[ENG SUB] 힐링잔치 열어줬더니 웃음참기 챌린지를 하는 아이돌이 있다?!ㅣ빙고트립 EP.2ㅣBingo Tripㅣ위너ㅣWINNER

The person, Song MinHo
How do you think about yourself? I was a confident man And, I tried to be confident That is how I lived. I trusted myself I was like “I am doing the best” and like “I am the best” I needed that confidence to do stuff My members They had a tough time We leaned on each other I just feel grateful We are just shy guys We couldn’t really tell that we love each other The story of 1,890th day
from the moment WINNER’s debut

The second episode -BINGO TRIP- PD: Do you know why you guys are here? I heard we’ll have some relaxing time -Be chic? and walk like a model?- -Our goal is to make three BINGOs!-
-Difficult missions to make BINGO!- -And he broke his contract for…- -He earned something by breaking his contract- -What he got is the card from DINGO- -Are we really having “a healing time”….?- -Trust and Follow DINGO – -We moved to where DINGO told us to go- -Some people were waiting for us!?- PD: Shall we check out the BINGO board now? Well, for right now… We didn’t really fill anything up yet -There are much more blanks to fill up- We couldn’t even make a single BINGO We should use DINGO chance here DINGO CHANCE?? Isn’t that supposed to fill up the BINGO? Whare are we going to do with the chance after sunset We should use one when it’s bright Okay, let’s shout out together DINGO CHANCE!! -What would be the chance then…?- !??!? PD: In the last season, when DINGO chance is used PD: participants made their signature pose -in BINGO trip, Season 1 –
I need a signature pose I couldn’t really think of anything -JeongHan made one for SeungKwan- -And, SeungKwan gives life to that pose!- -With your charm, you need to shout out “chance’ with a signature pose- -Signature pose…….?- Let’s do in this way, since the name of our album is “Cross” Cross ~! Chance! Okay, cool! Not bad BINGO chance, Cross! Cross~ CHANCE!! Cross and BINGO Chance (To hard for JinWoo..) -Does anyone know why these guys are so cute..?- Let’s try this together! Will tell us if it’s ok after we do? To celebrate our new album CROSS!! for our album CROSS!! BINGO CHANCE!! (Nervous) -DINGO CHANCE- -DINGO CHANCE-
Luxury healing YOGA that DINGO prepared for -They found their spot under the shade- -What are these two empty spot?- PD: We invited instructors for you guys Why they are with no shoes? -Something seems off with those barefoot- PD: Shall we have instructors to the front? -Welcome! Teachers!! – Namaste~ namaste~! Oh, you are very polite! Namaste -Somehow it looks sacred- Once again, all together Namaste~ (greeting) Namaste~ Hello, everyone I welcome you all to the healing yoga -DINGO welcomes you all as well!!- I am Bini Here we have~ Are you guys.. Are you guys her for fun? No… yes.? Are you here for fun? Yes, we are here to fun Take it easy x2 LOL I know you all here for fun We’ll have some time to let go off things we have We smile, but sometimes it doesn’t mean that we really smile So, here we are to help you Are you all ready to be with us? YES! I can’t hear you right now ARE YOU READY? YESSS!! Okay, I am Mini Namaste Namaste~~ Be calm and serious we’ll have some healing time We’ll learn Yoga that could rest us up First of all, Good blood circulation will help to rest you guys up lie down on the mat now In order to keep your back to the floor Keep your core on your back With this posture, Teacher, I don’t know what does keeping core mean It’s not like you grabbing it It’s more like giving strength to your stomahce like when you are in the restroom Like this… (He knew something now) -Something seems suspicious on her- -I found something that made me think that you are not professional- -SeoungHoon…- -SeoungHoon is very distrustful- -That is why he ask many questions- -He doesn’t even believe DINGO either- -Even though SeoungHoon doesn’t trust us, DINGO is happy if gets fun- Breath out comfortably Breath in~ Whooo~ (breath out) Don’t be distrustful 🙂 Take it easy~ -Can’t stop laughing LOL- When did I doubt you~!! It’s not a magic show I don’t doubt teachers I was just looking at you Are you going to make us float in the air? Take it easy~ -Catchy order! “Take it easy”- -They continued luxury Yoga class….- Bring up your both legs And shake your legs and arms It’s time to be relaxed! Relax! SHAKE IT EASY! SHAKE IT EASY x2! SHAKE IT EASY x3!! What? Shake it?? (giving up because of his laughter) -This guy is immersed in now!!- Shake it easy~ (Singing old traditional Korean song)
