ENG • 55kg ► 48kg – 7kg 빼고 지키는 일상 속 다이어트 습관, 식단 DIET habits to stay healthy I gahyun

I went to.a hospital this morning then back home I’ve been feeling headache and having pain in a chest a lot That’s why I went to an orthopedic office the doctor said my neck bone is going to flat Basically, our neck bone shape is C But mine is going to I also opposite C So I need to get treatment right now I’ve got spinal manipulations I’ve been feeling better because of it I had works for last a week I was so busy as I was in training I wasn’t able to film videos at all I didn’t do anything I had shooting with my friend then met another friend on last saturday I went to Ikea and a shopping center yesterday as well I’m not that busy than last week this week I’m planning to film more I filmed a diet vlog a month ago I was very surprised at how many people watched and loved it I’ve got so many subscribers from that too! So I’ll share with you guys my diet habits in this video I don’t have any plans this week so I’ll have meals at home and show you my diet meals It’s 12pm I’m gonna have lunch I bought some food at the shopping center yesterday I’m going to cook with it I’ll eat bagel, half of sweet potato and strawberries for lunch I toasted bagel then put cream cheese , basil pesto and sunny side up on it It’s not that a diet meal haha I didn’t eat breakfast so having a heavy lunch then a light dinner The dust is really bad outside these days while I’m home I couldn’t open the windows because of the dust so it’s so annoying It’s really bad to eat flour food when you’re on a diet There weren’t whole grain bagels at the shopping center So I bought plain bagels I was really busy last week because of work I didn’t have any time to film I went out in the morning then went to a gym after work I got home at 12 am last week I’ll film some videos this week I’ll go out to buy a new foundation today Even the dust is really bad outside I thought I should do it when I have enough time I’ll go out with a mask I’ll buy some spring clothes today as welll I didn’t look around the shopping center yesterday as I was very tired I won’t be busy that much this week I will do things I didn’t to last week I’m gonna buy the foundation today I have so many things to do I’m planning to go to Daegu on this friday Then I’ll be back on sunday Daegu is gonna be warm It’s already 3pm I’ll do simple make up to go out I’ll only put some BB cream on and draw eyebrows as I’m gonna wear a cap and mask I thought I should put some base make up on as I’m gonna buy a foundation I feel like my nose is blocked because of the dust even when I’m home It’s because I went out without the mask on last weekend The sky was grey with the dust I think I should go out with the mask When I got to Seoul for the first time, I didn’t realized how serious the dust is I didn’t wear the mask at all But I realized after I saw the sky I was thinking about what I foundation I should buy I decided to buy the Nars one I’ll do test today the get it The Espoir one I’ve been used is nearly gone I cannot to go buying makeup stuff without any make up I said I went to the hospital this morning I didn’t know my neck is more serious than i expected I also didn’t know what spinal manipulation is at first It’s like touching the bone of our backbone and other bones So I’ve get it when I have time I thing many office workers suffer from text neck Today’s lips are the 3ce mirror like The wet & wild rose bud It’s the first time to wear a trench coat in this spring wearing the mask Let’s go out I went out at 4pm then It’s 6pm after shopping I bought 1L water before getting on the bus I did drink the half of it for 2 hours I used to not drink water a lot before I started diet I used to drink milk I only drank a glass of water in a day I’ve started to drink a lot after starting work out and diet So when I go out, I bring water 500ml is 500won, 1L is 800won. so I usually get 1L it’s heavy tho I drink a lot of water while I work out as well It’s really good to drink water for your skin and losing weight My skin is really really dry especially in winter It’s getting better after drinking a lot of water My first diet habit is drinking water I had lunch at 2pm I’m so hungry after shopping I need to think of what I should eat It’s today’s dinner Apple, sweet potato and this is whole grain roll and fried aubergine, paprika and egg It can be also the diet habit I changed eating habits The first thing is I eat vege a lot I try to eat vege When I eat out, I try to eat vege side dish es The second thing is I eat less salt Even though I love spicy food I don’t usually eat ketchup and spices When I have Subway sandwich, I don’t put chilly sauce or something like that on it I do put olive oil and pepper on it I loved salty and strong food now I’m trying to eat less salty I fried aubergine and vege with chopped garlic and put some pepper After I got into the uni, I didn’t have breakfast Now I have 3 meals a day after starting work out I’m not a person who have only 1 meal a day when you’re on a diet I don’t stand hunger I get hungry easily That’s why I eat small but often It depends on the person many people have only one meal a day for diet But I can’t I have 3 meals a day I have cereals, bread or fruits for breakfast not that heavy meals I don’t overeat at lunch because of having breakfast I just got home after working out I can go sleep right now as I took a shower at the gym But I’m gonna boil sweet potato which I love before going to a bad I always have sweet potato at my place I eat it a lot for meals not only for diet as I love it I ate boiled sweet potato this morning I’m gonna boil it more It’s 11:53 pm now I’ll boil them till 12:10 am I was eating sweet potato for diet for the first time After that, I became sweet potato lover I ate only sweet potato a day I told you before I didn’t lose weight at all because of it I’ve been eating it as a meal or snack Sweet potatoes are carbs so when you have it, you feel full That’s why many people eat it when they’re on a diet There are so many ways you can cook them. boiled sweet potatoes are also really good tho I’m going to my bed after finishing cooking. I just woke up My voice is gone I drink a cup of water and take probiotics right after getting up When I was on a diet last time I didn’t eat properly then I didn’t go to a restroom I took some pills for that from time to time After I take it every single day, I