take good care of yourself and only make new videos when you are back to full health. Your happy smiles in this video made me really happy too. It is good to see you feeling happy again. i think of you as more than my teacher, more than my instructor in art…I think of you as a friend and grandfather. I hope you don't mind me saying that. Take good care of yourself. Myself and all your subscribers want you to get back to normal. God bless you Shibasaki San. From a fan in South Wales. UK.

  28. 元気な姿を見れて良かったです!

  29. Κρίμα που δεν καταλαβαίνω τι λέτε !

  30. 柴崎先生

  31. 柴崎先生お身体を大切にマイペースで絵を描いてください。毎回楽しみにしています。

  32. Happy to see you sensei. Hope your health is well. Waiting for your lessons now 😁 🙏.

  33. After I saw the video where you talked about your health condition and worries about your youtube views, I was really surprised that I haven't subscribed to you yet. You make such great videos and I bet many many people (more than 10,000 at least!) would watch each of your videos. My conclusion is that the youtube algorithm doesn't always approve your videos, so they don't get recommended to other people who may haven't subscribed to you yet! I hope you can somehow figure out how to create your videos, so they get recommended to many many people! ♥️

  34. 元気な姿を拝見して安心しました。柴崎先生の動画は急上昇を目指す必要はないと思います。これからもゆっくりなペースで息の長い活動を続けて欲しいです。

  35. 紫蘇の実簡単調理動画がきっかけで『えっ!絵描きさんなの?』でした(笑)今は毎日過去の柴崎先生の絵を見させていただいております。

  36. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see more!

  37. So glad that you are feeling much better, I hope that rehabilitation goes well! It is great that you have touched so many people and hope that you continue! But as long as you stay true to yourself that is all that matters! I hope that you look after yourself!

  38. Sensei! You better take care of your health for a bit, we understand your situation and we want you to teach us for a long time. So please do it. I love the way you explain everything. Please take care. We love you ❤

  39. 柴崎先生の笑顔を拝見して、嬉しかったです。






    広告も制作しているYouTuber のために、全部見ています。


  40. ああ。良かった(*^▽^)/★*☆♪

  41. You're looking well! Hang in there 🙂

  42. you have been such an amazing teacher to me and your methods have always inspired me, I wish you all the happiness and good health

  43. Shibasaki-sensei, I hope that you get good news about your health concerns. I enjoy your channel and you videos, I find them very soothing to watch. I'm not very good with watercolors, I tend to draw with pen and colored pencils, but I would love to learn more which is why I subscribed to your channel. I appreciate your efforts, and I will eventually watch all your videos. Arigato gozimasu!

  44. Stay strong Shibasaki-San

  45. get well soon and we all hope for you to get better!

  46. Happy to hear you are feeling better and more energized!

  47. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  48. Happy to see sensei being happy again! 😆💕✨

  49. I'm so glad your spirits have somewhat liften, Shibasaki sensei. I hope your health and spirits continue to improve. I really appreciate and value how thoughtful and thorough you are when you speak, whether in a video about art or a video like this, explaining your thoughts and concerns. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

  50. Its good to see you well Shibasaki Sensei 🙂

  51. i felt so relieved after watching this video. i'm so so happy to see you're doing better. please continue to look after your health and rest often 🙂 i'm also excited to hear that you will be continuing to upload videos. i'm really looking forward to seeing them! 😊

  52. Seeing you with joy and passion fills me with hope. Thank you, Shibasaki-san!! ありがとうございました。

  53. I'm glad to see you more cheerful and positive. I will continue to pray for your health. Please know that if you are ever too tired or unwell to paint on some days, many of us are willing to hear you talk about anything including your interests or even books you may have read. I look forward to your future content and wish you many days of good health and happy painting.

  54. I’m a new subscriber. Actually someone shared your video where you were worried your videos weren’t reaching those who might need them! I struggle with finding the energy to draw/paint a lot of the time. Watching your videos has been inspiring me to keep working at it!

    I am sending you well wishes and hope you continue to recover. I look forward your your future videos as I continue to watch your older videos

  55. I hope you will better well soon. ♥️

  56. I’m so glad your able to speak, Shibasaki-san! We are here for you even if you cannot post videos for a while. Please take care of yourself. I look forward to more of your paintings. When you said you read all the comments I wanted to cry. You are so genuine and kind. Thank you so much!