Mountain~!!!!♬ Breath out ~ -Members are following hard!- -This is DINGO’s luxury Yoga time!- Okay~! -Teachers make them laugh!- Let’s do once more out loud! Start! -This is the sound of releasing stress from WINNER members- (Shake it x2) We are healing now! Teacher! How is this good for us? It helps blood circulation! We are sending stuff from here to all the way up to the sky (Can’t take his eyes off from teachers) I like his curious learning attitude! -Shall we move on to the next yoga move!- Bring your leg down, and relax! Now, you guys sit. Namaste Teacher, you greet way too often -Can’t stop laughing- LOL (relax) x2 How is it? Don’t you feel lighter after you shake all off I feel much better now! Make your right thigh close to the chest At this posture~ Place your both hands to the bottom of your right foot Breath out~ Whoo~ !?!? You don’t look okay I’m okay! Take it easy~ x2 I don’t think she is flexible than me Do not doubt on us Guys~ no doubt and be calm~ -Is it my turn to do things…?..- -Members are so touched to see her real body instruction- I am flexible She is!! SHE IS SO flexible!!! WOW !! She seems like a real teacher!! Follow us with shouts Do it like ripping your pants off One~ Two~ Three! BAASHAA!! -They can’t do it well- (Painful) -Here is a student, who is not so flexible- Oh,, you! You need some help from teacher (Is he going to make it with teacher Mini’s help….!?) He seems flexible You are doing good! Stay like that for 30 seconds! -Does Minho can take 30 seconds ?!?- -The first impression was full of doubts- -Teacher’s unexpected flexibility moved MinHo- -Teacher Mini turned his distrust to trust- -All the guidance he had flashes- -Others are just having fun to watch- Mountain~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♬ -SUCCESS!!!- -He made it by Teacher Mini’s lesson- I see your potential We are even numbers now So, we prepared a couple yoga I like a couple yoga Lean your back to each other At this posture, Try to touch your partner’s knees While doing like this, look at each other~ Like this? -He just pulls his hands out as he was told so- JinWoo is touching my both knees -These two are more likely dad and son, rather than a couple-
Oh~ It feels good We’ll show you the move first Love you~ Say love you to each other like this~ Say love you toward us this time One two three~! Love you~ love you I love you more~ One two three~ L.O.V.E. Y.O.U…. -They are so dried like 40-year old couple- -What about these guys’ chemistry!?- Love you~ LOVE YOU~ Love you more~ I do more~ Kang Seung Yoon Observation .02
1. SeungYoon loves Minho Why does dog start barking when Minho start speaking Kang Seung Yoon Observation .02
1. SeungYoon loves Minho Let minho talk! Kang Seung Yoon Observation .02
2. Minho is just fun even if he does things boring
Don’t show your white teeth What about yellow teeth? Yellow one is okay Kang Seung Yoon Observation .02
3. Minho’s eyes are just so glittering Your eyes are glittering!! It’s like the honey would come out from your eyes! -DINGO supports you guys’ friendship!!- How long have you two done this yoga together? Take it easy~ Don’t ask us~ Try to find what you feel now! I don’t feel the sincerity from the word ‘love’ you say Ohh, I don’t like my partner ?!?! If she could sense, I wish she switched to other members Take it easy~ Anyone want to be on my back? The couple yoga should be worked by man and girl You are so right, come up here! Please, come front~ Yes, the harmony between male and female matters Yes, it matters for yoga a lot -The teacher feels so great right now- Both of you turn to make eye contact Say love you with a true heart! We’ll try outer way first Breath out~ Two~ three~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (THIS IS YOGA!) Love you~ How come it goes wrong from the begining We’ll try once more We’ll try once again~ -They can’t make eye contact … LOL- Which side~? Let’s meet at this side (Staying Calm) LOVE YOU~ Okay, good job -Viewers are just having fun LOL- Good job you guys~ (Both of them still can’t communicate) -All of a sudden, STRETECH~- -This is a relaxing healing yoga time for WINNER- Namaste~ I feel healed now We are heading to the end of this session I feel sad that it’s the last one Next move is called a true heart movement Spread your both legs more than you shoulder How do we call this gesture? gun gesture? make your hands like this Be calm and serious! At this posture~ AHHHHHHH BUGGGGGG Namaste… Let it go~ Namaste I let it down We are in a serious class! Namaste~ Don’t mind of surroundings Focus on yourself now lower your hand like this Do like this once (This yoga seems familiar…!?) (He can’t stop laughing already) Please be serious~ oh.. seriously.. NAMA STE Whoo~ Whoo~ x2 You pull your lips too much I am pushing out the energy like this -This yoga move seems SWAGGG somehow- Maybe one of you try this to show us -It feels like I knew this yoga move before- We’ll try one step further! lower a bit more of you hand (Excited) LOL Is this really yoga? It stretches my body well for sure! Right!? This is the move that teacher Mini does love! This .. is.. The reason why I like this move is I could send all the energy to the sky (to the sky..?) namaste namaste x2 -It seems familiar as well….- -Everybody tries together- – All the bad energy! Go away!! – Go away~ -Punishing the bad energy, so they can’t come back again- Go away! Go away!! (So immersed in!!) Go!! It’s like the false religion What you want to be away!?!? I go to church Namaste~ I go to church and namaste LOL For this movement, OH! You are here!! -DINGO told us that we could be relaxed, but we are sending bad energy off…- If you could sing “Fiance” We could do this movement to match the song MY.. MY.. Fiance -SO GREAT!- -Bad energy could never come back ever- -NOW, they are taking a luxury yoga lesson!- -And.. teachers are excited the most….!- Namaste~ Please sit now Teacher, did you drink before coming here? -All teachers are sober- -Time to breath- We’ll try to breath in and out together~ Breath IN~ Breath OUT~ Today, I prepared a healing yoga lesson with teacher mini -Time to meditate-
To wrap this up! We read some good words for WINNER We’ll walk out here (Go AWAY!) Do not open your eyes! Now, you all need to foucs on the inner heart and listen to these words I said like a habit I always trust you I might have been lost after the continuos fight ????? I killed myself …!!!!! Mom read my countenance -He is trying to hold his laugh … LOL- Getting the populairty Living under the CCTV I only focused on one single thing The fact that thing could be my grave I was scared FATHER!! DAD!!! If you are looking at me GIVE ME THE ANSWER!!! Namaste… Namaste. (He is crying now.. LOL) I am still too young to be an adult… FATHER!! Father!! -These students are so moved- -Especially, this man is so immersed in…!- Hey You @%@%$ Calm down~! -Trying to calm Minho down – He is so into it now Don’t show off!!! [email protected]%#@$^@#$^ Focus on NAMASTE That is a good thing! Take it easy~ We are at the wrong place now!!! Mom told me not to go place like here I’ve taught yoga for a long time You guys really focused well Like … this.. even saying $#@^@%^ (moved~) I learned a thing -Something is off that side- It’s sad to just say bye Let’s try the choreography…together! Shall we? (you said yoga….)
Was it choreography? -Teachers are confused too-
Ohh,, it’s yoga move We have choreography for the new song Could you teach us?? We’ll make it yoga-like (This chic tip of the finger is the highlight !!) Is it wrong..? (So serious!) Look at their expression… LOL Teacher Mini shows face like that you have lots of complaints toward the world with that sad and lonely face expression! We’ll wrap up the yoga session by dancing ‘SoSo’ To the other side~ put some more weight on the left lower body~ foucs on your core~ -Their SoSo Yoga never stopped…- -Where would be the next spot for WINNER’s healing!!?- TRAILER!!
for the Next Episode Don’t put extra noise ~ -BINGO TRIP- Thanks for watching 🙂


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