[ENG] 160503 The show warm up time – Boys Republic 1/2

MC: Hello MC: Please take the MIC over there MC: Please greet our Chinese fans OJ: Here 2! 3! Boys Republic! Hello! We’re Boys Republic MC: Please introduce yourself one by one Hello! I’m incharge of Vocal in BoysRepublic, maknae suwoong. Hello! i’m Sunwoo, in charge of vocal in Boys Republic Hello! I’m Minsu, incharge of rap and dance in Boys Republic. Nice to meet you Hello! I’m Sungjun, in charge of Rap and dance in Boys Republic Hello! I’m onejunn, the leader of Boys Republic MC: So now we will invite Boys Rep to introduce their title song this time(MC Translating to Korean) So our 3rd mini album’ s title songIt’s a song that shows the different side of us that have not been shown which is a wild and rebellious image and in the choreograph, we also want to show a sexy image in it The music has a strong image to it (MC Translating whatever onejunn just said) MC: Can you show us a short part of the song or dance? (MC Translating to Korean) MC: His eyes woah. I’m wearing coloured lenses MC: ohhhhh MC: It looks realy charismatic and sexy OJ: yeah, like what we said just now, this shows one of the wild traits OJ: And during the main broadcast, his lips will be coloured black So that will show an even rebellious image MC: So when they are on the stage he will put a dark colour on his lip The black coloured lips will look more scary and it will fit his lenses too MC: Wait a minute, i personally…this move… can you turn around and show the camera MC: I think it will be very sexy OJ: Why does it look a bit weird MC: We’ve also heard that Minsu and Sunwoo is quite good at cooking and due to that they are very popular So will minsu and sunwoo often cook for the members? How will the other members rate the food? Recently minsu and sunwoo is known as sexy-man-who-can-cook (just translating the part not mentioned in chinese) OJ: This is the first time we are hearing this SW: He is trying to be funny here.. Actually its been acknowledge But OJ hyung is trying to be funny so he is joking OJ: Actually the members do know how to cook Yeah, they are man who can cook MC: Isnt man who can cook already sexy? MC: Then what if the members were to rate them SW: From what i see Actually Minsu-hyung’s cooking…. I haven got to try it Because I was not in the dorm at that time SJ: You can say it truthfully SW: But sunwoo hyung… MC: You can say it truthfully OJ: Rate it based on the first taste SJ: I tried it He made meatball spaghetti Firstly, the cost of the ingredients alone was 80000 Won That’s so expensive! SJ: If we just buy it from outside…it’s about 12000 Won? But he spent 80000 Won on the ingredients SJ: He really invested his money and time But the taste was really …. SW: How was it? say it honestly SJ: I thought I was eating salt SW: No no… I ate it too ACtually it’s not so exaggerated Just taste like pickled fish (i think he meant salty like pickled fish) MC: But the person who cook may think it’s delicious SJ: But was like “ahhh” when he ate it himself MC: Then what about the points? SJ: About 20 points? MC: 20 Points?! SJ: Minus 20 points MC: I also heard that Boys Republic have another nickname call “bizzare republic’ It means that the members all have biazzare talents Please show the fans what bizzare talents you have (Translating to korean) SJ: Firstly, our maknae SW: for me my talent is whenever i see spicy food, i can sweat just by looking at it But it will take some time So I’ll look at it and you guys can continue with other talents MC: So he will sweat just by looking at images of spicy food, but it will need some time MC: In the meantime SJ: I’ll go first I can make noises using my ear from your ear??? Ears and not your from the back?? I’ll show you, please put the mic behind MC: wahh..the noise is from the back I thought its real OJ: That’s why he said to listen carefully It was back not ear MC: Its not ear but back, because ear and back sounds similar in korean It’s sound from the back SJ: Ahhh..i really have one OJ: If we see it , we might feel painful It’s his personal talent but we feel painful SJ: My body is quite flexible As you can see..my hands can bend over to the back of my palm OJ: Please do not follow what he do SW: It doesnt seem to touch.. OJ: Ah, recently he gain some weight It works last time but recently it doesnt seem to work anymore OJ: z.hera keeps on laughing MC: No…he was looking for picture very diligently OJ: Minsu can do a talent with the handphone SW: minsu go first SW: The writer noona told me not to do it cause it was too scary Sw: I can roll my tongue to the back of my throat OJ: This is really facsinating OJ: If not we’ll have our MCs to judge whether it is okay MC: If not we’ll not let the camera see it. we will see it ourselves Is it okay? its okay MC: Oh my god! OJ: If he is in a good condition (I dun really know what he mean but it;s super gross xDD, it has something to do with his tongue coming out??) MC: Then please come again when he is in good condition xD


  1. suwwong's hand tapping sunwoo's thigh ..and minsu's hand is at sungjun's thigh lol those bromance

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  7. Minsu is so adorable ughh

  8. Waaah! My Jun and My Minsu In one stage!! Omo Omo! 😍😍😍😍

  9. Minsu omg please stop
    …… i can't handle this 😭❤

  10. Wait…..what is Minsu doing there with Sungjuns leg……should I ship it 😏😂❤

  11. it is Jun!!!!
    sorry, didn't expect him to be the MC, i am used to Roi ^^

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  13. Jun and Minsu in one video is my death T_T

  14. haha, came here for boys republic and was pleasantly surprised to see my son Jun

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