  57. We are glad that our comments helped you! We are cheering for you!
    Thank you for always giving your best doing your videos! You bring so much happiness to everyone, and we are grateful for that! <3 We love you!

  58. 先生よかったです。私は先生の動画がきっかけで、水彩画を始めたんです。それまでは絵なんて描いたことが無かったのですから、それだけの影響力が先生の動画にはあったんです。先生はyoutubeを生業としているわけではないのですから、あまり数字など気にせず思った通りに続けていってください。お体が完全に回復されたら、また外に出かけてスケッチをする動画を撮ってくださいね。

  59. Shibasaki-Sensei, I’m so glad to see that you’re doing better. I actually cried when you spoke to each of us individually! I just wanted to let you know that now I’m not only watching your videos to learn painting/coloring techniques. I’m trying to learn Japanese, so I appreciate it every time I can hear your voice. I hope you keep feeling better and better. Ganbatte, oji-san!

  60. Who dfq disliked this video?!

  61. :'-)

  62. if there's a YouTube award for the most genuine Youtuber, it should belong to Shibasaki sensei's! That's a super detailed summary.. 100% effort there!

    Thanks Sensei for your time in making these painting videos. Good to hear that you are getting better!

  63. Thank you so much for staying with us. I look forward to the next super beginner video, my fingers are itching to paint.

  64. 先生の優しい笑顔と話し方で心があたたかくなります☺️💗

  65. よかった柴崎さんは大丈夫です。がんばってね~あなたのビデオは本とにありがとう。

  66. 先生おかえりなさい。例の動画を拝見したとき、体調の悪さから頭がうまく働かずどこか意志薄弱になられているようだと感じましたが、今日のお姿はすっかり変わって元に戻ってこられたようなので嬉しいです。具合の悪いときは誰しも変な思い込みに固執してしまったり悲観的になったりするものですが、先生も少しそんな感じだったのではないでしょうか。

  67. Sensei,
    I am relatively new to your channel but I'm truly amazed by your skill. I am a teenage art student who works primarily watercolors and I have never seen an artist with such outstanding technique such as yours, it is truly breathtaking. Where I am from, not many people take art seriously, however, it has been my passion since I've learned to hold a pen. Your videos are truly incredibly useful and I am grateful for your channel. Thank you

  68. I really enjoy your paintings!!! Especially the newer ones where it looks more complicated. Some people watch you for your art, so you have to be too obsessed in always making the art simpler for your viewers.

  69. しばじいがんばって!

  70. Technique is only a small part of painting. Allowing the ki to flow and guide your brush we can only learn by watching you. You are the ki master. You have inspired my son to paint watercolori. You helped him to understand by watching you paint. Very few artist no how to paint with ki. Life is more meaningful when we can share our knowledge and make people smile. I love you ki!

  71. I'm so glad your health is doing better, Shibasaki-sensei

    I was so happy when I found your channel, you're such a gentle and soothing presence. You're helping me learn watercolour and Japanese

    No matter what you choose to do in future, we're all here for you ❤️

  72. I'm so glad to have you as a friend, a grandpa and a teacher. Thank you for bringing light to the world through your videos (: i hope you keep your good health and good humor. Thank you so much

  73. I too have health issues and they prevent me from doing very much, including art. But I love your paintings and videos. I'll make sure to watch and promote your work. Not all teachers "click" for all students, that's why It's important to have as many teachers as possible, no matter the reach.

  74. お大事になさってください。

  75. Visiting with and learning from you always puts a smile on my face. You are a one of a kind teacher, with an enthusiasm for watercolor that makes me want to go out and paint. I am so happy I found your channel and this community of friendly folks😍🤩. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for all of your lessons. I pray that your health continues to improve.❤️

  76. I love you! I wish you all the best with your health!

  77. Shibasaki sensei, even though your views may not be as big as your quantity of subscribers, you have to know you have deeply helped thousands of people. At least, you changed even my point of view on art. Your videos help some people, including me, to get calmer when having an anxious moment. I practice Japanese with your videos.
    Your videos are so peaceful, calm and beautiful that makes us have a good time and forget our own problems.
    Thank you so much for doing all this, for sharing your experiences and your life.
    Hope you get better soon and will always wish you the best.

  78. I am very glad you are feeling better! As long as you continue to make videos that you are passionate about, and as long as my internet works, I will continue to watch as many of your videos as I can because your art always amazes me! Thank you for the time you put into making your videos and I hope you feel healthier and happier every day Mr Shibasaki!

