Energizing Yoga Flow ♥ Complete Full Body Yoga

Hey guys welcome to to your oceanside flow yoga today is only a 10 min sequence that is going to get your blood flowing through your body help you wake up your mind and fully recharge your batteries so when you’re ready find some space lets grab a mat and lets do it alright guys so were going to begin with your feet together at the very top of your mat just finding a good position finding your center feel free to close your eyes for a second if you like and begin to gently roll your shoulders back inhale reaching your arms up to the sky exhale dive it all the way down to the floor go ahead and gently move your head up and down side to side letting go of any tension in the neck inhale taking a deep breath in reaching up half way stepping back exhale taking your chataranga or knees chest chin upward dog inhale exhale downward dog inhale reaching your right leg up to the sky exhale bending your knee big step forward top of the mat into your high lunge reach the arms up opening the chest opening the heart up to the sky inhale reaching your arms up exhale into your twist inhale arms up exhale twist go ahead take your left hand down holding your twist take your right arm down take a deep breath exhale extend your from knee allowing the forehead to come down into the knee inhale come back into lunge exhale extend and hold inhale come forward into lunge exhale stepping back into plank position chatatanga upward dog exhale taking downward dog and other side left leg up exhale big step forward at the top of your mat reach the arms high high lunge open the chest back to center extending the front knee and twist as you exhale right arm forward left arm back and twist inhale up exhale twist last time holding your twist taking that right hand all the way down to the floor taking your left hand extending the front knee and allowing the forehead to come into the knee inhale forward exhale extend allowing the forehead to touch the knee exhale step back into downward dog coming through your plank chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog looking towards the top of you mat taking a step or a jump toward the top of your mat rounding through the spine inhale reach your arms up to the sky exhale dive it all the way down inhale half way exhale stepping your right foot back into our warrior 2 making sure the left knee on top of the ankle deep breath in exhale rotate the top hand and take your peaceful warrior deep breath rounding through the spine coming into your extended side angle come back to center warrior 2 inhale extend the front knee take your weight back to the right hip and take your body forward into triangle left hand can stay on top of your ankle come back to center warrior 2 check the knee on top of the ankle inhale extend the front knee exhale deepen the lunge reach and exhale inhale extend exhale inhale exhale hold and breathe and go ahead and cartwheel your arms all the way down turning your back heel and stepping back into downward dog rounding through the spine inhale plank chaturanga taking yourself down inhale upward dog exhale downward facing dog looking towards the top of the mat taking a hop or two steps deep breath in rounding through the spine exhale come to center inhale reach the arms exhale swan dive all the way down to the floor inhale half way and exhale this time your left foot steps back opening back heel and coming into your warrior 2 checking in with that right knee make sure its on top of your ankle open and release into your peaceful warrior inhale exhale rounding through the spine into your extended side angle elbow onto of your knee reaching the left arm towards the top of your mat


  1. Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here. Love you guys and thank you so much for your support!! <3
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  2. am very out of shape an a mom can you give me advice on any energy

  3. Thank you <3

  4. thank u so much for this wonderful flow. absolutely my favorite! woke up this morning after a pretty rough emotional night and this just helped me let it all go, clear my head, got my body energized and focused. really helped me to let the emotional baggage of the night before dwindle away and helped me to realize it wasn't as horrible or as important as I once thought it was. thank u for all ur lovely videos. ur my inspiration to get up in the morning! first thing I do is put breakfast in the oven and "meet" u on the mat. Namaste

  5. thanks for these videos, it keeps me in my yoga practice 🙂 I like they are short, so I cen do two or three different each time. Good job!

  6. Beautiful and energizing flow, thank you <3

  7. it works:)

  8. I REALLY enjoy your your videos. I haven't watched your others, but I'm a stay at home mom of two with four other adults I cook and clean for in our home. I'm trying to get EVERYONE healthier, but it's allot easier now that I'm starting with my OWN mind and body first. Thank you

  9. Really love your yoga and happy you came to my island of st Lucia and I did work at the body holiday I am also a yoga teacher I teach now in London I follow you and your new videos thank you. For your good work .

  10. I just have to say thank you, thank you so so much for these great videos. I love all of them!

  11. Love all your videos. It has been life changing. Just order your DVD and cookbook. 💖💖💖

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  13. I've watched a few of your video and practiced, this one is really fast and feels so good! Thanks!

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  15. Loved this one. Perfect for what I needed this morning

  16. This is awesome. The perfect flow to start the day. Thank you.

  17. So 'they' are real?:O you are awesome!

  18. I'm a long distant runner and would like to see if you could compose a pre runners yoga stretch and energize.

  19. I have a question for u I was watching this video for like the hundredth time today and I just noticed when u say the first warrior two your knee isn't on top of ur ankle at all for that whole set. Also you are very flexible but u have very long legs and have been doing gymnastics since u were very little. You kinda look like you are bow legged. Not to be mean. You are awesome but I just noticed those things this morning and wanted to ask you about it.

  20. Another beautiful start to the morning thank you

  21. I have been enjoying this video for 8 months now, most mornings. It helps me to feel great for my day! Thank you for this wonderful video.

  22. Beautiful as a goddess.

  23. Loved this. Thank you.

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  25. شكرا

  26. That felt great, but was a little too fast.

  27. this is a good video with some great advice. i got unto yoga about a year ago and its helped me in all
    different ways. i bought a video online and stuck to it and its the best thing ive ever done. i love it
    and still do it every day. the video i baught is in this link i strongly reccomend this to anyone.

