Energy Myths — Do You Have To Warm Up Your Car?

Hi I’m Stephen Szucs, the founder of Sustainable Joes and this is Jamie Skimming from the City of London. Welcome
to Energy Myths. So Energy Myths is the fact or fiction myth busting series where we’ll first hit the streets to find out what normal citizens think, we will then get an expert’s opinion.
And we’ll finish with Jamie’s footprint analysis. Today’s question: Do you think a lot of people warm up
their vehicles in the winter?
– Absolutely, yes. Yes
– Yeah I think a large majority do do it Oh, definitely.
– I don’t idle my car, but I have a feeling a lot of people do. I’m here with Chris from Dom-Mor
Automotive, thanks for having me this morning Chris. Thanks for coming down
Do I need to warm up my vehicle in the winter. Traditionally, yes. Modern vehicles these days, no. Newer vehicles equipped with new
technology, fuel injection, better oil lubrication systems, cold start up is not as much of an issue as it used to be. If you had to give me one rule for winter warm up, what would it be?
– It wont hurt to idle, especially in extreme conditions but it shouldn’t have to be any longer than it takes you to get in the car, put your seatbelt on and wipe the snow off the windshield. Perfect, so my rule of thumb: turn it on, clean off the windshield, get in, seatbelt, go. Yep. Grandpa used to have to do it but we don’t have to anymore. So Jamie it seem like many Londoners believe other
Londoners warm up their cars, Our expert Chris says just get in your
car and go, what’s the environmental impact of all this idling? Well Stephen, if every Londoner just cut back on idling just by one minute a day, we would save
about 1.5 million liters of gasoline every year. That’s about two million
bucks a year, and 3,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Now in London we call ourselves the Forest City, how many trees would it take, Jamie, to sequester that 3800 tonnes.
It would be about 23,000 trees. 23,000 trees London. The little actions make the big difference at the end the
day. Lets idle less, it’ll just make for a better London for all of us. For Jamie and myself, bye for now! Bye!


  1. Bullshit, metal is metal no matter how many wires you plug into it.

  2. The environmentalist will tell you no, but the  honest mechanic will tell you that it IS better for the engine to be warmed up before being operated. It will last longer this way, and that in turn will have a greater environmental impact.

  3. I think they need to be more specific with what temperatures. If it's 32F no you don't need to but if it's any lower especially like -20F. You'd better. My VW used to tell me it was too cold to drive yet and to wait for it to warm up a bit. So some clarification is needed is my opinion.

  4. so your saying if you have an old car we have to pay a fine?? not all people have money for new  cars 

  5. you guys are worried about pollution but yet you fools have money = more pollution than average Americans!! 

  6. In modern cars it's not very neccesary but in older cars it is

  7. Then why are the MotoGP bikes warmed up? They go for full warm up man. Temperature change causes the metals to expand. Aluminium pistons and cast iron liners have higher clearance when it is cold so it causes more blow-by which in turn causes more carbon to enter into the engines making you change the oil faster. When you start your vehicle and ride right away the blow-by would be more because of higher pressure existing above the pistons simply because your vehicle is loaded. Uneven metal expansion until the car comes to its proper operating temperature is another big problem. Many people say riding right away helps to warm up faster but hey warming up faster is the problem, causes uneven metal expansion. Simply put together an athlete wont do his hard physical exertion until he warms up his body it causes lot of physical problems and pain so do the machines because the temperature change is from ambient to 90 deg C.
    Simply put together if you want to reduce fuel cost and don't bother about your vehicle then ride right off but if you love your vehicle then WARM UP…WARM UP…&..WARM UP…
    This they just say in order to reduce green house emissions. Plant more trees guys!!!
    Screw your lie experts, I'll bring people to light.
    Temperature change is a matter of high importance in materials.

  8. Good grief, man bunn

  9. these guys are not very bright for acting so educated on the subject.

  10. You need to have the defrosters working.. why are people so intent on giving out bad information that causes car accidents due to poor visibility. It takes time for your defroster to work properly and you won't get that when you drive off in a minute. Mine takes 2-5 minutes to warm up (maybe longer in extreme cold temps).

  11. different typesbof steel of other metals have different expansion rates and of you dont warm up your gaskets will wear put prematurely and also you need to get oil circulating fully as well as having heat for defrost for safety
    always err on the side of caution.. it doesnt matter if your trading in yourride every 2 years, ut the new owner wont be happy

  12. You must warm up the car cold oil doesn't flow well

  13. In the winter when it's cold warm up your vehicle. When you start blowing head gaskets don't be dumb and ask your self why. I'll tell you why you didn't let it warm up. a vehicle should be at "operating temperature" with in reason. You don't move well when your Cold well neither does your car.

  14. These green people will likely have th most engine problems. In full cycle needing to produce more parts causing more pollution. Hmmm . I like my new vehicle last longer than it's warranty thanks.

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