don’t take the pills anymore and feel better This is avocado on toast It’s so tasty I’m off to a bookstore to read some books after eating I had breakfast in the morning then went to the hospital I’m gonna eat lunch I’ll have egg, orange and sweet potato Diet habits I told you before so far The first one is drinking water The second one is eating vegs, less salty and take probiotics I was thinking of what I do for my health I don’t eat late at night I also eat very early like 6 or 7 pm when I don’t have any night plan I don’t have guilty pleasure apart from drinking with friends I do eat dinner late from time to time but never guilty pleasure You know it’s good to have dinner before 4 hours sleeping It’s okay to do it around 8pm as I usually go to bed after 12pm but I’m trying to eat early I also work out after an hour having a meal I love working out so I go to the gym at least 4 or 5 times a week I did cross fit, yoga, pilates and spinning so far I thing the best exercise for diet is cross-fit But I had a lot pain in my body while I was doing cross-fit, I quit In my opinion, yoga and pilates made me feel healthy even though it’s not that helpful to lose weight Spinning was really fun since you listen music while doing it I go to the gym around my place now I go there at least 4 or 5 times a week Basically, I do aerobic exercise for over 30 mins If I have enough time an hour for strength exercise, 30 mins and stretching 30 mins I think stretching is also very important I do it right after getting up and working out I’m not an expert I think the diet should be your habits not an temporary thing After losing weight a lot before, I feel like the diet has became my habit for me If I have chicken on weekend, I try to eat healthy for after few days So the ideal way to lose weight for me is having 3 meals a day, eating small but often and keeping working out Drinking water, walking a lot etc Those habits are very helpful for me I’m going to the Dongdaemun now I’m in Hannamdong after Dongdaemun I have free time now, gonna go to a cafe to study and things to do I ordered iced americano today I do drink iced americano or cafe latte at a cafe no syrup coffee I back home finally gonna eat dinner strawberry, paprika and chicken breast I put pepper on chicken breast but it’d be too bland I have basil pesto here I’m going to the Daegu from tomorrow to sunday I eat like this till today then I’ll have cheat meals on the weekend The next my diet habit is walking a lot I love doing it as well I don’t do many things a day so when I have time, I try to walk Go nike app, no nike lol go Health app on your phone maybe only I-phone You can check how much you walk a day Look at this, I usually walk around 10000 steps a day It’s not a rule but I try to walk a lot a. day When the weather is good, I walk for an hour If I feel walk less today, I do walk from a bus stop to the next stop or do more aerobic exercise at the gym I think walking often is important I’m not a diet expert and don’t know how to work out properly I also have many things I could’t fix so far Things I can’t is eating slowly and chewing thoroughly like this When I don’t care about it, I do eat so fast and a lot I overeat from time to time I also eat too much flour based foods since I love bread I’m not perfect yet I’m trying to figure it out I told you before In my opinion, you should lose weight in a long period of time not short period keep doing it like habits So when I don’t have any plan I eat chicken breast or sweet potato and brown rice rather than white rice I think there is no answer for losing weight look up your ideal body type then make your own habits and keep doing it with no stress!! It’s really easy to regain weight after losing weight in the shortest time The important thing is keeping doing it I’m gonna go to the gym after dinner I know I’m going to eat a lot in Daegu That’s why I’ve eaten healthy now It’ll be okay as I’ll walk around a lot there I’ll get a little bit of basil pesto out It’s very very oily so need to eat small I’ll watch korea tv show which is called one night while eating as they went to the uk My eyes are so swollen even though It’s been few hours since I woke up I was watching some videos on youtube few days ago I decided to make tomato stew I looked up the internet there are so many recipe I simply boiled tomato with chicken breast, sweet potato, cabbage, paprika, and carrot. I bought tomato too small so it was blend I added the garlic cream pasta sauce into the stew It tastes like rose pasta sauce I’ve eaten it for last 3 days really good for digestion it’s really full I’ll cook it properly next time and show you the recipe I’m gonna go to Itaewon this night I’ll get ready after eating it There is a store they have salad and sandwich in itawon I went there last summer it was really good so I’m going there tonight then a cafe I went to the gym and was taking reast after lunch I got a parcel Before getting ready, I taught it’s good to show you it I was planning to make this video after uploading the first diet vlog since so many people like and watch it A publishing company sent me email They told me new diet book comes out soon it’ll be very helpful for me to read it and gave it as a gift I have it here This is the best seller of diet books in Japan It’s really thin and easy to read just read a little bit of it I’ve never heard of truncu so looked it up It’s like the main muscle of our body from head to chest They said many people don’t know how to use this muscle When you understand how to use it properly by working out from this book, your body become well-shaped and you can change your body shape I told you before, I’ve got treatment because of turtle neck and my shoulder are rounded I have so many problems on my body now I’m trying to sit up straight it’s not easy tho I feel like my body shape is the worst thing the book said They said do stretching from the book 10 mins a day every day for 2 weeks After that, do it whenever you want 3 times or 4 times a week I think you need to manage diet as well but you don’t need to do too much exercise There are 5 postures in this book Do it for 1 min 2 sets So it takes 10 mins to do it I will do it from today for my body and health I’ll show you the change after few weeks That’s it! I’m gonna make up then get off I’ll show you my diet habits so far comment below your diet habits!!


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