[ENG SUB] 160412 SBS MTV The Show – Warm Up Time HISTORY (히스토리)

Today they have come back as manly men let’s meet HISTORY the wild-dols Please greet your chinese fans first One, two, three, we are HISTORY~ Please introduce yourself individually first Hello, I’m HISTORY’s main vocal Na Dokyun nice to meet you I’m HISTORY’s youngest Jang Yijeong Jackson: you’re so cool hyung! Hello, I’m HISTORY’s leader Song Kyungil please take a good care of me I’m HISTORY’s Kim Jaeho nice to meet you Helli I’m HISTORY’s Kim Sihyoung please take a good care of me Let’s talk about your latest title track “Queen” so what’s this song about? So for this album’s title track “Queen” is about all the women in this world is a Queen So for this song the style is trap right? I really like it~ have you heard it their title track Queen Yes I already listen to it / you haven’t right? / hyung, you can’t do this to me Should we show the choreo to you both? / Sure, who’s the dancing machine? / I mean all of us will dance to it Hyung came on front first right? Are you the dancing machine? / Nah, he’s not the center You all looking really good, but which member took care of himself the most (like always have skincare products) maknae~ maknae~ you two? Ofcourse maknae is aware about it It’s Jaeho hyung, he always put mask, lotion, eye mask on his face Ah~ that’s right Hyung, what about you? I- I have a good natural skin Kyungil hyung, you have a really good abs right? Please show us~~ Wasn’t there’s another member who’s shirtless in the mv? Which is it? It’s here, Yijeong / Oh right! It’s hyung! / HAAAAA!! PLEASE SHOW US YOURS TOO No, no, mine is gone already I only exercise for the music video so they’re gone now So which member have the most aegyo? It’s Jaeho hyung / Nah~ no~ it’s our maknae / Oh it’s the two of them again Please close-up at Jaeho hyung / Noㅠㅠㅠ Honestly, I’m not the cutest, it’s our maknae Oh then Yijeong please show us your aegyo too Wo ai ni (I love you)~ Ok bye I’m going home That’s really funny Okay now let’s have aegyo relay, let’s start from Dokyun hyung We should start from the mc first!! What’s that lol It’s sad that the time have approached us quickly, please said your last greets It’s have been a long time and HISTORY finally came back with a new album, and later please watch our first comeback stage, HISTORY fighting! and everyone I love you~


  1. <3

  2. Thank you

  3. thank you so much for the subs!

  4. Thank you very much!

  5. Thank you so much for subbing this!

  6. thanks for the subs!!

  7. At least now I can say me and Jackson have something in common.
    We're both Yijeong biased 🙂

  8. lmao yijeong wanted to look like kyungil, I gotta say, he does resemble him in this

  9. they were just focusing on MCs 😞😑

  10. Thanks for subbing this. What's the name of the host with Jackson?

  11. Yijeong is so cute when he hugs mcs

  12. Oml..jackson and history is my death

  13. Jackson and Yijeong OTP ~~~~~ ❤

  14. Dokyun is killing me with that perfect smile of his owo

  15. I swear Kyungil touches Yijeongs butt at 7:35 when he sits down

  16. 8:40–8:42 👏👏 absolutely beautiful aegyo, maknae YiJeong.

  17. Jackson straight up curved Dokyun rip

  18. Jackson's Aegyo for the WIN!! But seriously, Jackson and Yijeong.

  19. Am i the only one who had trouble recohnising which mc is actually jackson XD, cause for some reason they both look so similar

  20. 9:40 Dokyun did a mini dab LMFAO

  21. Who was the other MC? Not Jackson but the darker haired one.


  23. No sub?

  24. Hahah Kyungil seeing Jackson hug Dokyun then sliding over to YiJeong before Jackson gets a hug with just him. Nice defence, Kyungil

  25. okay, name someone jackson doesn't know.
    he seems to know everyone lol

  26. 呜呜呜,没翻译!听不懂。


  28. woah Kyungil♡♡♡♡♡

  29. I love how Jackson just hugs Kyungil and Yijeong, but the others? nah xD

  30. FUCK.
    First BTS . EXO. GOT7. BIGBANG.
    。^‿^。Now this thank you God. 。^‿^。

  31. who is mc besides jackson

  32. ㅋㅋㅋ

  33. 5:03 Jackson is literally me Omfg XDDDD

  34. Name an MC more fanboying, loud, energetic, social, funny, friendly, casual and touchy than Jackson, I'll wait

  35. Roi和Jackson两个人的普通话真是可以哈哈

  36. Thank you for subbing this!

  37. I love how Jackson has to follow Yi Jeong off and bring him back while holding hands

  38. 9:00 when you dont pass so you intimidate the host to sway the results XD

  39. QIN FEN BABY he's so cute

  40. I love ♥️Jackson's and history members interaction both are my fav and thank you so much for subbing I hope they still interact like this really miss HISTORY 😭❤️

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