  79. Thank you for making videos on beginners painting, I just recently got interested in watercolors and I love painting with them but had a hard time using books. Your videos are very simple and easy to understand so I can follow along and make really beautiful paintings. Please take care of your health, don’t overwork yourself for our sake. We enjoy your videos a ton! Thank you very much!

  80. Stay happy sensei.
    You have a wonderful outlook and a kind heart. You have been my first real teacher. Thank you so much!

  81. I love your personality and art, I hope you stay in good health and that you live long.❤

  82. The perspective you provided in this video was wonderful to hear and this was a very thoughtful reflection on YouTube! You are a wonderful artist and we support you

  83. I'm glad you're alright Shibasaki sensei! Tho If you need to take a break, feel free! You dont need to push yourself, take all the time you need to reciver!

  84. I’ve only been a recent subscriber, but I really admire you and how much joy you want to give to others in your painting and how much passion you having for teaching those beginners. Even though I may not be a painter, I still really enjoy your artwork and listen to it when I want to feel peaceful or while I’m doing homework. I’m really glad to hear that your doing better, and I hope that your health keeps improving! 🙂

  85. You're the most cute grandpa, Shibasaki san..! Take care of yourself and we will wait for your videos! 🖤

  86. Thank you for dedicating your time towards educating us and making us happy. Please take care of your health!

  87. I'm so happy that you're health has improved and I'm surprised that you managed to read almost all the messages you recieved. You're an amazing person and one of the nicest people I've met on the internet and in my life. I hope you continue to have an amazing life Shibasaki-san and I hope that you have an amazing day, every day.

  88. お元気な姿を見れて良かったです。柴崎さんの素晴らしい人柄が感じられる動画でした。

  89. I'm so happy that your health has improved and that our comments helped you. You're an amazing artist and a fantastic teacher. I look forward to your future videos. Always remember to put your health first.

  90. I'm so happy for you Shibasaki. For me, views don't reflect how we see your videos. Each and every one of us lead different and hectic lives yet we still find solace and relaxation in your videos. I hope you can continue to create and take care of your health and be able to share your concerns with us. Your beginner videos are extremely helpful for a beginner watercolor artist like me that has never had a way to get classes in my ecointry except for YouTube and most channels repeat the same points and yet you provide an easy and relaxing way for me to enjoy painting again. By seeing you enjoy painting, it makes me want to pick up painting. Recently I've been feeling heavy and sad due to burn out and feeling terrible, but your videos and your voice make me feel so much better. Thank you Shibasaki, for being so kind and caring about us. Even if I can't watch every vhdeo you put out, I'll be sure to enjoy the ones I'll be able to watch. You're like a grandfather I've never had and I pray for your well being. 💜

  91. Shibasaki sensei, you’ve achieved a magical and stunning combination of teaching art (and beautiful art!), doing relaxing videos and make human warmth come out of these videos. I thank you for all, and always look forward a new video on your channel. You’re a special person, sensei, grandpa, arigato 🙏

  92. Thank you for bringing joy and light to the world, Shibasaki-sensei. We need people such as you now more than ever.

  93. I was thinking I'm the only Who call you "grandpa Shibasaki"! And I'm 45! Go on, Grandpa!

  94. I'm so bad with words lately.
    But thank you for everything, you are true inspiration

  95. God bless you sir

  96. Painting is not exactly my profession but I love painting and drawing as it's gives me a relaxing feeling…. I always get surprised when you are done with your painting every time I watch it haha すごいですから and I feel calm when I listen to you giving every single detailed instructions. I feel like if you keep up with your painting your health will improve coz you love painting and when you do what you love, it improves your mental and physical state and keep you happy. I am looking forward to your next video Shibasaki San . I pray for your good health 🙏. がんばってください ❤️ lots of love and 🍀 from India 😁

  97. I wish you a speedy recovery. A very big hug

  98. Do what makes you happy, glad you're feeling better!

  99. I'm happy that you seem to be in a a better place now! Honestly, seeing your last video also made me question why I do videos or draw in general, so what you felt was completely normal- it just needs time and a little encouragement to sort it out. As I've commented before, as long as you enjoy what you do, we will enjoy it too 🙂

  100. Greetings from Russia! Я рада, что Вы с нами, учитель! Which means "I'm happy that you're with us, teacher!"

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