  28. You are a treasure.

  29. I did this today. Good stuff!

  30. Rama I wanted you XOXO

  31. Best way to start my day, thank you, Juliana!

  32. Gosh, this is one of my favorites of your yoga series! The movements are so flawless and beautiful and calming. Thank you!

  33. Excellent work out! Thank you so much <3

  34. really great way to wake me up this morning !

  35. That was amazing

  36. Gorgeous morning to you Juliana and thank you millions for sharing your gentle yet powerful approach to yoga with us! I came across your channel searching for morning routines that would awaken my body and heart and have been following your videos pretty much every morning since. You're my absolute favourite virtual teacher and you've encouraged me to take a moment first thing every day just for me. Thank you🌻 I particularly enjoy this video which helps me feel all limbered up and strong and I'm most grateful. Merciiiii from Patricia from Burgundy in France!

  37. A short grate practice with all I need ! Thank you !

  38. Day 6

  39. Love your videos and channel Juliana, and what a beautiful place to flow! Namaste beautiful soul x

  40. wow! this was amazing! I am committed myself to this practice every morning! namaste

  41. I love this video!!!

  42. Great warm-up for dancing!

  43. Awesome!

  44. Thank you. Just amazing and so inspiring with your total beauty

  45. Hi Juliana! I've been following your channel for a while now, and I'd just like to express my thanks and appreciation for all these positive videos. As someone who suffers from chronic depression, these exercises and diet tips have really helped me combat tiredness. I don't do a lot of running and I don't really like the gym environment here so following your videos are a great help to my well-being! Again, thank you and more power!

  46. I do this in the morning to jump start my day!

  47. Namaste

  48. Wonderful flow! Energizing but at the same time calming. 🙂

  49. This was sooo wonderfully energizing! I feel so positive and awake after that! Thank you!! Xx

  50. One of my favorite yoga videos, and I don't have many! I love that it's short but complete and gets the job done. Thank you!

  51. LOVE 🙌🏻LOVE ❤️LOVE 🙏🏻!!!

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  55. she looks like Barbie

  56. Thank you for this sweet and enjoyable flow. <3

  57. After back surgery over 10 years ago I haven't been able to touch my toes or flex backwards. I focused on keeping my core strong because I thought flexibility was lost to me. Now, just 3 months with your videos and not only can I touch my toes I can lay my palms flat on the floor!! Dude, the day I saw my knees in front of my face during a forward fold I fell over from excitement XD

    A tip for beginners, who might feel super useless watching a pro: try and do everything with your eyes closed or nearly closed as soon as you learn the poses. Don't use a mirror and focus on the feeling of stretch you get in a pose rather than the shape you are. I am missing over 80% of one of my lowest discs and I can do almost every single pose I've come across so far – and cuz I do the flows with my eyes closed most of the time I have no pressure on myself to try and be as good as Julianna – but I'm way, way better than I was only 3 months ago!

  58. Still standing here waiting for a Namaste….

  59. Namaste

  60. Hi Juliana, where are you located and are you giving "physical" classes ? The location looks like South of Portugal but not sure 😉 many thanks

  61. Master of limbs

  62. Благодарю за мягкую практику))

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  67. I probably should've said this a while ago, but I didn't think it would mean anything to you, but I'm going to say it anyways! I literally do this yoga flow EVERYDAY. Every morning, while other people grab caffeine, I follow this video. It makes my entire day. Thank you, and namaste. <3

  68. Awesome workout for when you're a bit short on time!

  69. Thanks for what you are doing! So much talent, love and commitment in your videos. They r fabulous. Send you my love from Ukraine.

  70. This women is absolutely stunning, she could give the SI swimsuit women a run for their money. The backdrops they choose are all really amazing as well making all the videos glow.

  71. This is a great one I do in between my massage clients to help strengthen, stretch, and energize my day, thank you!! Ginny

  72. You look angelic in this video 💕

  73. no offense, just out of curiosity: are those real or fake ? hope i dont offend you with my question :-/

  74. This was great ! So relaxing. Thank you.

  75. You Guys are awesome – Thank you – Namaste!

  76. Thank you! I love these quick morning flows 😊 and I also love how is not a beginner flow. Everything is geared for an individual which I understand but I love when I see content for individuals who have been doing yoga for some time

  77. you are great, i appreciate the time you take to connect with us. thank you. i love this one. <3

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  83. I am your student now

  84. That was a beautiful flow. Just loved it. Thank you.

  85. A lovely practice to start my day. Thank you. 🙂 Namaste.

  86. I follow your practices every night and day at home in salt lake city. I tried this one here in California for my first full day here and I feel like it was a great one! I'm ready for my vacation and so grateful I found you. ❤ Namaste

  87. Hmmm…I wasn't able to click on those boxes at the end. They weren't linking. (Just FYI.) Loved the video. Namaste. <3

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  89. These videos sounds me fake, in order to show the beatiful body of the teacher but I feel low substance. Ester Ekahrt for all of my life🌸

  90. She is the world's perfect woman.

  91. Btw – Hope women watching this are not easily influenced and feel a boob job is necessary to look beautiful. I’d look for another role model who is all natural.

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